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    RD1Public School Construction (Draft)
    SD1Address of Gerald L. Baliles, Governor, to the General Assembly of Virginia, Wednesday, January 13, 1988
    HD2An Assessment of Eligibility for State Police Officers Retirement System Benefits
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 16, 1987 to December 31, 1987
    HD3Financing Collection Services
    SD3Review of Information Technology in Virginia State Government
    HD4Uniform State Laws
    SD4The Study of the Establishment of a Private Investigator's Board
    HD5The Study of the Desirability of Regulating the Profession of Real Estate Appraisers
    SD5Courtroom Security in the Commonwealth
    HD6The Study of the Need for Certifying Interior Designers
    SD6Report of the Land Use Roundtable - Land Use Initiatives for Tidewater Virginia: The Next Step in Protecting the Bay
    HD7Studay to Determine the Cost of Exempting Farm Machinery and Livestock from Local Property Taxation
    SD7Law Enforcement Compensation
    HD8The Study of Issues Relating to the Practice of Accountancy
    SD8Law Enforcement Uniforms and Car Markings
    HD09Equal Telecommunications Access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Virginians (TDD/Message Relay Programs)
    SD9Firearms and Ammunition
    HD10Victims and Witnesses of Crime
    SD10Revenue Derived from Motor Fuel Road Tax
    HD11Report of the Secretary of Human Resources' Task Force on Radon
    SD11The Governor's Task Force on Indigent Health Care
    HD12The Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville
    SD12The Feasibility of Creating A Liability Insurance Residual Market Facility and Joint Underwriting Association
    HD13The Level of Competition, Availability, and Affordability in the Commercial Liability Insurance Entity
    SD13Study of the Costs of Insurance Premiums for Certain Retired Career State Employees
    HD14Classes of Occupations Deemed Ineligible for Health Insurance Coverage by Commercial Insurers
    SD14Cancellations and Non-Renewals of Automobile Insurance Policies
    HD15Implementation Effectiveness of the Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Program
    SD15Financing Maternal and Child Health Care
    HD16Report of The Commission on Veterans' Affairs
    SD16Funding the State and Local Cooperative Health Department Program
    HD17Aftercare Needs of Mentally Disabled Clients in Adult Homes
    SD17Funding the State and Local Hospitalization Program
    HD18The Feasibility of Development of a Behavioral Profile to Screen Prospective Workers in Child-Caring Positions
    SD18Internal Service Funds Within the Department of General Services
    HD19Preliminary Report on Public School Teacher Compensation
    SD19Funds Held in Trust by Circuit Courts
    HD20The Uninsured Motorist Situation in Virginia
    SD20The Liability Insurance Crisis and the Need for Tort Reform
    HD21A Contingency Plan for Implementing a Health Insurance Pooling Mechanism in Virginia
    SD21The Revision of Title 10 of the Code of Virginia
    HD22Hearings Held to Investigate and Determine the Availability and Affordability of Insurance Coverage in the Commonwealth
    SD22Alternatives for Improving Waste Volume Reduction And Recycling Efforts
    HD23The Revision of Title 54 of the Code of Virginia
    SD23Follow-up Review of the Virginia Department of Transportation
    HD24Supported Employment
    SD24Charitable Solicitations
    HD25Health Insurance for Unemployed Persons in the Commonwealth
    SD25Funding the Standards of Quality Part 2: SOQ Costs and Distribution
    HD26Annual Report of Efforts to Assure the Accreditation and Certification of State Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities
    SD26A Study of the Educational and Training Needs of Vietnam Era Veterans
    HD27Establishing a Volunteer Service Corps
    SD27Criteria for Evaluating Retail Sales and Use Tax Exemption Legislation
    HD28Continuing Education for Agents
    SD28Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
    HD29The Compensation Board and State Support of Constitutional Offices
    SD29The Effects of Exposure to Agent Orange on the Citizens of the Commonwealth
    HD30Medicaid Study of Services for Multiple Trauma Patients
    SD30Youth Suicide Prevention
    HD31Annual Report of the State Water Commission
    SD31The Continuing Contract Status Law for Instructional and Administrative Personnel
    HD32The Review of The Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plans' Administrative Expenses, Reserves and Investments in Subsidiaries and Affilliates
    HD33Health Care Coverage Alternatives for School Employees
    HD34Child Support Formulas
    HD35The Extent of Unfair Competition Between Nonprofit Organizations and Small For-Profit Businesses in Virginia
    HD36Creation of a Clearinghouse for Juvenile "Criminal" Records
    HD37Taxation of Public Service Corporations
    HD38Economic Development
    HD39The Role of State and Local Governments, Including School Divisions, in Competing with Private For-Profit Day Care Centers and Programs
    HD40The Outdoor Recreation Needs of the Commonwealth
    HD41Mediation of Child Support, Custody, and Visitation
    HD42Report of the Coal and Energy Commission
    HD43Early Childhood and Public School Day-Care Programs
    HD44The Commonwealth's Tidal Shoreline Erosion Policy