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    RD1Report on Business Incentives: 1997-1999
    SD1State of the Commonwealth Address - Governor James S. Gilmore, III
    HD2Annual Report of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Commission
    RD2Interim Report - The Governor's Commission on Transportation Policy
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 15, 1998 to January 15, 1999
    HD3Agricultural and Forestal Districts
    SD3Summary of Previous Virginia Child Care Studies
    HD4The Future of Virginia's Environment, Interim Report
    SD4Report on the Licensure of Adult Care Residences
    HD5State Oversight of Commercial Driver-Training Schools in Virginia
    SD5A Study of Alternative Means to Ensure that Court Practices and Procedures Provide Adequate Advance Notice and Meaningful Public Access to Juvenile Court Proceedings Involving Serious Juvenile Offenders
    HD6The Financial Impact of Mandated Health Insurance Benefits and Providers Pursuant to Section 38.2-3419.1 of the Code of Virginia: 1997 Reporting Period
    SD6Study of the Establishment of a State Veterans Cemetery at Hampton Roads
    HD7Value Engineering of State Agency Capital Outlay Projects for Calendar Year 1998
    SD7Study of the Regulation of Cemeteries
    HD8Feasibility of Using Explosive Taggants
    SD8Study of the Regulation of Electrologists
    HD9Ways to Enhance the Supply of Vital Organs Available for Transplantation in Virginia
    SD9Study of the Need to Regulate Pharmacy Technicians
    HD10Establishing an Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) Information and Resource Service Within the Executive Branch of Government
    SD10Study of the Regulation of Athletic Trainers
    HD11The Feasibility of Converting Camp Pendleton to a State Park
    SD11Welfare Fraud Study
    HD12Review of the Use of Consultants By the Virginia Department of Transportation
    SD12Welfare Reform in the Culpeper and Lynchburg Regions
    HD13Timing of Resolution of Workers' Compensation Claims and Employee Leasing
    SD13A Joint Study of Methods of Electronic Contracting and Procurement Under the Virginia Public Procurement Act
    HD14Feasibility Study for a Second Veterans Care Facility in the Commonwealth
    SD14Employability Needs of Persons With Serious Mental Illness, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Problems
    HD15Statutory and Regulatory Requirements Concerning Broker-Dealer Agent and Investment Advisor Representative Employment Transitions
    SD15Study of the Scheduling of Juvenile Traffic Cases and Issuance of Licenses
    HD16The Effectiveness of the Commonwealth's Securities Laws
    SD16Action Plan for the Appropriate Treatment of Persons with Brain Injuries in the Mental Health System
    HD17The Marketing and Sale of Agricultural Products in Farm Structures and the Uniform Statewide Building Code
    SD17Report of the Commission on Family Violence Prevention
    HD18Review of the State Board of Elections
    SD18A Study of the Dredging of Rudee Inlet
    HD19Eligibility of Businesses for Industrial Access Road Funding
    SD19The Status of the Commonwealth's Technology Assets
    HD20Traffic Calming Measures
    SD20Educational Needs of Emotionally Disturbed Students with Visual and Hearing Impairments
    HD21Study on the Video and Audio Recording of General District and Circuit Court Proceedings
    SD21Virginia's Welfare Reform Initiative: Implementation and Participant Outcomes
    HD22Study of the Regional Videotaping Centers for Child Sexual Assault Victims
    SD22Study on the Feasibility of Establishing a High Risk Pool in Virginia (Pursuant to SJR 126)
    HD23Tyson's Corner Interim Transportation Improvements
    SD23Efforts to Pass Federal Legislation Which Provides States and Localities Powers to Regulate Out-of-State Waste
    HD24Study of Joint Custody and Visitation
    SD24Study of an Ombudsman Program/External Appeals Mechanism Pursuant to SJR 99
    HD25Review of the Virginia Department for the Aging
    SD25Study of the Participation of Academic Health Centers in Managed Care Provider Networks Pursuant to SJR 108
    HD26Study of the Need for a Visitor's Center in the Dulles Corridor
    SD26Alternative Means of Sanctioning Habitual DUI Offenders
    HD27A Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a State Park on the Rappahannock River
    SD27The Funding Requirements of the Virginia Unemployment Trust Fund
    HD28Review of Regional Criminal Justice Training Academies
    SD28Commonwealth's Planning and Budgeting Process
    HD29The Structure for the Effective Delivery of Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Services
    SD29Megan's Law
    HD30Report of the Virginia Commissioners to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
    SD30Civil Commitment of Violent Sexual Offenders
    HD31Interim Report: Review of the Health Regulatory Boards
    SD31The Reorganization of the Library of Virginia
    HD32A Report on Pharmacy Benefit Manager Practices and Therapeutic Interchange
    SD32Economic Incentives to Promote the Growth and Competiveness of Virginia's Shipbuilding Industry
    HD33One-Year Internship for First Year Teachers
    SD33Report of the Virginia Small Business Commission
    HD34Study of the Feasibility and Appropriateness of Establishing a Governor's School for Agriculture in Virginia
    SD34Restructuring of the Electric Utility Industry
    HD35Study of Barriers to Adoption
    HD36A Study of Gainsharing as a Component of Managed Competition
    HD37A Study of the Effectiveness of Privatizing Background Investigations and Security Clearances on Employees and Contractors
    HD38Interim Report: Review of the Functional Area of Health and Human Resources
    HD39A Study of Collaborative Education for Health Professions
    HD40A Study of the Adequacy of Virginia Law Related to the Removal of Human Remains from Archaeological Sites and Abandoned Private Cemeteries
    HD42Study of Juvenile Competency Issues in Legal Proceedings
    HD43Child Support and Visitation
    HD44Pocahontas Tourist Train Feasibility Study
    HD45Administration Study: Study of Search and Rescue Efforts in the Commonwealth of Virginia
    HD46Making Welfare Work: Virginia's Transformation from Dependency to Opportunity
    HD47A Report on the Methods for and Feasibility of Developing a Waiver for Children with Physical Disabilities That is Separate from Current Department of Medical Assistance Services Waivers
    HD48Study of Reimbursement and Quality of Care Issues Regarding Telemedicine Pursuant to HJR 210
    HD49Study of a Centralized Planning and Funding Mechanism for Health Workforce Activities Pursuant to Item 12 of the 1998 Appropriation Act
    HD50Study of Long-Term Care Issues Pursuant to HJR 156/SJR 97
    HD51Study of Pooled Purchasing Arrangements for Small Employers, Community Health Centers and Free Clinics Pursuant to HJR 202/SJR 124
    HD52Study of Health Care Coverage for Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Pursuant to HJR 268