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    RD1Report of the Commission on Indians
    HD02Revision of Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency
    HD3The CETA Program Administered by Virginia's Balance-of-State Prime Sponsors
    SD03The Occupational and Professional Regulatory Boards
    HD04Working Capital Funds in Virginia
    SD04Annual Report
    HD05Uniform State Laws
    SD05Hospice Programs
    SD06The Merchants' Capital Tax
    HD07Commuter Transportation in Metropolitan Areas (1983)
    HD7ACommuter Transportation in Metropolitan Areas (1983)
    HD7BCommuter Transportation in Metropolitan Areas (1983)
    HD7CCommuter Transportation in Metropolitan Areas (1983)
    SD07Disposal of Solid Wastes
    HD08Review of Utility Conservation Programs
    SD8Consolidation of Office Space in the Roanoke Area
    HD09A Forensic Evaluation Training and Research Center
    SD09Wage-Loss Concept and a Competitive Pricing Plan in the Workmen's Compensation System
    HD10Relationships Between the Commonwealth and Native Indian Tribes
    SD10Marine Sanitation Devices
    HD11The High Rate of Infant Mortality in Virginia
    SD11The Funding of the Transportation of Handicapped Children
    HD12Projecting the Need for Nursing Home Beds
    SD12The Need for Annual and Biennial Reports by State Agencies
    HD13A Fee Recovery System for the Hazardous Waste Management Program
    SD13Report of the Virginia Energy and Coal Commission
    HD14Senior Citizens Higher Education Act
    SD14Real Estate Tax Procedures and Land Use
    HD15Financial Needs of Public Transit, Ridesharing Programs and Other Mass Transportation Activities
    SD15Consolidation of Office Space in Northern Virginia
    HD16Interim Report of the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation on Core Services and Formula Funding
    SD16The Feasibility of Requiring Developmental Guidance and Counseling Programs in the Public Elementary Schools
    HD17Equity of Current Provisions for Allocating Highway Construction Funds in Virginia
    SD17Placement of Handicapped Children in Residential Facilities
    HD18Staffing and Manpower Planning of the Department of Highways and Transportation
    SD18Economic Productivity of the Prison Population and Work Release Programs
    HD19The Virginia Freedom of Information Act and Telecommunications
    HD20Compensating Gradually-Incurred, Work-Related Injuries under the Workmen's Compensation Act
    HD21Mentally Retarded Persons Presently Residing in Mental Health Facilities
    HD22Establishing a Residential School for the Arts, Humanities and Sciences
    HD23Instruction of Virginia History and Government in Public Schools
    HD24Feasibility of Differentiating Compensation for Outstanding Performance in Teaching
    HD25Technical Assistance and Inservice Training Materials on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    HD26Guidelines for Recording Plats
    HD27Legal Status of Fuller Road (Quantico, Va.)
    HD28Library Networking System
    HD29Local Taxation of Meals and Lodgings
    HD30The Advisability of High Speed Chases and Alternative Approaches for Apprehending Speeding Motorists
    HD31Industrial Development and Revenue Bond Act
    HD32The Rights of the Terminally ill
    HD33Senior Discount Program
    HD34Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation
    HD35The Continued Viability of "Red Hill"
    HD36The Organization of the Executive Branch
    HD37State Income Tax Deduction for Certain Homeowner Association Dues
    HD38Crippled Children's Program and Mandated Health Insurance Benefits
    HD39Medicaid Waiver
    HD40Local Mandates and Financial Resources
    HD41Regional Health Planning
    HD42The Effectiveness and Funding of Driver Education Programs
    HD43Sheltered Workshops
    HD44Vocational-Technical and Career Education
    HD45The Impact of Judicial Decisions on Zoning Powers
    HD46Constitutional Amendment to Limit State Spending
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