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    SD1The State of the Commonwealth Address by L. Douglas Wilder, Governor, to the General Assembly
    HD2The Possible Establishment and Implementation of an Appeals Process for Insureds Denied Coverage for Experimental Technologies
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 9, 1991 through January 8, 1992
    HD3The Governor's Task Force on Promotion of the Arts
    SD3Study of the Human Services Transportation Needs in Virginia
    HD4Uninsured Motorists in Virginia (1992)
    SD4Review of Virginia's Parole Process
    HD5Space Needs Study of Public Libraries in Virginia
    SD5Compensation of General Registrars
    HD6The Feasibility of Utilizing Acupuncture as a Treatment for Substance Abuse
    SD6The Reorganization of the Department of Education
    HD7A Review of the Efficacy and Administration of the Commonwealth's Employee Benefits Program
    SD7The Need and Feasibility for Equipping General Inpatient, Outpatient, and Psychiatric Hospitals with Fire Suppression Systems
    HD8Implementing Recommendations of House Document 2A, 1990 (Increasing Public Knowledge of the Gypsy Moth)
    SD8Substance Abuse and Sex Offender Treatment Services for Parole Eligible Inmates
    HD9The Effect of Anthracnose on the American Flowering Dogwood
    SD9A Feasible Proposal to Establish a Small Business Risk-Sharing Pool with Insurance Reforms to Improve Access and Moderate Rate Increases and an Evaluation of Options for Monitoring Costs and Rates of Health Insurance Carriers
    HD10The Portability of State Pension Benefits for Professional Educators
    SD10To Study the Possible Establishment of a Patient Level Data Base - SJR 178 (1991)
    HD11Final Report of the Commission on the Coordination of the Delivery of Services to Facilitate the Self-Sufficiency and Support of Persons with Physical and Sensory Disabilities
    SD11The Foster Care System in the Commonwealth and the Feasibility of Employing Public Assistance Recipients as Foster Parents and Other Types of Caregivers
    HD12The Potential for Expansion of the Practice of Nurse Midwives
    SD12The Use of Defined Contribution Pension Plans by Local Governments
    HD13A Plan for the Inspection of Fire Fighting Vehicles of all Volunteer Fire Departments and Companies
    SD13Teleconferencing by Public Bodies
    HD14The Workers' Compensation Second Injury Fund
    SD14Training, Supportive Services and Recruitment for Foster Families: A Feasibility Study
    HD15The Status of the HUD Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Initiative in Virginia and Its Impact on Private Lending Institutions
    SD15Review of Virginia's Executive Budget Process
    HD16A Preliminary Feasibility Study of a New Electricity Transmission Line From the Virginia Coalfield to the Virginia Power System
    SD16Virginia's Transportation Organization and Structure
    HD17Development of Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Plan Pursuant to HJR 436
    SD17Sexual Assault on Virginia's Campuses
    HD18Uniform State Laws
    SD18Section 38.2-3409 of the Code of Virginia: Mandated Coverage of Dependent Children
    HD19The Need for Autonomous School or College Status for the Forestry and Wildlife Program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    SD19Section 38.2-3418 of the Code of Virginia: Coverage for Victims of Rape or Incest
    HD20The Feasibility and Potential Cost Benefits of Implementing Risk-Rated Health Insurance for State Employees and Retirees
    SD20Section 38.2-3410 of the Code of Virginia: Inclusion of Dentist in the Terms "Physician" and "Doctor" in Health Insurance Contracts
    HD21Current Health Programs in the Public Schools of Virginia and the Efficacy and Appropriateness of Adopting a Comprehensive Approach to Health Education
    SD21Recodification of Title 28.1 of the Code of Virginia
    HD22Current HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs in the Public Schools of Virginia
    SD22Release of Information on Juvenile Felons
    HD23The Special Education Model Curriculum for Regular and Vocational Educators and Recommendations for Its Use
    SD23The Financial Impact of Historic Designation
    HD24The Study of Summer Reading Programs in Response to House Joint Resolution 423
    SD24The Care Which Should Be Given by Pet Shops, Kennels, and Breeders to Dogs, Cats, and Other Household Pets
    HD25A Review of Established Guidelines and Standards for International Education Travel and Exchange Programs for Students
    SD25Carry-over Projects of Drug Study Task Force
    HD26Safety of School Playground Equipment
    SD26The Transportation Needs of the Hampton Roads Area
    HD27Model Guidelines for the Wearing of Uniforms in Public Schools
    SD27Interim Report: Review of the Virginia Medicaid Program
    HD28The Award of Survivor Benefits and Life Insurance to Divorced Spouses
    SD28Combined Sewer Overflows in the Commonwealth
    HD29House Joint Resolution 284: Mandated Health Insurance Coverage for Physical Rehabilitation Services
    SD29Report of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
    HD30Offender Reimbursement to Local Jails
    SD30Continuation of the Vehicle Cost Responsibility Study
    HD31Task Force Study of Ritual Crime
    HD32Review of Virginia's Administrative Process Act
    HD33Evaluation of a Health Insuring Organization for the Administration of Medicaid in Virginia
    HD34Court-Annexed Arbitration
    HD35A Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Park System in Lee County, Virginia
    HD36Energy Conservation in State Facilities
    HD37The Measures Necessary to Assure Virginia's Economic Recovery
    HD38Virginia Route 5 Byway Corridor Study
    HD39"Wheeling" of Electricity in Southwest Virginia
    HD40Fiduciary Investments
    HD41Report of The Commission on Population Growth and Development
    HD42Medicaid Coverage of Therapeutic or Personal Care for Adults and Children
    HD43The Study of the Transportation of Persons with Mental Illness
    HD44The Perinatal Drug Exposure Task Force
    HD45A. L. Philpott Southside Economic Development Commission (HJR 300)
    HD46Continuing Care Retirement Communities
    HD47The Virginia Plan for Drug-Free Schools