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    RD1Virginia Procurement Law Study: Final Report
    HD02Virginia's Pilot Public Defender Program
    RD2Report of the Subcommittee on Conflict of Interests and Disclosure to the Joint Rules Committee Studying the Code of Behavior for Members of the General Assembly (Draft)
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency
    HD03The North and South Mayo Rivers
    SD03Motor Fuel Road Tax
    HD04Juvenile Court-Public School Task Force
    SD04Coastal Erosion Abatement Commission Report
    HD05Instruction of Virginia History and Government in Public Schools
    SD05Inflation and the Virginia Income Tax
    HD06Requiring Medicaid Recipients to Receive Primary Medical Care from a Physician of Their Choice
    SD06Personal Property Taxation
    HD071979 Annual Report of the Local Government Advisory Council
    SD07Law-Enforcement Training
    HD08Mental Health and Mental Retardation
    SD08Air Pollution Control
    HD09Hospice Programs
    SD09Transportation Taxation in Virginia
    HD10Public Schools Kindergarten Programs
    SD10Establishing a Treatment Program for Incarcerated Sexual Assault Offenders
    HD11Equitable Revenue Sources to Replace the Revenue from the Sales Tax on Food
    SD11Sale or Rental of Hearing Aids to the Poor
    HD12Local and Regional Special Education Facilities
    SD12Agricultural Inspection Programs
    HD13Liason Officers between State Agencies and the General Assembly and Its Staff
    SD13The Reclamation of Land Disturbed by Oil or Natural Gas Exploration or Development
    HD14Products liability
    HD15Income Tax Credit for Investments Under the Neighborhood Assistance Act
    SD15Agricultural Opportunities
    HD16Federal Funds Coming into State
    SD16The Virginia Individual Income Tax Structure
    HD17Salary Survey
    SD17Taxes Paid by Fuel Oil and Other Energy Consumers
    HD18Utility Advertising
    SD18Virginia Procurement Laws: Interim Report
    HD19Development of a Swing-Bed Policy for Hospitals and Nursing Homes
    SD19Annual Report
    HD20Virginia Resource Information System (VARIS)
    SD20Family Life
    HD21Revision of Title 22
    SD21Motor Fuel Road Tax
    HD22The Taxation of Telephone Companies
    SD22Telecommunications: A New Virginia Initiative
    HD23The Planning, Allocation and Use of Highway Funds
    SD24Health Services Cost
    HD25Shellfish Industry
    SD25Disposal of Solid Wastes
    HD26Sentencing in Criminal Cases
    SD26Dulles International Airport Development
    HD27The Jurisdictional Limits of General District Courts and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts
    SD27The Practice of "Law Reading" in Virginia
    HD28Veterans' Affairs
    SD28Tax and Expenditure Limitations
    HD29Statewide Grand Jury Study
    SD29State Imposed Taxes and Fees on Motor Carriers of Passengers
    HD30Practices and Procedures in the Collection and Administration of State Taxes
    SD30The Initiative and Referendum
    SD31Containment of Health Care Costs
    HD32Report of the Joint Subcommittee of the Courts of Justice Committees of the Senate and House of Delegates Studying Virginia's Mechanic's Lien Laws Under House Joint Resolution No. 229
    SD32The Chesapeake Bay
    HD33Property Tax on Rental Property
    SD33Norfolk-Virginia Beach Expressway (1980)
    HD34Licensure of Audio Stress Examiners
    HD35Real Property Tax Exemptions
    HD36The Selection Process for Architects and Engineers for Capital Projects for the State
    HD37Educational Authorities
    HD38Public Financing of Statewide Elections
    HD39Workmen's Compensation Insurance Premiums
    HD40Granting the State Corporation Commission Management Overview Responsibilities and Regulation of Public Utilities
    HD41Insurance Coverage
    HD42Proposed Form of Incorporation of Reston
    HD43Railroad Rights-of-Way Fire Hazards
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