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    RD1Transferable Development Rights (TDR) (Draft)
    SD1Address of Gerald L. Baliles, Governor
    HD2Management and Use of State-Owned Passenger Vehicles
    RD2Report of the Subcommittee Studying Elected School Boards and Fiscal Independence of School Districts
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 1, 1988 to January 11, 1989
    HD3Uniform State Laws
    SD3The Development of a Nutrient Management Strategy (As requested by SJR 165, 1987)
    HD4Uninsured Motorists
    SD4Revenue Derived from Motor Fuel Road Tax
    HD5The State Salary Survey Methodology
    SD5Court Appearance Waiver
    HD6Report on Salary Structure Study
    SD6Feasibility and Desirability of Establishing Welcome Centers on Non-Interstate Highways in Virginia
    HD7Asset Seizure and Forfeitures
    SD7Study to Identify Needs of Rural Inter-Regional Public Transportation
    HD8Victims and Witnesses of Crime
    SD8A Study of the Feasiblility of Establishing Comprehensive Hearing Screening Programs in Virginia Public Schools
    HD9Drug Testing of Arrestees
    SD9The State Grievance Procedure
    HD10Part-Time, Volunteer and Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officers
    SD10Report of the School Boards of Arlington County and the City of Falls Church on the Educational Effectiveness and Cost of the Extended Day Program
    HD11Private Security
    SD11The Need for Additional Authority for Criminal Prosecution of Suspected Abuse in Facilities for the Mentally Disabled
    HD12Building Code Security Needs
    SD12Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephones
    HD13Hostile Corporate Takeovers
    SD13All-Terrain Vehicles
    HD14Insurance Premium Increases Resulting From Not-At-Fault and Partially- At-Fault Motor Vehicle Accidents
    SD14Criteria for Evaluating Retail Sales and Use Tax Exemption Legislation
    HD15Feasibility of Developing and Staffing A Tourist Information Center in the Route 29 Corridor
    SD15Interim Report of the Department for Children on the Rural Child-Care Project
    HD16Feasibility and Desirability of Providing Certain Improvements to Ferry Service Between Jamestown and Scotland
    SD16Fire Prevention Services in the Commonwealth
    HD17Review of the Division of Crime Victims' Compensation
    SD17Feasibility of the Department of Social Services Paying Social Security Taxes on Behalf of Companion and Family Day Care Providers
    HD18Report of the Department of Personnel and Training on Leave Sharing
    SD18Health Care for All Virginians--Interim Report
    HD19A Study on Ways to Encourage Local School Divisions to Recognize the Importance of School Nurses and the Feasibility of Establishing Standards for School Health Services
    SD19Review of the Regulation of Acupuncture in Virginia
    HD20The Feasibility of Issuing a Publication on a Regular Basis Promoting Virginia
    SD20Election Laws--Interim Report
    HD21State Support for Adult Jails and Juvenile Detention Facilities
    SD21Division of Youth Services
    HD22Creation of a Statutory Right of Redemption and Alternative Methods of Clearing Title to Real Property
    SD22Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Programs
    HD23State Employee Health Benefit Plan Feasibility Study
    SD23Council on Information Management--Interim Report
    HD24The Exemption of Certain Securities from the Registration Requirements of the Virginia Securities Act
    SD24The Provision of the Virginians with Disabilities Act Which Exempts Employees Covered by the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    HD25The Level of Competition, Availability, and Affordability in the Commercial Liability Insurance Industry
    SD25County-Town Relations
    HD26Feasibility Study of Establisment of an Import/Export Quarantine Facility for Equine at Dulles Washington International Airport
    SD26The Effects of Longwall Mining
    HD27Report on the Impact of Annexation and Immunity Actions on Affected Localities with Regard to State Aid, Mandates, and Regulations
    SD27Surveys for Asbestos of All State-Owned Buildings and All Public Schools
    HD28Extraterritorial Authority Over Accident and Sickness Insurance Policies Issued Out-of-State
    SD28Pollution from Untreated Sewage Discharges and Failing Septic Tanks
    HD29Sunscreening Material on Motor Vehicles
    SD29Legal Guardianship
    HD30The Duties of Sheriffs in Executing Judgments and Attaching Property
    SD30Report of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
    HD31The Study of the Needs of X-ray Technicians and Their Practice
    SD31The Feasibility of Self-Insurance for Volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squads to Cover Their Emergency Vehicles
    HD32The Problems of Suicide and Substance Abuse by the Elderly and the Impact of Family Care Giving on Employee Work Performance
    SD32Clinical Laboratory Testing
    HD33Alternative Premium Distribution Methods for Medical Malpractice Insurance
    SD33Address of Gerald L. Baliles, Governor, Before the Special Session II of the Virginia General Assembly Monday, April 24, 1989
    HD34The Use of Beneficial Insects in Virginia
    HD35Safety of Vehicular Crossings on the Norfolk and Southern Railroad Under Study for Relocation in the Cities of Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Suffolk
    HD36Outdoor Electric Lighting
    HD37The Establishment of a State Intergovernmental Relations Commission
    HD38The Economic Feasibility of Expanding Recreational Opportunities
    HD39Anabolic Steroid Misuse Among Minors
    HD40Alternative Indigent Defense Systems
    HD41Real Estate Tax Relief Programs for the Elderly
    HD42The Revision of Title 46.1 of the Code of Virginia