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    RD1Professionalization of the Virginia Port Authority Police Department
    SD1Remarks by Governor George Allen to the Joint Session of the Virginia General Assembly, Special Session II, September 19, 1994
    SD1AThe State of the Commonwealth
    HD2Alternatives in Coverage, Financing, and Administration of Health Insurance for Graduate Students and their Dependents
    RD2Voluntary Certification Process for Spanish Language Interpreters Serving Virginia's Courts
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves, and Other Forms of Clemency - January 15, 1994 through December 31, 1994
    HD3The Financial Impact of Mandated Health Insurance Benefits and Providers Pursuant to Section 38.2-3419.1 of the Code of Virginia: 1993 Reporting Period
    SD3Establishment of an Administrative Conference of Virginia
    HD4Uninsured Motorists in Virginia (1995)
    SD4Report of the Joint Subcommittee Studying The Abatement of Lead-Based Paint Pursuant to SJR 245 of 1993
    HD5The Consolidation of State Level Aging and Long-Term Care Services for the Elderly and People with Disabilities
    SD5Report on the Needs of Medically Fragile Students
    HD6The Safety Inspection of Street Rods, Restored and Modified Motor Vehicles
    SD6The Implementation of a Methodology to Identify the Efficient Providers of Health Care in Virginia
    HD7Annual Report of the Virginia Recycling Markets Development Council
    SD7Review of State-Owned Real Property
    HD8Review of the Involuntary Commitment Process
    SD8Senate Bill 553 (1994): Mandated Coverage for Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures Involving Bones and Joints
    HD9The Portability of Retirement Benefits Between the Commonwealth and Its Political Subdivisions
    SD9House Bill 240 (1994) Mandated Offer of Coverage for the Treatment of Breast Cancer by Autologous Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplant
    SD10House Bill 1387 (1994): Mandated Offer of Coverage for Infertility Treatment
    HD11The Feasibility of Economically-Targeted Investments in Venture Capital Projects Located in the Commonwealth
    SD11House Bill 182 (1994): Mandated Coverage for Reconstructive Mammoplasty
    HD12The Administration of Motor Carrier Regulation and Revenue Collection
    SD12House Bill 183 (1994): Mandated Coverage for the Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder
    HD13Financial Abuse of Vulnerable Adults and Durable Power of Attorney
    SD13Private Mortgage Guaranty Insurance
    HD14State Corporation Commission Fees and Charges to Consumers and Groups Representing Consumer Interests When Participating in Proceedings Before Commission
    SD14Medical Care Costs Containment Proposals
    HD15Assessing the Need to Establish Protocols and Guidelines Regarding In-State Access to the Myriad Files and Components Available Through the Internet
    SD15Review of Regional Planning District Commissions in Virginia
    HD16The Extent of Use and Fairness of the Several "Land Use" Tax Incentive Programs Currently Existing in Virginia
    SD16Task Force Studying the Commonwealth's Grievance Procedure (SJR 135)
    HD17Alteration of Grades
    SD17Oversight of Health and Safety Conditions in Local Jails
    HD18Sentencing and Parole Reform
    SD18Report on the Need for Licensure of Locksmiths
    HD19Study of a School-Based Health Insurance Plan Pursuant to HJR 191 of 1994
    SD19An Examination of the Current System of Compensating Court Appointed Counsel and Alternative Methods of Providing Adequate Representation at a Reasonable Cost
    HD20Study of the Impact of Managed Health Care System Practices on Medical Laboratory Services Pursuant to HJR 233 of 1994
    SD20Foreign Language Interpreters in Virginia's Courts
    HD21Interim Report of the Dulles Airport Economic Study Commission
    SD21Study of Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperatives PUrsuant to SJR 132 of 1994
    HD22Report of the Virginia Commissioners to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
    SD22Study of Organized Health Services Delivery Systems Pursuant to SJR 126 of 1994
    HD23The Taxation of Farm Wineries in Virginia
    SD23Study of the Impact of Subsection B of Section 38.2-3407 of the Code of Virginia on the Commonwealth's Health Care Market Statute Pursuant to SJR 158 of 1994
    HD24An Initial Evaluation of Precedent, Need, Support and Desirability of Including Obstetrician/Gynecologist in Legislative Definitions of Primary Care Provider
    SD24Study of Defensive Medical Practices and Procedures Pursuant to SJR 159 of 1994
    HD25Report of the Boards of Health Professions and Health on Need to Regulate Outpatient Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia
    SD25Study of the Optimum Use of Nurse Practitioners Pursuant to SJR 164 of 1994
    HD26The Need for the Regulation of Private Child Support Collection Firms
    SD26The Transfer of Academic Credit
    HD27Race and Ethnic Classifications Within State Agencies
    SD27Barriers to the Development of Locally Designed Community-Based Systems of Early Intervention Services
    HD28The Feasibility of Revising the State Plan for Medical Assistance Services to Include Lactation and Supplies for Medicaid Recipients
    SD28Consent Forms Received by the Department of State Police for the Firearms Transaction Program
    HD29Nursing Facility Staffing Guidelines Report
    SD29Violence in High School Sports
    HD30Improvements to the Criminal Justice System in Virginia
    SD30Court Services for Drug Offenders
    HD31The Need for Guidelines for Health Requirements for Sports Participation in Public Schools
    SD31The Feasibility of Establishing a State Bureau of Narcotics
    HD32Study of the Issues Impacting Universal Access to Health Care for Virginia's Uninsured Children
    SD32The Funding Requirements of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act
    HD33Solid Waste Facility Management in Virginia: Impact on Minority Communities
    SD33Methodologies for Determining Life Cycle Costs for Highway System Maintenance and Facilities
    HD34The Virginia Consumer Protection Act
    SD34The Placement of Adequate Tourism Signage Along Transportation Corridors in Southwest Virginia
    HD35A Study of Oil and Antifreeze Collection Centers in Virginia
    SD35The Formation of a Multimodal Planning Office to Report Directly to the Secretary and The Commonwealth Transportation Board
    HD36A Study of the Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act
    SD36Review of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
    HD37A Study of Prison Programs that Promote Maternal and Infant Bonding
    SD37An Address by Lady Margaret Thatcher to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia
    HD38The Statutes of Limitations for Contesting Local Property Tax Assessments and for Collecting Local Taxes
    SD38Ways to Assist Small Business in Virginia
    HD39Long-Term Care of Infectious Tuberculosis Patients