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    HD1Budget Bill
    RD12008 Annual Report on the Status and Efficiency of Telecommuting
    SD1The State of the Commonwealth Address to the Joint Assembly 2009
    HD2Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee to Study the Transportation Network of Hampton Roads (HJR 194, 2008)
    RD22008 Annual Report of the Virginia Resources Authority
    SD2List of Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency - January 15, 2008 through January 14, 2009
    HD3Executive Summary of the U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee (HJR 159, 2008)
    RD32008 Annual Report of the Virginia Resources Authority
    SD3Interim Report: Impact of Recent Legislation on Virginia's Mental Health System [SJR 42 (2008)]
    HD4Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee to Study Science, Math, and Technology Education in the Commonwealth at the Elementary, Secondary, and Undergraduate Levels (HJR 90, 2008)
    RD42008 Annual Report of the Virginia Resources Authority
    SD4Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee to Study Creating a Regional Rapid Transit Network (SJR 122, 2008)
    HD5Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee to Study the Benefits of Adopting a Single Sales Factor to Apportion the Income of Multistate Corporations for Purposes of the Corporation Income Tax (HJR 177/SJR 101; 2008)
    RD5The Potential for Improving Budget Review in Virginia
    SD5Minority Mental Health Needs and Treatment in Virginia (SJR 46, 2008)
    HD6Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee Studying Biosciences and Biotechnology in the Commonwealth (HJR 248, 2008)
    RD62008 Annual Executive Summary of the Small Business Commission
    SD6Support for Family Caregivers and Alternatives to Long Term Care (SJR 102, 2008)
    HD7Impact of eVA on Small Virginia Businesses
    RD72008 Annual Report on the Number of Petitions for Writs of Actual Innocence
    SD7The Commonwealth Innovation Index: Fostering the Formation, Retention, and Expansion of Technology-Based Economic Development Opportunities (SJR 126, 2008) Progress Report - January 14, 2009
    HD8Assessment of Services For Virginians With Autism Spectrum Disorders
    RD8Optional Retirement Plan for Higher Education, Review of Contribution Rates - December 11, 2008
    SD8Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee to Study Strategies and Models of Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention (SJR 77, 2008)
    HD9Executive Summary of Interim Activity and Work of the Virginia Commission on Unemployment Compensation - January 13, 2009
    RD9Annual Report on the Estimated Costs of the State/Local Hospitalization Program - December 2008
    SD9Executive Summary of the Joint Subcommittee to Study the Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth and Families Program Pursuant to SJR 75 (2008)
    HD10Local Incentives Provided to Private Businesses for Economic Development Purposes [HJR 75 (2008)]
    RD102007 and 2008 Biennial Report of the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation (With Calendar Year 2007 Land Preservation Tax Credit Conservation Value Summary)
    SD10Meeting the Requirements of the National Saltwater Angler Registry (SJR 397, 2009)
    HD11A Plan for Reassigning Roads to Virginia’s Administrative Classification System Using the Federal Functional Classification System: A Response to Chapter 896 of the Acts of Assembly of 2007
    RD11Quarterly Report on the Virginia Enterprise Applications Program Office [Q2 FY 2009]
    SD11Report: Study to Determine Achievable and Cost-effective Demand-side Management Portfolios Administered by Generating Electric Utilities in the Commonwealth
    HD12HJR 113 (2008) Final Report: Study of Virginia's Juvenile Justice System
    RD12Review of State Employee Total Compensation
    SD12Operational and Capital Funding for District and Circuit Courts
    HD13America's 400th Anniversary Jamestown 2007 Steering Committee Report
    RD132008 Executive Summary Activities of the Commission on Prevention of Human Trafficking
    SD13Review of Information Technology Services in Virginia: Final Report
    HD14The Incorporation of Certain Management Principles into Public Transportation Programs
    RD14Joint Commission on Health Care 2008 Annual Report
    HD15Report on Programs and Incentives to Encourage E-Prescribing by Medicaid Providers - December 1, 2009
    RD15Annual Report on State Jobs Eliminated Due to Privatization - Fiscal Year 2008
    HD16Review of State Spending: 2009 Update
    RD16Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activity of the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission
    HD17Report of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council - December 2009
