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    SD1Address of L. Douglas Wilder, Governor, to the General Assembly of Virginia, Wednesday, January 9, 1991
    HD2The Needs of Head and Spinal Cord Injured Citizens, the Need for Research, and the Needs of All Physically Handicapped Persons
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 13, 1990 through January 9, 1991
    HD3A Retention Schedule for Court Records
    SD3Report of the Chesapeake Bay Commission
    HD4The Commonwealth's System of Appellate Review in Civil Cases
    SD4Follow-up Report on the Review of the Virginia Community College System
    HD5The Merits of Creating A Specialty Classification for Water Well Drillers
    SD5The Need for Regulating Operators at Landfills and Waste Management Facilities
    HD6Efforts of the Commonwealth's Agencies to Promote Nontraditional Beneficial Uses of Agricultural Lands and Rural Resources in Virginia
    SD6The Need for Regulating Private Vocational Rehabilitation Providers
    HD7Retirement Benefits for Part-Time Instructional Personnel
    SD7The Feasibility and Need for Requiring Certain Facilities to be Equipped with Fire Suppression Systems
    HD8Implementing Recommendations of House Document 2A, 1990 (Increasing Public Knowledge of the Gypsy Moth)
    SD8Homes for Adults in Virginia
    HD9Review of the Funding Formula for the Older Americans Act
    SD9Follow-up Report on the Publication Practices of Virginia State Agencies
    HD10Crime in Highway Rest Areas
    SD10Surrogate Motherhood
    HD11Child Day Care Voucher Program Evaluation
    SD11Task Force Study of Drug Trafficking, Abuse and Related Crime
    HD12Railroad Grade Crossings
    SD12Study of Whether Salary Differentials Should Be Instituted in the City of Fredericksburg and the Counties of Stafford and Spotsylvania
    HD13The Potential Benefits of Telecommuting
    SD13The Necessity of Legislation Regarding Dangerous Domestic Animals
    HD14Pesticides and Fertilizers in the Urban Environment
    SD14The Use of Jet Skis
    HD15Uninsured Motorists (1991)
    SD15The Feasibility of Requiring All Virginia Financial Institutions With Commonwealth Funds on Deposit to Cash Public Assistance Benefits Checks Without Charge
    HD16Regulation of Limousine Carriers of Passengers Over Irregular Routes Within Specified Geographic Areas
    SD16The Virginia Retail Franchising Act
    HD17Planting Opportunities on State Lands
    SD17Report of the Joint Subcommittee on State Support for Jail Construction
    HD18Feasibility of Helicopter Logging in the Commonwealth
    SD18Encouraging the Department of Fire Programs to Provide Leadership in Developing, Implementing, Coordinating and Facilitating Public Education Programs in Fire Prevention
    HD19Equitable Distribution of Property in Divorce Proceedings
    SD19Pretrial Detention Decision-Making Process
    HD20The Use of Bar Codes in the Commonwealth
    SD20Study of Transportation, Manufacture and Storage of "High Hazard" Solids, Liquids, Gases, or Compounds or Mixtures Thereof (1991 - Final Report)
    HD21Short-Term Disability Insurance Program for State Employees
    SD21Implementation of a Comprehensive Training System for Community Services Boards and Facility Staff
    HD22The Feasibility of Printing State Publications and Public Records on Alkaline Paper
    SD22Credit Card Fraud
    HD23Uniform State Laws
    SD23State and Federal Mandates on Local Governments and Their Fiscal Impact
    HD24Laws Governing Local Jails
    SD24Proposal for a Revenue Stabilization Fund in Virginia
    HD25The Commonwealth of Virginia Recycled Newsprint Advisory Task Force
    SD25Revenue Forecasting in the Executive Branch: Process and Models
    HD26Parental Leave Policy for State Employees
    SD26Vehicle Cost Responsibility Study (SJR 121)
    HD27Interim Report of the Commission on the Coordination of the Delivery of Services to Facilitate the Self-Sufficiency and Support Persons with Physical and Sensory Disabilities in the Commonwealth
    SD27A Study of the Secrecy of Tax Information Provision Under Title 58.1
    HD28The Effects of the Use of Methylphenidate
    SD28The Appropriateness of Designating the Middle School as the Third Level of Public Education in Virginia
    HD29The Management and Release of Individuals Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
    SD29Motor Vehicle Insurance and Unisex Ratings
    HD30Final Report of the Insurance Task Force Studying Insurance Coverage for Persons with Mental Disabilities
    SD30Combined Overflows in the Commonwealth
    HD31The Social and Financial Impact and the Medical Efficacy of House Bill 271: Mandated Health Insurance Coverage of Infertility Treatment
    SD31A Study of Braille Literacy in Virginia's Public Schools
    HD32The Social and Financial Impact and the Medical Efficacy of House Bill 883: Mandated Health Insurance Coverage of Adoptive Children
    SD32The Labor Force Needs of the 1990's
    HD33Promoting the Procurement and Use of Recycled Products by Agencies of the Commonwealth
    SD33School Law as a Requirement for Teachers and State Approved Substance Abuse Education Program
    HD34Dermatitis in the Tire Manufacturing Industry
    SD34Interim Report of the Commission on Health Care for All Virginians
    HD35The Need For and Extension of Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Programs and Other Services to Incarcerated Women
    SD35Annual Report of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
    HD36Farmers Clean Day in Virginia
    HD37Hepatitis B Immunization Requirements for Selected Public Health, Public Safety and Emergency Services Personnel
    HD38Recodification of Title 65.1 of the Code of Virginia
    HD39Review of Economic Development in Virginia
    HD40Modifications to the Uniform Commercial Code