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    RD1Criminal Sexual Assault: Interim Report
    HD02Commonwealth Liaison Office in Washington, D.C.
    HD03Grade Inflation in Colleges and Universities
    SD3Human Services Provided by Localities
    HD04Status of Women
    SD04Motor Vehicle Insurance
    HD5Recreational Land Development
    SD05Motor Fuels Road Tax
    HD06Children Committed to Division of Youth Services, Mental Health Services
    SD06Real Estate Holdings of Electric Utilities
    HD07Conservation, Recreation and Historic Preservation and Establishment of a Heritage Trust
    SD07Tax Credits to Businesses Awarding Contracts to Facilities Serving the Handicapped
    HD8Department of Personnel Management
    SD08Energy Distributing Companies to Finance Home and Business Insulation
    HD09Human Resources Reorganization
    SD09Dulles International Airport Development
    HD10Study of Local Government
    SD10Local Fiscal Reporting
    HD11Study of Pay and Fringe Benefits
    SD11Grants of Authority to Agencies and Boards of Executive Department
    HD12Sunset Phenomenon
    SD12List of Pardon Commutations, Reprieves and Clemency
    HD13Salary Survey
    SD13Virginia Port Authority
    HD14Salary Survey
    SD14Fire Prevention and Protection
    HD15Roads and Internal Navigation
    SD15Opera Association
    HD16Ways to Address the Surface and Groundwater Supply
    HD17Johnson Grass Infestation and Japanese Beetles
    SD17Motor Fuels Road Tax
    HD18Inheritance and Gift Tax Laws
    SD18Placement of Children for Adoption
    HD19Tangible Personal Property
    SD19Effectiveness of Flow-Through Marine Sanitation Devices
    HD20Tobacco and cigarette taxes
    SD20Medical and Hospital Care for the Medically Indigent
    SD21Priority Recommendations for 1978
    HD22Placement of Children
    SD22Erection of Electronic Information and Other Variable Message Advertising Displays
    SD23Report of the Joint Senate and House General Laws Committees Study on Grievance Procedures
    HD24Unemployment compensation for Self-Employed Persons
    SD24Services to Youthful Offenders
    HD25Retirement Benefits Under Virginia Supplemental Retirement System
    SD25Coal Mine Health and Safety
    HD26State Aid to Localities and Annexation
    SD26Tangier Island
    HD27Disposal of Solid Wastes
    SD27Unemployment Compensation Act
    HD28Insurance Coverage
    SD28Aspects of Coal as an Energy Resource (1978)
    HD29Movement of Personnel Between Regulating Bodies and Regulated Industry
    SD29Licensing of Nuclear Generation Facilities
    HD30Unsolicited Commercial Telephone Calls
    SD30Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf
    HD31Surface Mining of Minerals Other Than Coal
    HD32Needs of the Elderly
    HD34Establishment of Variable Interest Rates by Lending Institutions for residential Loans
    HD35Related Problems of Disabled and Handicapped Persons
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