    RD17Toxics Reduction in State Waters State Fiscal Year 2008
    HD18The Revision of Title 6.1 of the Code of Virginia
    RD18Quarterly Report on the Existing and Completed Transfers of Staff Among State Agencies – Unappropriated Transfers (Q4 CY 2008)
    HD19Route 1 Centerline Design Study
    RD19Governor’s Commission on Climate Change Final Report: A Climate Change Action Plan - December 15, 2008
    HD20Evaluation of the 2009 Conservation, Efficiency and Renewable Resource Self-Assessment Report of the Virginia Electric Cooperatives
    RD20Annual Report on the Number of Applications for Intercept Orders
    HD21"Project Lead the Way" Progress Report
    RD21Annual Report on the Fiscal Impact Assessment of the Creation of New Judgeships
    HD22"K-8 Mathematics Specialists" Progress Report
    RD22Quarterly Report on the Number and Category of Offenses Charged Involving Adult and Juvenile Offenders in Cases in which Court-appointed Counsel is Assigned and the Amounts Paid by Waiver Above the Initial Cap to Court-appointed Counsel (Q2 FY 2009)
    HD23Hampton Roads Automatic Aid Between Emergency Services Part II
    RD23Biennial Report of the Board of Medical Assistance Services - November 2008
    HD24Report on the Effectiveness of the Virginia Scenic River Board
    RD24VRS Oversight Report No. 31 - VRS (Virginia Retirement System) Biennial Status and Semi-Annual Investment Report - December 2008
    HD25Public-Private Partnerships Related to Seaports in Virginia (HJR 72, 2008)
    RD25Special Report: State Spending on Standards of Quality (SOQ) Costs, FY 2008
    HD26Development and Land Use Tools in Virginia's Localities
    RD26Annual Report to the Joint Commission on Health Care On the Impact and Effectiveness of the Pilot Programs to Expand Access to Obstetric, Prenatal, and Pediatric Services
    RD27Annual Report on Health Care Workforce and Other Initiatives to Promote Health Equity - July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008
    RD28Report of the State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Insurance on Certain Demographic and Other Information From Agent Licensing Examination Candidates for the Period of July 1, 2008 through September 30, 2008
    RD29Actual and Planned Uses of At-Risk Funds - January 9, 2009
    RD302008 Executive Summary of The Virginia Commission On Youth
    RD312008 Annual Report of the Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy
    RD32Consolidated Virginia Emergency Response Team Exercise (VERTEX) 2008 After-Action Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan (IP) Executive Summary.
    RD33Voluntary Contributions: Amounts Collected for 2005-2007
    RD34Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee 2008 Annual Report
    RD35Executive Summary of Interim Activity and Work of the Virginia Commission on Unemployment Compensation - January 13, 2009
    RD36Annual Report to the General Assembly on the Consumer Affairs Activities of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for 2008
    RD37December 2008 Monthly Reports from the Criminal Fund and Involuntary Mental Commitment Fund
    RD38Governor's Interim Appointments - December 2, 2008 - January 12, 2009
    RD39Actual Fiscal Year 2008 Required Local Effort; Budgeted Fiscal Year 2009 Required Local Effort and Required Local Match
    RD402008-2009 Teacher Salary Survey Results
    RD41Annual Policy Review of Criteria and Levels of Concern for Certain Toxic Substances Used in Determining Whether to Issue a Fish Consumption Advisory
    RD42Virginia Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services Trauma Fund Report on Use of Funds in Improving Virginia’s Trauma System, and Review of Feasible Long Term Financing Mechanisms and Potential Funding Sources for Virginia’s Trauma Centers - November 19, 2008
    RD43Annual Report on the Status of Virginia’s Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Program - 2008
    RD44Review of HB 1440 (2008) by the Virginia Department of Health Division of Child and Adolescent Health
    RD45Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule - 2008
    RD46Interim Activity Report: Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Commission - 2009
    RD472008 Annual Report of the Special Advisory Commission on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits
    RD48Letter of Request to Repeal Report Requirement
    RD49Council on Virginia’s Future Annual Executive Summary - December 2008
    RD50A Report on the Analysis of the Impact of the Final Interagency Guidelines on Foster Care Services for Specific “Children in Need of Services” - December 19, 2008
    RD51A Status on the Implementation of the Comprehensive Services Act Match Rate Incentive for Residential Care - November 2008
    RD522008 Annual Report on the Virginia Military Advisory Council