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    SD1Address of John N. Dalton, Governor, to the General Assembly, Wednesday, Janaury 10, 1979
    SD1AList of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 14, 1978 to January 5, 1979
    HD02Dangerous Conflict Between Duck Hunters and Fishermen Using Same Public Waters
    SD2Report of the School Division Criteria Study Commission
    HD03Camp Pendleton
    SD3Report from the State Corporation on Motor Fuel Road Tax
    HD04Interstate Toll Service Revenue of Telephone Companies
    SD4Report on Health Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment for Virginia State Employees: A Feasibility Evaluation
    HD05The Conservation of Caves
    SD5Report from the Division of Motor Vehicles as Directed by S.R. 4
    HD06Air Rights over Government Property
    SD6A Proposed State Plan for Services Provided by State Agencies to the Ederly from the Office on Aging
    HD07Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems
    SD7Interim Report of the Virginia Agricultural Opportunities Commission
    HD8Revision of Title 32 of the Code of Virginia
    SD8Report of the Secretary of Commerce and Resources Regarding Senate Joint Resolution No. 62
    HD09Adult Protective Services Program
    SD9Report of the Revenue Resources and Economic Commission on Personal Property Taxation
    HD10Joint Homemaker-Home Health Aid Position
    SD10Sales Tax on Vending Machines
    HD11The Plan for Personnel Management: Delegation of Personnel Authority
    SD11Real Property Taxation
    HD12Fire Safety Measures
    SD12Medical and Hospital Care for the Medically Indigent
    HD13Liaison Officers between the State Agencies and the General Assembly
    SD13Grants of Authority
    HD14Report of the Joint Subcommittee of the House and Senate General Laws Committees on the Laws of the Commonwealth Dealing with Public Information
    SD14Report on the Formulation of Guidelines for Use in Distinguishing Reportable Privacy Protection Act Personal Information and a Recommendation for State Data Management as Requested by SJR No. 73
    SD15Administrative Leave
    HD16Security at the Seat of Government of the Commonwealth
    SD16The Possible Need for a Revision of Virginia's Marijuana Laws
    HD17Developing a Single Purpose Application and Automatic Referral Service Form
    SD17Use of Explosives
    HD18Bonding to Small Businesses and Disadvantaged Businesses
    SD18Fire Insurance Policies
    HD19Extension of Employee Benefits to Permanent Part-Time Salaried Employees
    SD19The Industrial Development and Revenue Bond Act
    HD20Land Use Taxation
    SD20Services to Youthful Offenders
    HD22Illegal Acquisition and Use of Birth Certificates
    SD22Virginia Commission of the Arts and Humanities
    HD23Salary Survey
    SD23Coastal Erosion Abatement
    HD24Office Space
    SD24Cost of Capital Projects Other Than Schools
    HD25Highway Maintenance Allocations.
    SD25Air Pollution Control
    HD26Real Property Tax Relief to Persons Who Rehabilitate Their Homes
    SD26Ports and Port Authority
    HD27Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
    HD28Medical Needs of Children
    SD28Aspects of Coal as an Energy Resource (1979)
    HD29Incentives for Persons Caring for the Elderly in Their Homes
    SD29Disposal of Solid Wastes
    HD30Marine Patrols
    HD31Toll-Free Telephone Service Within the County Wherein Call Originated
    HD32Community Government in Urbanizing Counties
    HD33Granting State Corporation Commission Management Overview Responsibilities and Regulation of Public Utilities
    HD34Conflicts Existing Between Federal and State Child Labor Laws
    HD35Problems with the State OSHA Plan
    HD37Identification and Diagnosis of Handicapped Children
    HD38Local Fiscal Impact
    HD39Report of the Joint Subcommittee of the House and Senate General Laws Committees on the Bingo Laws of the Commonwealth
    HD40State Aid to Localities and Annexation
    HD41The Revenue Needs and Resources of Virginia's Localities
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