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    RD1Chesapeake Bay and its Tributaries: Results of Monitoring Programs and Status of Resources
    SD1State of the Commonwealth Address
    HD2The Concept of Benchmarking for Future Government Actions
    RD2The Feasibility of Providing Retirement Benefits To or Establishing a Retirement Fund For Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Personnel
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves, and Other Forms of Clemency - January 15, 1995 through December 31, 1995
    HD3Public Health Implications of Licensing Radiologic Technology Practitioners
    SD3Review of Capital Outlay in Higher Education
    HD4Follow-Up Review of Community Action in Virginia
    SD4The Criminal History Records Improvement Task Force
    HD5The Financial Impact of Mandated Health Insurance Benefits and Providers Pursuant to Section 38.2-3419.1 of the Code of Virginia: 1994 Reporting Period
    SD5Study of Health Workforce Initiatives Pursuant to SJR 308 of 1995
    HD6Study of Telemedicine Pursuant to HJR 455 of 1995
    SD6Mandated Coverage for Mammograms (Senate Bill No. 1027, 1995)
    HD7The Economic Impact of Coal Tax Credits on Southwest Virginia and the Commonwealth
    SD7Mandated Coverage for Pap Smears (Senate Bill No. 1028, 1995)
    HD8Review of Jail Oversight and Reporting Activities
    SD8Technical Report: The Cost of Competing in Standards of Quality Funding
    HD9Funding Incentives for Reducing Jail Populations
    SD9Measures That Increase Access to Affordable Health Care Coverage for Individuals and Their Families
    HD10The Demonstration Project in Bath County for the Collection and Recycling of Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze
    SD10The Study of Appropriate Methodologies for Determining Life-Cycle Costs for Highway System Maintenance and Facilities
    HD11Study of Virginia's Health Care Cost and Quality Data Initiatives Pursuant to HJR 513 of 1995
    SD11Report on the Need for Certification of Carpenters and Masons
    HD12Study of Long-Term Care Pharmacy Operations Pursuant to HJR 642 of 1995
    SD12Proposed Financing Plan for the Route 168 South/South Battlefield Boulevard Bypass
    HD13Uniform State Laws
    SD13Study of Access to Obstetrical Care for the Women of Rural Virginia Pursuant to SJR 331 of 1995
    HD14The Feasibility and Effectiveness of Provisional and Graduated Licensing Strategies as Alternatives to Full Licensing for Young Drivers in Virginia
    SD14Juvenile Delinquents and Status Offenders: Court Processing and Outcomes
    HD15An Analysis of Organic Statutes and Regulations Which Inhibit Shellfish Aquaculture Operations
    SD15Review of the Virginia State Bar
    HD16Strategic Plan for Molluscan Shellfish Research; Including a Rational Plan for Testing Application of Non-Native Oyster Species
    SD16The Study of Late Fees or Charges on Accounts Delayed in the Mail
    HD17Feasibility of Consolidating Virginia's Wildlife and Marine Resource Agencies
    SD17Parity in the Coverage of Mental Health Treatment and Coverage for Outpatient Treatment in Individual Policies and Contracts
    HD18A Study of Consumer-Directed Services
    SD18The Inclusion of Special-Needs Children
    HD19The Feasibility of Extending Medicaid Coverage to Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness
    SD19A Study of Toxic Exposure Conditions for Virginia Firefighters
    HD20The Effects of Military Reductions on Higher Education in Virginia
    SD20Sex Offender Treatment Services in Virginia
    HD21High School Graduation Requirements and Admission Standards at the Commonwealth's Colleges and Universities
    SD21Incentives to Promote Economic Development in the Commonwealth
    HD22Ways to Relieve Critical Teacher Shortages
    SD22The Funding Requirements of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act
    HD23Plan for Strengthening Teacher Education and Induction
    SD23Study of the Need for and Efficacy of a Statewide Trauma Triage Plan Pursuant to SJR 353 of 1995
    HD24Civil Remedies to Enhance Protection of Vulnerable Adults From Financial Exploitation
    SD24Recreational Activities in Adult Care Residences and Nursing Homes
    HD25Development of a Prototype to Provide Legislative Information Via the Internet
    SD25Capital Access and Business Financing in the Commonwealth
    HD26Staffing Needs in Virginia's Prisons
    SD26Making Connections: Matching Virginia Higher Education's Strengths with the Commonwealth's Needs
    HD27Correctional Program Standards in Virginia's Prisons
    SD27Overlapping Police Powers in State Agencies
    HD28Study of Virginia's Law on Handgun Purchase Limits
    SD28Lead Poisoning Among Children
    HD29Study of Student Transfers Between Public Education and Detention Centers and Juvenile Correctional Centers
    SD29Findings and Recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Health
    HD30Ways to Improve the Registration and Electoral Process and Encourage Voter Participation
    SD30Taxation of Equipment of Motor Carriers
    HD31Community Corrections Programs
    SD31Ways of Encouraging Senior Citizens to Enter Into Existing Businesses or Start New Businesses Through the Use of Urban and Rural Development Corporations
    HD32Use of Value Engineering
    SD32Interim Report of the Delivery of Governmental Services in the Greater Richmond Area
    HD33Final Report of the Department of Criminal Justice Services on Evaluation of the Fairfax Day Reporting Center (FDRC)
    SD33Annual Report of the Virginia Small Business Commission
    HD34Interim Report of the Department of Criminal Justice Services on Evaluation of the Norfolk Day Reporting Center (NDRC)
    SD34Annual Report of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
    HD35Interim Report of the Department of Criminal Justice Services on Evaluation of the Richmond Day Reporting Center (RDRC)
    SD35Final Report of the Joint Subcommittee Studying Potential Sources of Reliable Funding for Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SJR 275)
    HD36Evaluation of the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Pilot Project
    HD37The Study of Juvenile Justice System Reform
    HD38Juvenile Records Retention Study
    HD39Study of Specially Appointed Police Officers
    HD40Evaluation of Residential Cut-Through Traffic Policies
    HD41Study of Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Pilot Projects
    HD42Uninsured Motorists in Virginia (1996)
    HD43Studying Charter Schools Pursuant to HJR 551 and SJR 334
    HD44Review of the Department of Environmental Quality
    HD45The Commonwealth's Policy of Medicaid Eligibility for Orthodontic Care
    HD46Science and Technology in Virginia
    HD47Clean Fuels
    HD48The Use of Coal Mine Lands and Facilities for Economic Development
    HD49Access to OB/GYN Services in Managed Care Plans
    HD50Report of the Commission on Family Violence Prevention
    HD51Rail Passenger Service
    HD52Report of the Department of Social Services Stuyding the Provision of Certain Services to Low-To-Moderate Income Persons Allowing Them to Remain In Independent Living Facilities