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    RD1Final Report on Modernizing Land Records in Virginia - January 1, 1998
    SD1State of the Commonwealth Address - Governor George Allen
    SD1AInaugural Address - Governor James S. Gilmore, III
    SD1BState of the Commonwealth Address - Governor James S. Gilmore, III
    HD2Privatization Study - Division of Child Support Enforcement
    RD21997 Fiscal Year End Report of the Virginia-Israel Advisory Board
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves, and Other Forms of Clemency - January 1, 1997 through January 14, 1998
    HD03Drinking Water Supply Problems and Funding Mechanisms to Correct Drinking Water Deficiencies in Southwestern Virginia (HJR 104)
    RD31997 Report of the Virginia Business-Education Partnership
    SD3An Inventory of the Pain Management Curricula Offered in the Commonwealth of Virginia's Three Medical Schools
    HD4Services for Mentally Disabled Residents of Adult Care Residences
    RD4Annual Report on Current Trends and Services in Virginia's Substance Abuse Treatment System
    SD4Welfare Fraud Study
    HD5Follow-Up Review of Child Day Care in Virginia
    RD5Report of the Citizens' Advisory Committee on Legislative Compensation
    SD5Recipient Drug Testing Study
    HD6Study of Medicaid Recipients' Direct Access to Obstetric and Gynecological Services
    SD6A Study of the Program Needs, Collaborative Issues, and Ownership and Management Issues Related to the Establishment of the Roanoke Higher Education Center
    HD7Public School Teacher Compensation
    SD7A Study on the Implementation of the Virginia Independence Program and the Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare (VIEW) in the Culpeper and Lynchburg Regions
    HD8Study of the Appropriate Criteria in Determining the Need for Regulation of Any Health Care Occupation or Profession
    SD8The Status of the Commonwealth's Technology Assets
    HD9Improving Access to Perinatal Care in Rural and Underserved Areas
    SD9Access to Buildings and Services by People with Disabilities in Virginia
    HD10The Financial Impact of Mandated Health Insurance Benefits and Providers Pursuant to Section 38.2-3419.1 of the Code of Virginia: 1996 Reporting Period
    SD10Alternative Methods of Funding the Deep Draft Anchorage Project, Port of Hampton Roads
    HD11Review of Statutes and Regulations Governing Health Maintenance Organizations and Determination as to the Feasibility of Their Application to Other Forms of Managed Care Pursuant to HJR 611
    SD11Local Government Issues Related to Neglected or Abandoned For-Profit Cemeteries
    HD12Interim Report of the Commission on the Future of Transportation in Virginia
    SD12Methods to Privatize Appropriate State Government Functions Through the Development and Promotion of Employee-Owned Companies (ESOPs)
    HD13Improvement of Hazardous Highway Sites in Virginia
    SD13Mandated Coverage of Annual Prostate-Specific Antigen Test (Senate Bill 1003, 1997)
    HD14The Role of the Commonwealth in Monitoring and Improving the Quality of Care in Managed Care Plans
    SD14Mandated Coverage of Reconstructive Breast Surgery (Senate Bill 948, 1997)
    HD15Report of the State Corporation Commission to the Joint Commission on Technology and Science Pursuant to House Joint Resolution No. 635
    SD15Preference for Veterans for Employment with the Commonwealth
    HD16The Upgrade of Rest Areas on Virginia's Interstate Highways
    SD16A Study of the Commonwealth's Aquaculture Permitting Programs
    HD17The Feasibility of Constructing Certain Multi-Modal Transportation Interchange Facilities
    SD17Database Indexing Guidelines
    HD18Study of Competition in the Funeral Industry in Virginia Pursuant to House Joint Resolution 553
    SD18Technical Alternatives Analysis to Provide Fish Passage at Embrey Dam
    HD19Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy Guidelines
    SD19Estimated Costs and Personnel Requirements for Establishing and Administering the Environmental Laboratory Certification Program
    HD20Progress Report on the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development's Training Initiative
    SD20Study of Standby Guardianship
    HD21The Need for State Regulation of Court Reporters
    SD21Annual Report on the Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund Nonpoint Source Program
    HD22Making Welfare Work: Virginia's Transformation from Dependency to Opportunity
    SD22Study of the Demand for Computer Scientists, Engineers, and Other Technologically Skilled Workers in Virginia
    HD23Exclusive Agreements Between Insurance Companies and Repair or Replacement Facilities or Claims Processing Centers
    SD23Monitoring of Ongoing Research on the Health Effects of High Voltage Transmission Lines
    HD24Virginia Children's Medical Security Insurance Plan
    SD24Tobacco Law Enforcement in Virginia: A Review of Resource Allocation Requirements for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
    HD25Entry of Protective Orders into the Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN)
    SD25Study of High Risk Pools Pursuant to SJR 337 of 1997, and Other Related Health Insurance Issues
    HD26Ways to Increase the State Purchase of Recycled Products
    SD26Review of the Comprehensive Services Act
    HD27Study of Boating Safety Education and Boating Safety in Virginia
    SD27Study of Health Care-Related Boards in the Commonwealth of Virginia with Recommendations for Action Pursuant to SJR 317 of 1997
    HD28Urban and Suburban Deer Management Options Study
    SD28Long-Term Care/Aging Study
    HD29The Use of Synthetic Stucco in Virginia
    SD29Study of the Effects on Medicaid Costs and Services of Chronic Pain and Pain Management
    HD30Commission on the Future of Transportation in Virginia
    SD30Western Transportation Corridor
    HD31Minimum Hospital Stay for Mastectomy Patients (House Bill 2020, 1997)
    SD31Study of Executive Agencies' Responses to Public Requests for Information Under the Freedom of Information Act
    HD32Mandated Coverage for Acupuncture Treatments Administered by a Physician (House Bill 2452, 1997)
    SD32Study by the Committee on the Economic Impact of Public Beaches on Tourism and Economic Development Within the Commonwealth of Virginia
    HD33Mandated Coverage for Early Intervention Services (House Bill 2715, 1997)
    SD33Major Investment Study of New Bus, Rail and Highway Facilities Along the I-66 Corridor
    HD34Mandated Coverage for Hemophilia and Congenital Bleeding Disorders (House Bill 2815 and Senate Bill 859, 1997)
    SD34"Megan's Law" or Community Notification for Sex Offenders
    HD35The Study of the Fee Structure for the Voluntary Inspection of Bison, Fallow Deer and Ratites
    SD35Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund
    HD36Dual Enrollment Fees
    SD36Study on Continuing Care Retirement Communities Pursuant to SB 1139 of 1997
    HD37Encouraging Greater Business Involvement in Apprenticeships, Mentoring, and School-to-Work Initiatives
    SD37Annual Report of the Disability Commission (1998)
    HD38A Study of the Need and Feasibility of Night Courts in Virginia