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    RD1Identifying Costs of Solid Waste Management Services, April 1994 (Draft)
    SD1AAddress of L. Douglas Wilder, Governor, to the General Assembly of Virginia, Wednesday, January 12, 1994
    SD1BInaugural Address to the General Assembly and to the People of Virginia: Governor George Allen
    SD1CAddress of George Allen, Governor, to the Virginia General Assembly, Monday, January 17, 1994
    HD21993 Update: Catalog of State and Federal Mandates on Local Governments
    RD2Report of the Legislative Subcommittee Assisting the Commission Studying Sentencing and Parole Reform (Draft)
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves, and Other Forms of Clemency - January 24, 1993 to January 14, 1994
    HD3A Study of Private Pay for Expensive Medications
    RD3Management of the Commonwealth's Workforce - Volume 1 Human Resources Management (Exposure Draft) and Volume 2 Continuous Quality Improvement (Exposure Draft)
    SD3Brandy Station Battlefield and Bristoe Station Battlefield Study
    HD4House Joint Resolution 38: A Study of Facilitated Communication in Virginia
    SD4The Need for Regulation of Home Inspectors
    HD5Evaluation of Inmate Mental Health Care
    SD5Low Vision Study
    HD6The Financial Impact of Mandated Health Insurance Benefits and Providers Pursuant to Section 38.2-3419.1 of the Code of Virginia: 1992 Reporting Period
    SD6The Effects of Motor Vehicle Window Tinting on Traffic Safety and Enforcement
    HD7Interim Report Relating to the Extent of Use and Fairness of the Commonwealth's Various "Land Use" Tax Programs
    SD7School-to-Work Transition Programs
    HD8The Collection and Disposal of Household and Conditionally Exempt Hazardous Waste in Virginia
    SD8Local Taxation of Public Service Corporation Property
    HD9The Need for Regulation of Property Managers
    SD9Financial Aid for Youth in Foster Care
    HD10Review of Inmate Medical Care and DOC Management of Health Services
    SD10Addressing Issues Relating to Children of Incarcerated Parents
    HD11Report of the Tundra Swan Study Committee
    SD11Sexual Abuse Prevention Treatment Programs
    HD12Insurance Coverage for Damage to Foundations and Other Home Structural Components
    SD12Crime Prevention Center Study
    HD13The Availability and Delivered Prices of Wood Wastes Within Virginia for Possible Use as Energy Fuel in State Facilities
    SD13Coordination of Collection of Local Personal Property Taxes and Local Vehicle License Fees with the State Registration of Motor Vehicles
    HD14Demographics of Students Exiting Special Education
    SD14Deceleration Lights on Trucks
    HD15Playground Safety Guidelines
    SD15Review of the Department of Personnel and Training
    HD16Increasing the Effectiveness of the Firearms Background Check
    SD16Developing a Methodology for Counting Children of Incarcerated Parents
    HD17Vehicle Use on Tangier Island
    SD17Study of Public-Private Partnerships to Encourage the Purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance
    HD18Development of an Enhanced Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Program for Northern Virginia
    SD18The Mandated Direct Reimbursement of Optometrists and Opticians Pursuant to Sections 38.2-3408 and 38.2-4221 of the Code of Virginia
    HD19Deer Damage in Virginia
    SD19The Mandated Direct Reimbursement of Physical Therapists Pursuant to Sections 38.2-3408 and 38.2-4221 of the Code of Virginia
    HD20Reading Recovery Program as a Statewide Prevention Effort
    SD20The Mandated Direct Reimbursement of Podiatrists and Chiropodists Pursuant to Sections 38.2-3408 and 38.2-4221 of the Code of Virginia
    HD21State of Preparedness in Virginia for a Catastrophic Disaster
    SD21The Mandated Direct Reimbursement of Audiologists and Speech Pathologists Pursuant to Sections 38.2-3408 and 38.2-4221 of the Code of Virginia
    HD22Alternatives to the Triennial Census of School-Age Population
    SD22The Mandated Direct Reimbursement of Chiropractors Pursuant to Sections 38.2-3408 and 38.2-4221 of the Code of Virginia
    HD23Recommendations Concerning Voluntary Individual Income Tax Check-Off Programs
    SD23The Mandated Offer of Coverage for Child Health Supervision Services Pursuant to Section 38.2-3411.1 of the Code of Virginia
    HD24Establishing Job Classes In a Multi-trade Team Series
    SD24The Mandated Offer of Coverage for Obstetrical Services Pursuant to Section 38.2-3414 of the Code of Virginia
    HD25VRS Survivor Benefits
    SD25The Mandated Offer of Conversion or Continuation of Coverage Pursuant to Section 38.2-3416 of the Code of Virginia
    HD26Feasibility Study of Statewide Implementation of the Fairfax County Elementary Foreign Language Immersion Program
    SD26The Mandated Offer of Coverage for Mammograms Pursuant to Section 38.2-3418.1 of the Code of Virginia
    HD27Roster of Firefighting Equipment
    SD27The Annual Report of the Virginia Business-Education Partnership Program
    HD28Ability of Local Fire Service Agencies to Respond to Fire Emergencies in State Correctional Facilities
    SD28Status of Education Reform in Virginia
    HD29Assessing the Proper Use of Child Study Committees
    SD29Annual Report of the Workforce Virginia 2000 Advocacy Council
    HD30Post Majority Child Support and Occupational License Withholding for Failure to Pay Child Support
    SD30Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan for the Virginia Quality Confederation and the Virginia Quality Institute
    HD31A Virginia Biotechnology Research Act
    SD31A Study of Further Means of Combatting Fuels Tax Avoidance and Evasion
    HD32A Study of Alternative Education in Virginia
    SD32The Feasibility of Licensing Marriage and Family Therapists in the Commonwealth of Virginia
    HD33Feasibility Study of Establishing a Safer by Design Community Recognition Program
    SD33Desirability and Feasibility of Conducting Elections on Saturdays or Sundays
    HD34AIDS/HIV Education Information for Foster Care Youth and Guidelines for Implementation by Local Social Services Departments
    SD34Criminally Negligent Homicide
    HD35Study of Premium Assistance Programs for HIV-Positive Individuals
    SD35Law Enforcement Training and Officer Decertification
    HD36Security on Virginia's Campuses
    SD36The Need for the Identification, Causes, Consequences, and Treatment of Sexual Assault in Professional Education Programs for Mental-Health Treatment Providers
    HD37The Establishment and Vision of the Workforce Leadership Council
    SD37Financial Exploitation of Older Adults and Disabled Younger Adults in the Commonwealth