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    SD1State of the Commonwealth Address
    HD2Governmental Actions Affecting Private Property Rights
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and other Forms of Clemency - January 4, 1996 through December 31, 1996
    HD3Review of the ADAPT System at the Department of Social Services
    SD3Study of Establishing a Health Care Plan for Political Subdivision Beneficiaries of the Virginia Retirement System
    HD4Final Evaluation of the Item 74 Incentive Program: Granting Revenue to Encourage the Diversion of Offenders from Jails
    SD4Issues Regarding Informed Consent to Medical Procedures and Treatment
    HD5Technical Report: Review of the Medicaid Forecasting Methodology
    SD5Recodification of Title 15.1 of the Code of Virginia
    HD6Studying Sustainable Development (HJR 536)
    SD6Obstetrical Training of Family Medicine Residents in the Commonwealth
    HD7Financing Options for the Purpose of Constructing a Baseball Stadium in Virginia
    SD7Study of the Appropriate Role of the Agencies of the Commonwealth in Overseeing the Managed Care Industry Pursuant to SJR 67 of 1996
    HD8Incentives for Integrating Students with Disabilities into General Education Classrooms in the Commonwealth's Public Schools
    SD8Study of the Various Entities Receiving State Funds or Having Responsibilities for Health Care Policy and Regulations Pursuant to SJR 104 of 1996
    HD91995 Annual Report of the Joint Commission on Health Care
    SD9Restorative Justice in Virginia
    HD10Final Report of the ADAPT Task Force: Recommendations for the Completion of the Application Benefit Delivery Automation Project (ADAPT)
    SD10Analysis of Feasibility of and Cost Associated with Requiring Public Bodies to Compile Indices of Certain Computer Databases (SJR 68)
    HD11Review of the Magistrate System in Virginia
    SD11Backflow Prevention Device Workers
    HD12Enhanced Training for Magistrates in the Handling of Child Access or Visitation Interference Cases
    SD12Ways to Improve the Procedures for Making State Grants To Historical Organizations
    HD13Review of the Virginia Liaison Office
    SD13Virginia Trucking Task Force Findings and Recommendations
    HD14The Effects of Deinstitutionalization
    SD14The Ex Parte Communications Subcommittee
    HD15The Financial Impact of Mandated Health Insurance Benefits and Providers Pursuant to Section 38.2-3419.1 of the Code of Virginia: 1995 Reporting Period
    SD15Statewide Pre-Hospital and Inter-Hospital Trauma Triage Plan
    HD16Indentification of Student Internship Programs [House Bill 507]
    SD16Detection, Prevention and Treatment of Group B Streptococcus Infection (GBS)
    HD17Leased Vehicles: the Collection, Maintenance, and Dissemination of Lessee Information
    SD17The Special Task Force Studying Safe Maximum Highway Speed Limits
    HD18Desirability and Feasibility of Amending Virginia's Laws Pertaining to Motor Vehicle Dealers to Allow Unlicensed Individuals to Negotiate the Purchase of Motor Vehicles from Dealers on Behalf of Third Parties
    SD18The Effects of Recent State Employment Reduction Programs on the Services within the Mental Health Institutions
    HD19Desirability and Feasibility of Requiring All Virginia Licensed Drivers to Carry Liability Insurance
    SD19The Operation and Impact of Juvenile Corrections Services in Virginia
    HD20Study of the Need for Mandatory Continuing Medical Education
    SD20The Feasibility of Modernizing Land Records in Virginia
    HD21Study of Whether There Are Abuses in Independent Living Arrangements for the Elderly or Disabled Pursuant to HJR 637 of 1995
    SD21Handicapped Parking
    HD22Medicaid-Funded Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services
    SD22Commission on Family Violence Prevention
    HD23To Identify and Target Industries Suited for Location in Southside and Southwest Virginia
    SD23Ways to Reduce Emissions from Coal-Carrying Railroad Cars
    HD24House Bill 1233 Mandated Coverage for Prescription Contraceptive Drugs
    SD24Need For and the Feasibility of New Northern, Southern, and/or Western Access to the Washington Dulles International Airport
    HD25House Bill 710 Mandated Coverage for Radioisotopic Implantation as a Treatment for Prostate Cancer
    SD25Study of the Impact of Medicaid Managed Care on Durable Medical Equipment Companies and Pharmacy Services Pursuant to SJR 62 of 1996
    HD26Report of the Virginia Health Information's Strategic Plan
    SD26The Use of Incentives for Joint Activities by Localities
    HD27Study of Additional Reforms in the Individual Accident and Sickness Insurance Market Pursaunt to HB 1026 of 1996
    SD27The Funding Requirements of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act
    HD28Study of Exemptions and Regulatory Policy for PACE and Pre-PACE Projects Pursuant to HB 1130 of 1996
    SD28Restructuring of the Electric Utility Industry
    HD29Spectator Safety at Certain Mud Racing Competitions
    SD29Annual Report of the Joint Commission on Health Care
    HD30 The Study of Youth Gangs in Virginia
    SD30Report of the Virginia Small Business Commission
    HD31Barriers to the Implementation of Telemedicine in Virginia
    SD31Report of the Virginia Small Business Commission Concerning the Capital Access Needs of Rural Small Business Enterprises
    HD32A Study on the Feasibility and Desirability of Leasing State-Owned Properties to Wireless Telecommunications Providers
    SD32Annual Report of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
    HD33Annual Report of the Virginia Recycling Markets Development Council
    SD33The Feasibility of Developing Douthat State Park Into a Regional, Multi-Purpose, Recreational Facility
    HD34House Bill 813 (1996): Mandated Coverage of Home Care in Long-Term Care Insurance Policies
    HD35House Bill 1360 (1996): Direct Reimbursement of Certified Nurse-Midwives
    HD36Availability of Dental Hygienists
    HD37Study of the Needs of Homeless Children
    HD38Study on Methodology Used to Project Virginia's Prison Population
    HD39Correctional Officer Issues
    HD40"Megan's Law" / Community Notification of Sex Offenders
    HD41Inspectors General / State Internal Auditor
    HD42Non-sworn Personnel in Sheriffs' Offices
    HD43Report of the Virginia Commissioners to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
    HD44Feasibility of Consolidating Virginia's Wildlife Resource Functions
    HD45Report of the Department of Veterans' Affairs Agent Orange Task Force
    HD46Cost Effectiveness of Public Defender Offices
    HD47Paying Inmates for Work During Incarceration
    HD48Community Participation in the Alcoholic Beverage Control Licensing Process