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    RD1Fiscal Prospects and Alternatives: 1976
    SD1Address of Mills E. Godwin, Jr., Governor, to the General Assembly, Wednesday, January 14, 1976
    HD2Virginia Pilot Public Defender Program
    HD31975 Report of the Virginia Housing Study Commission
    SD3Establishing a Regional School of Optometry
    HD4Status of Women
    SD4Motor Vehicle Registration Fees
    HD5Special Graduated Farm Truck Use License
    SD5Right Turn On Red
    HD6Family Planning Services
    SD6Handicapped Children
    HD7Telecommunication in the Field of Special Education
    SD7Report of the Commission on Human Resources Priorities
    HD8Contracting Practices of Planning District Commissions
    SD8Cost of Operation of Homes for Adults
    HD9Abuse of Temporary License Procedures for Life Insurance Agents
    SD9Compulsory School Attendance and Related Matters
    HD10Establishment of Instructional Television Fixed Service System in the Williamsburg/Hampton Area
    SD10Social Services for Aging
    HD11General Relief
    SD11Separation of Functions of Consultation and Licensing for Child Day-Care and Adult Residential Care Facilities
    HD12Dulles International Airport Development
    SD12Milk Commission
    HD13Liability Insurance Law Enforcement
    SD13Wage Differentials for State Employees and Uniform Salaries for Local Officers
    HD14Accident and Sickness Insurance Policies
    SD14The Relationship Between Electric Companies and Governmental Entities
    HD15Preventable Causes of Mental Retardation
    SD15Report of the Commission to Study the Desirability and Feasibility of the Acquisition of Washington National and Dulles International Airports
    HD16Life, Health and Accident Insurance Practices
    SD16Report of the Commission to Study and Advise Upon the Disposal of Solid Wastes on Beverage Container Legislation
    HD17Transportation Source Air Pollution
    SD17Personnel Salary Survey.
    HD18Veterans' Affairs
    SD18Deadbolt Locks
    HD19Standards of Quality in Education
    SD19Services to Youthful Offenders: Revision of the Juvenile Code
    HD20Richmond Regional Farmers' Market
    SD20Fiscal Status of the Commonwealth
    HD21Public Records Act
    SD21Public Utilities
    HD22Report on the Virginia Area Development Act
    HD23Franchise and License Taxes Applicable to Public Service Corporations
    HD24Needs of Young Children
    SD24Aspects of Coal as an Energy Resource (1976)
    HD25Financial Institutions
    SD25Conflict of Interests of Public Officials
    HD26The Legislative Process
    HD27Surface Mining of Minerals Other Than Coal
    SD27Computer Privacy and Security
    HD28Animal Welfare Laws of the Commonwealth
    SD28Speedy Trials in Criminal Cases
    HD29Environmental Management
    SD29Costs and Administration of Health Care Services
    HD30Highway Program Revenue Losses
    HD31Adult Education Programs
    HD32Needs of Elderly Virginians
    HD33Selection of Sites for Solid Waste Disposal
    HD34Local Government (1976)
    HD35Planning, Funding and Siting of Public Facilities
    HD36Land Use Policies
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