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    RD1Report of the Special Subcommittee Studying Housing in Urbanized Areas (Draft)
    SD1AAddress of Gerald L. Baliles, Governor, to the General Assembly, Wednesday, January 14, 1987
    HD2Staffing of Virginia's Adult Prisons and Field Units
    RD2Collection of Southeastern Americana at the University of Virginia's Alderman Library
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 11, 1986 to January 16, 1987
    HD3Uniform State Laws
    SD3Final Report of the Program on Food and Nutrition
    HD4Check-holding Practices of Financial Institutions in Virginia
    SD4Report of the Secretary of Human Resources on Senate Joint Resolution 90
    HD5Coordinating Preventive Health, Education and Social Programs
    SD5Regulation of the Towing, Recovery and Storage Industry
    HD6Residential Planned Community Development Study
    SD6Admission and Discharge Policies of Nursing Homes Providing Services Under the State Plan for Medical Assistance
    HD7Privatization in Corrections
    SD7The Feasibility of Installing Pay Telephones in Certain Areas
    HD8A Retention Schedule for Court Records
    SD8Retirement Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Personnel
    HD9Boating Safety
    SD9Expanding the Auxiliary Grants Program
    HD10The Feasibility of Establishing a Center for Graduate Study at Roanoke
    SD10Studying the Use of Wiretaps in the Virginia Correctional System
    HD11Establishing Continuing Education Requirements for Insurance Agents Licensed in the Commonwealth
    SD11The Liability Insurance Crisis and the Need for Tort Reform
    HD12The Capital Outlay Planning Process and Prison Design in the Department of Corrections
    SD12Study of Multijurisdictional Lakes
    HD13Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment
    SD13Relating to Infant Mortality
    HD14Academic Library Facility Needs in Virginia's Public System of Higher Education
    SD14Development Of An Integrated Quality Assurance System
    HD15Organization and Management Review of the State Corporation Commission
    SD15Motor Fuel Road Tax
    HD16Local Jail Capacity and Population Forecast
    SD16Certain Provisions of the Subdivision Law
    HD17Reevaluating of Policies Associated with Serving the Mentally Disabled
    SD17The Feasibility of a State Coordinator for Mapping, Surveying, and Land Information Systems
    HD18Correctional Issues in Virginia: Final Summary Report
    SD18Creating an Innovative and Productive Environment for the 21st Century
    HD19The Taxation of Insurance
    SD19Security Interests in Farm Products
    HD20Degree of Health Insurance Coverage of the General Population of Virginia
    SD20Certain Revisions in Election Laws
    HD21Promotion of Tourism in Virginia
    SD21The Tangible Personal Property Tax
    HD22Revision of Title 29 of the Code of Virginia
    SD22The Health Needs of School-Age Children
    HD23The Need for the Regulation of Dietitians and Nutritionists
    SD23Report of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
    HD24The Need for the Regulation of X-Ray Technicians
    SD24The Problems Associated With Nutrient Enrichment and Related Water Quality Standards in the Commonwealth of Virginia
    HD25The Need to Redefine Professional Nursing and Practical Nursing in Virginia
    SD25The Taxation of Public Service Corporations
    HD26Encouraging Local School Divisions to Provide Instruction in the Dangers of Child Abuse and Molestation and in Parenting Skills For All Students adn to Study Incentives to motivate Gifted Students to Enter the Teaching Profession
    SD26Subaqueous Minerals and Materials Study Commission
    HD27A Seven-Period Extended Day for High School Students
    SD27The Laws of the Commonwealth Related to Sewage Handling as these Laws Interact with the Board of Health's Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations
    HD28Studying Incentives to Advance Computer Assisted Instruction
    HD29Evaluating the Public School and Commercial Driver Education Programs
    HD30Report of the Joint Subcommittee Studying Long-Term Care
    HD31Screening Prisoners for AIDS
    HD32Study and Report on the Liability Insurance Needs of Day-Care Centers and Family Day-Care Homes
    HD33Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Pursuant to House Joint Resolution No. 134
    HD34Report of the Human Rights Study Commission
    HD35Changes Needed to Implement Private Insurance Coverage for Patients in Nursing Homes
    HD36Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance and the Insurance Rates of Taxicabs in the Roanoke Area
    HD37Report of the State Water Commission
    HD38Screening of Child-Care Personnel
    HD39Teenage Pregnancy
    HD40The Laws Governing Savings Institutions, the Interstate Activities of Financial Institutions and the Interest Rate Laws of the Commonwealth
    HD41The Commonwealth's Tidal Shoreline Erosion Policy
    HD42Interim Report of the Joint Subcommittee Studying Economic Development (HJR No. 132)
    HD43Virginia's Trauma Care System and Access to Health Care in the Commonwealth and Its Relationship to Present Developments in the Health Care Industry and Medical Technology
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