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    HD1Budget Bill
    RD1Biennial Report on Substance Abuse Services (2004 and 2005)
    SD1The State of The Commonwealth Address to the Joint Assembly in Jamestown Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown
    HD2TransDominion Express Status Update
    RD2Annual Executive Summary of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Commission
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 15, 2006 to January 14, 2007
    HD3Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Reporting Among Clinical Laboratory Providers
    RD32006 Annual Report of the Capitol Square Preservation Council
    SD3Interstate Route 81: Needed Improvements
    HD4Effectiveness of Existing Punishments and Recommendations for Additional Remedies for Driving While Intoxicated
    RD4Annual Report on the Virginia Public Guardian and Conservator Program
    SD4Identification of Tax Preferences Outside of Title 58.1
    HD5Need for Additional Institutional Programming for Sex Offenders at the Department of Corrections
    RD5Annual Report on the Number of Applications for Intercept Orders
    SD5Long-Term Funding Sources for the Purchase of Development Rights to Preserve Open-Space Land and Farmlands
    HD6Animal Control Officers in the Commonwealth
    RD6Annual Report on the Silvicultural Water Quality Program
    SD6Monitoring of Sex Offenders in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
    HD7Virginia Juvenile Justice System
    RD7Annual Report on the Estimated Costs of the State/Local Hospitalization Program
    SD7Report on Survey of Family Life Education Programs
    HD8A Special Report on the Implementation of Sexual Offender Monitoring
    RD8Quarterly Report on Changes in Required Debt Service Payments
    SD8Final Report on the Analysis of Statewide Data Relating to the Requirements for Obtaining a High School Diploma for Students with Limited English Proficiency
    HD9Executive Summary of the U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee
    RD9Annual Executive Summary on the Interim Activity and Work of the Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
    SD9Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee to Study the Role of the Commonwealth and Its Agencies in Meeting Virginia's Future Transportation Needs
    HD10Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee Studying Reduction of Highway Noise Abatement Costs
    RD10Annual Report of the Joint Commission on Health Care
    SD10Performance and Oversight of Virginia's Small Community Drinking Water Systems
    HD11Actuarial Costs for Retired Teachers Returning to Work in Critical Shortage Areas
    RD11Annual Financial Report on the Virginia Retirement System
    SD11Use and Financing of Licensed Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities in the Commonwealth
    HD12Evaluation of Children's Residential Services Delivered Through the Comprehensive Services Act
    RD12Annual Executive Summary on the Interim Activity and Work of the Virginia Council on Indians
    SD12Special Report: Recent Federal Changes Affecting Asset Sheltering for Medicaid Long-Term Care
    HD13On-Road Emissions Testing Program Status
    RD13Annual Executive Summary of the Activities of the Commission on Youth
    SD13Prisoner Reentry to Society
    HD14Math, Science, and Technology Education in the Commonwealth at the Elementary, Secondary, and Undergraduate Levels
    RD14Annual Report on the Critical Shortage Teaching Areas in Virginia - 2006-2007 School Year
    SD14Joint Subcommittee Studying the Comprehensive Services Act and Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth and Families Programs
    HD15Capital Lease Agreements
    RD15Biannual Report on the Federal Mandates and Regulations that May Have an Effect on the Commonwealth (January, 2007)
    SD15Access to State-Funded Brain Injury Services in Virginia
    HD16Review of State Spending: 2006 Update
    RD16Annual Report on the Voluntary Contributions -- Amounts Collected for the Previous Three Years
    SD16Report of the Virginia Department of Education on the Study of High School Dropout and Graduation Rates in the Commonwealth
    HD17Progress Report: Real Estate Services
    RD17Quarterly Report Detailing the Expenditures of the Start-up Funding
    SD17Staff's Report to the State Corporation Commission in preparation for the SCC's Report Required by the Third Enactment Clause of Chapter 933 (SB 1416) of the 2007 Acts of Assembly
    HD18Biodiesel Fuel Usage
    RD18Annual Report on the Status of Required Local Effort in Support of the Standards of Quality
    SD18Farm-to-School Task Force Report (SJR 347)
    HD19Options to Extend Health Insurance Coverage to Virginia's Uninsured Population
    RD19Annual Report of the Council on Virginia's Future
    SD19Availability and Cost of Licensed Psychiatric Services in Virginia
    HD20Department of Minority Business Enterprise Progress Report: Operational Enhancements
    RD20Quarterly Report on the Progress of the Developmental Career Program
    HD21Report on the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Waters Clean-up Plan
    RD21Annual Report of the Joint Commission on Technology and Science
    HD22Status Report: The Implementation and Operation of the Jail Transition Programs Administered by the Department of Corrections
    RD22Biennial Report on Toxic Substances in the Commonwealth
    HD23Civil Rights Memorial
    RD23Annual Report on the Number of District Court Judges Needed and the Districts for which They Should Be Authorized
    HD24Report of the Joint Subcommittee to Examine the Cost and Feasibility of Relocating the Museum and White House of the Confederacy
    RD24Annual Report on the Number of Circuit Court Judges Needed and the Districts for which They Should Be Authorized
    HD25Policies and Procedures Related to the Management of the Special Needs Adoption Subsidy Program
    RD25Annual Report of the Board for Protection and Advocacy
    HD26Report of the Healthcare Workforce Task Force
    RD26Annual Report of the Special Advisory Commission On Mandated Health Insurance Benefits
    HD27Master Plan for Healthcare Services [Final Report: Alternatives for Developing Additional Medical, Mental Health and Geriatric Facilities]
    RD27Mandated Coverage for Treatment of Brain Tumors at National Cancer Institute Centers of Excellence
    HD28Telework Opportunities for State and Private Sector Employees
    RD28Mandated Coverage for Habilitative Services for Children with Developmental Delays
    HD29Six-Year Maintenance and Operations Program
    RD29Mandated Coverage for Treatment for Intensity Modulated Radiation Thereapy (IMRT) for Tumors
    HD30Final Report: Southwest Virginia Satellite Training Academy -- REPLACED BY HD32 (2007)
    RD30Annual Executive Summary and Report of the Virginia Disability Commission
    HD31Report on the Policies and Procedures Related to Expediting Adoptions
    RD31Annual Executive Summary of the Small Business Commission
    HD32Final Report: Southwest Virginia Satellite Training Academy
    RD32Annual Report on Financial Audit of the the Virginia Retirement System, State Police Officers Retirement System and the Judicial Retirement System
    HD33Final Report: Impact of Assisted Living Facility Regulations
    RD33Annual Report on the Virginia Trauma Fund
    HD34Faculty Salary Benchmark Groups
    RD34Quarterly Report on the Governor's Development Opportunity Fund
    HD35Feasibility Study for a State Park on the Mayo Rivers in Henry County and Mayo Scenic Rivers Study Henry County, Virginia
    RD35Annual Report on the Actions, Conclusions and Recommendations for Conserving the Commonwealth's Forest Supply
    HD36Higher Education Institution Tuition Increases
    RD36Annual Executive Summary of the Electric Utility Restructuring Commission