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    Annual report on the condition and needs of public education in the Commonwealth, identifying any school divisions and the specific schools therein which have failed to establish and maintain schools meeting the existing prescribed standards of quality; the number of public charter schools established in the Commonwealth, as well as the number of charters denied; and any school division that is not in compliance with Code of Virginia 22.1-253.13:3 C.; information regarding parent and student choice within each school division and any plans of such school divisions to increase school choice; a complete listing of each report that local school divisions are required to submit to the Board or any other state agency, including name, frequency, and an indication of whether the report contains information that the local school division is also required to submit to the federal government; an explanation of the need to retain or maintain the frequency of local school division reports; and a complete listing of each report pertaining to public education that local school divisions are required to submit to the federal government, including name and frequency. The report shall also include the reporting requirements for Code of Virginia 22.1-212.25 C. on multidivision online learning during the previous school year.

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