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    RD1Report of the House Finance Subcommittee Studying Real Estate Tax Assessments (Draft)
    SD1The 1990 State of the Commonwealth Address
    HD2Increasing Public Knowledge of the Gypsy Moth; Phase I
    HD2AIncreasing Public Knowledge of the Gypsy Moth; Phase II
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - Janaury 11, 1989 through January 13, 1990
    SD2AInaugural Address of Lawrence Douglas Wilder
    SD2BAddress of Lawrence Douglas Wilder, Governor, to the General Assembly
    HD3Regulation and Provision of Child Day Care in Virginia
    SD3Emergency Medical Services Personnel Training and Certification and Recruitment and Retention
    HD4Public School Teacher Compensation
    SD4The Impact of Child Support Guidelines on the Level of Child Support Awards in Virginia
    HD5The Need for Certification of Arborists
    SD5Revenue Derived from Motor Fuel Road Tax
    HD6The Need for Regulating Commercial Testers of Radon Gas
    SD6The Working Poor in Virginia
    HD7Off-Site Road Improvements
    SD7Future Capacity of the Existing Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel
    HD8Uniform State Laws
    SD8Administrative Revocation of Driver's Licenses
    HD9Shock Incarceration
    SD9Regulation of Swimming Pools and Other Recreational Bathing Facilities in Virginia
    HD10Nondetectable Firearms and Court Security
    SD10Incentives for Consolidating School Division Functions
    HD11The Need for a Public-Supported Training Program for Boiler Plant Personnel
    SD11Fire Prevention Education Programs in Public Schools
    HD12Real Estate Appraisers (Addendum to House Document No. 5, 1988)
    SD12Rural Child Care Project
    HD13Temporary Nursing Services
    SD13A Study of the Preparation of Special Education Instructional and Administrative Personnel, Class Size Requirements and the Funding of Special Education Programs
    HD14Local Minimum Expenditure Requirements and Other Criteria for Public Libraries Receiving Grants-in-Aid
    SD14Laws Relating to the Towing and Recovery Industry
    HD15The Guest River State Scenic River
    SD15The Financial and Social Impact of Mandated Benefits and Mandated Providers
    HD16Education of Handicapped Jail Inmates
    SD16Medical Malpractice Insurance Tail Coverage
    HD17Security Staffing in the Capitol Area
    SD17The Compensation of Nursing Professionals Employed by the Commonwealth
    HD18The Early Identification and Treatment of At-Risk Youth
    SD18The Case for Change
    HD19The Efficacy and Appropriateness of Implementing Consumer Education at the Middle School Level
    SD19The Navigation Obstructions in the Elizabeth River Derelict Structures
    HD20The Efficacy and Appropriateness of the Commonwealth's Present Entrance Age Requirements for Kindergarten Attendance
    SD20The Development and Implementation of a Basic Training Program for Staff of Community Services Boards and Facilities
    HD21Tree Trimming Guidelines for Utility Line Clearance
    SD21The Feasibility of Developing a Plan by Which Temporary State Wage Employees Could Obtain Health Benefits
    HD22Ignition Interlock Technology
    SD22Truck Trailer Survey
    HD23Uninsured Motorist Situation
    SD23Public Guardianship: Program Design Options for Virginia
    HD24Classifications of Tangible Personal Property for Taxation
    SD24Study of the Use of Air Boats in the Commonwealth
    HD25Feasibility of Using Recycled Glass in Asphalt
    SD25The Activities of Financial Institutions and Real Estate Brokers and Agents in the Sale and Financing of Residential Real Estate
    HD26Financial Alternatives for Funding the George P. Coleman Bridge
    SD26Report of the Supreme Court of Virginia Concerning Electronic Media and Still Photography in the Courts
    HD27Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and U.S. Route 17
    SD27Access to Obstetrical Care
    HD28Recommended Statutory Modifications of the Code of Virginia Authorizing the Creation of the Virginia Indigent Health Care Trust Fund
    SD28The Study of Small Package Wastewater Treatment Plants
    HD29Special Report on the Duties and Responsibilities of the Department of the State Internal Auditor
    SD29Creation of a DNA Test Data Exchange
    HD30The Impact of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986 on the Commonwealth of Virginia
    SD30Task Force Study of Drug Trafficking, Abuse and Related Crime
    HD31Leave Sharing
    SD31The Problems of Small Community, Family-Type Cemetaries
    HD32Pedestrian Safety Laws
    SD32Interim Report on the Study of theTransportation, Manufacture and Storage of "High-Hazard" Solids, Liquids, Gases, or Compounds or Mixtures
    HD33Developing a Plan to Improve Apprenticeship Training and Journeyman Level Retraining
    SD33Privacy Laws Relating to Personal Rights and Credit
    HD34The Feasibility of a Statewide Yardwaste Composting Program for Virginia
    SD34The Availability and Affordability of Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance
    HD35A Study on the Special Needs of Persons Who Are Hard of Hearing
    SD35Health Care for All Virginians
    HD36The Future of Dual Party Relay Services in Virginia
    SD36Site Selection of Residential Facilities for Mentally Disabled
    HD37The Feasibility of the Creation of an Agricultural Linked Deposit Program
    SD37Means of Relieving Landowners from Liability Resulting from the Illegal Dumping of Hazardous Materials on Their Property
    HD38Suicide and Substance Abuse Prevention Plan for the Elderly
    SD38The Availability of Affordable Banking Services to Low-and Moderate- Income Consumers, Bank Policies on Cashing Government Checks for Nondepositors, and the Emergence of Unregulated Check-Cashing Businesses in Virginia
    HD39State Agencies Contracting with Private Businesses and Avoiding Unfair Competition
    SD39Efficiency in the Use of Public Education Funds
    HD40Population Growth and Development