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    HD1Budget Bill
    RD1Report on the Status of Child Care Automation
    SD1State of the Commonwealth Address (2003)
    HD2The Management and Treatment of Wastewater
    RD2Annual Report of the Virginia Recycling Markets Development Council
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 12, 2002 to January 22, 2003
    HD3Review of State Spending: June 2002 Update
    RD3Report of the Governor's Office for Substance Abuse Prevention - 2002
    SD3Recruiting and Retaining Health Care Providers for Underserved Populations and Areas and Health Professional Shortage Areas throughout the Commonwealth
    HD4Report of the State Water Commission
    RD42002 Activities of the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
    SD4Economic and Employment Improvement Program for Disadvantaged Persons
    HD5Value Engineering of State Agency Capital Outlay Projects for Fiscal Year 2002
    RD5Report on the Virginia Indepedence Program - Implementation, Impacts and Outcome Measures
    SD5Report of the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Advisory Board on Aggregated Data on the Operations and Funds of the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Trust Fund
    HD6Report on the Effectiveness of Low Income Energy Assistance Programs
    RD6High-Deductible Plans Used with Medical Savings Accounts
    SD6Personal Electric Rapid Transit System Technology (PERTS)
    HD7Examination of Medicaid Transfer of Assets Rule As It Relates to Land-Use Assessments
    RD7Senate Bill 619 - Mandated Coverage for Prevention, Elimination or Reduction in Illness, Disease or Condition Due to Genetic Predisposition or Family History Prior to Presentation of Symptoms
    SD7Widening of Interstate Route 66 in Arlington County
    HD8The Financial Impact of Mandated Health Insurance Benefits and Providers Pursuant to Section 38.2-3419.1 of the Code of Virginia: 2001 Reporting Period
    RD8Coverage for Biologically Based Mental Illness
    SD8Employment Incentives for People with Disabilities through Medicaid Buy-In Options
    HD9Collection of Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities for Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Treatment Needs
    RD92002 Biennial Report of the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
    SD9Advertising and Private Sector Sponsorships on State Websites
    HD10VTrans 2025: Virginia's Statewide Multimodal Long-Range Transportation Plan - Phase One
    RD10Item 307B: Evaluation of the Virginia Department of Health Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative
    SD10A Feasibility Study Regarding the Development of a Park, Recreation Area, or Wildlife Area on Paradise Creek, Portsmouth, Virginia
    HD11Progress Report on Informing Providers about the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program
    RD11Report on the Need to Regulate Estheticians
    SD11Indigent Defense Commission (Interim)
    HD12The Prevalence of Methylphenidate and Amphetamine Prescriptions in the Commonwealth
    RD12Report on the Need to Regulate Electrologists
    SD12Special Conservators of the Peace and Special Police
    HD13Interim Report: Boards and Commissions
    RD13Senate Bill 619 - Mandated Coverage for Prevention, Elimination or Reduction in Illness, Disease or Condition Due to Genetic Predisposition or Family History Prior to Presentation of Symptoms
    SD13Report of the SJR 57 Commission on Educational Accountability
    HD14Interim Report of the Commission to Review, Study and Reform Educational Leadership
    RD14Coverage for Biologically Based Mental Illnesses
    SD14Final Report of the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations on the Condition and Future of Virginia's Cities
    HD15An Action Plan Prescribing Renewed Partnerships among the Center for Information Technology, the Department of Information Technology and the Disability Services Agencies
    RD15House Bill 383 - Mandated Coverage of Lymphedema
    SD15State of Virginia Survey on Adolescent Driver Education
    HD16House Joint Resolution No. 206, 2002 Study: Technology-Based Businesses
    RD16House Bill 422 - Reimbursement to Dietitians and Nutritionists
    SD16Revision of Title 25 of the Code of Virginia
    HD17Passenger Vehicle Crashes Into Stationary Large Trucks: Incidence and Possible Countermeasures
    RD17Mandated Coverage for Reconstructive Breast Surgery - House Bill 1010
    SD17The Virginia Electric Utility Restructuring Act
    HD18The Future of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
    RD18House Bill 1348 - Mandated Coverage for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
    SD18Economic Incentives to Promote the Growth and Competitiveness of Virginia's Shipbuilding Industry
    HD19Sentencing of Misdemeanor Offenders
    RD19House Bill 84 (2002): Mandated Coverage for Polypeptide or Amino Acid-Based Formulas
    SD19Developing a Plan and Strategy for Suicide Prevention in the Commonwealth (SJR 108)
    HD20Report of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council
    RD202002 Report of the Virginia Business-Education Partnership
    SD20The Regulatory Responsibilities, Policies and Activities of the State Corporation Commission
    HD21Interim Report - Study of Bail Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters
    RD21Recommended Technology Investment Projects for the 2004-2006 Budget Biennium
    HD22Review of the Charitable Gaming Commission
    RD22Review of Eye Examinations Prior to School Enrollment
    HD23Implementation of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act
    RD23Review of the Personal Maintenance Allowance within the Medicaid Elderly and Disabled Waiver
    HD24Interim Report: Best Practices for the Support Services of School Divisions
    RD24Review of Local Health Partnership Authorities
    HD25Accelerating the Commercialization of Virginia University Research Results through Improved Management of Intellectual Property
    RD25Review of Reimbursement on Noncontracting Ancillary Services Providers
    HD26Study and Revision of Virginia's State Tax Code
    RD26Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) Study
    HD27Annual Report of the Joint Commission on Health Care
    RD27Parent Education Evaluation
    HD282002 Annual Report of the Disability Commission
    RD28Report to the Virginia Department of Health on Improvements Needed in Current Telemedicine Initiatives and Opportunities to Enhance Access and Quality
    HD29Report of the Virginia Commissioners to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
    RD29Statewide Area Health Education Centers Program
    HD30The Funding Requirements of the Virginia Unemployment Trust Fund
    RD30Review of Emergency Medical and Mental Health Services in Public Schools
    HD31The State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act
    RD31Economic Growth and Stability in Urban Areas of the Commonwealth
    HD32Prescription Drug Assistance
    RD32Review of Medicaid Reimbursement of Physicians
    HD33Report of the State Water Commission
    RD33Report of the Joint Commission on Technology and Science
    HD34The Use of Independent Educational Performance Assessment Services
    RD34AReport to the Commission on Electric Utility Restructuring of the Virginia General Assembly on Stranded Cost - Volume I
    RD34BReport to the Commission on Electric Utility Restructuring of the Virginia General Assembly on Stranded Cost - Volume II
    RD34CReport to the Commission on Electric Utility Restructuring of the Virginia General Assembly - Volume III
    HD35Preliminary Report of the Low Impact Development Assessment Task Force
    RD35Report to the Commission on Electric Utility Restructuring - Energy Infrastructure Data Collection
    HD36Research & Development Strategies for the Commonwealth of Virginia
    RD36Virginia's Academic Health Centers: Mission-Related Services and Cost
    HD37The Creation of New High-technology Industries in Virginia