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    Document Summary
    - Report Pending -

    Report on specific early childhood development programs, prenatal to age five, in the Commonwealth in order for the General Assembly to determine the best strategy for future early childhood development investments. The report shall: 1. To the greatest extent possible, focus on early childhood development programs that are currently supported with state assistance, including but not limited to early childhood development programs that also receive federal funds, the Virginia Preschool Initiative, locally based programs that receive federal child care and Title I assistance, family support and home visiting programs, and quality improvement models such as the Virginia Star Quality Initiative; 2. Include a listing of the lead agency, a description and the objectives of the program, an identification of the target audience, and a catalog of the types and amounts of funding for each early childhood program studied; 3. Identify eligibility requirements and characteristics of populations that each program serves; 4. Assess program design, implementation, and measurement of outcomes; 5. Assess program outcomes, including effectiveness and cost-effectiveness; 6. Assess alignment of programs with kindergarten readiness; 7. Identify best practices in the Commonwealth and other states for program design, implementation, and outcome measurement; 8. Review other aspects of each program as deemed appropriate; and 9. Provide options for improving early childhood development programs in the Commonwealth. [Year two of a two-year study.]

    Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

    Enabling Authority
    SJR 88 (Regular Session, 2016)

    Date Due

    Executive Summary