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    HD1Budget Bill
    RD12016 Virginia State Rehabilitation Council Annual Report
    SD1The State of the Commonwealth Address to the Joint Assembly 2017 - Governor Terence R. McAuliffe
    HD2Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority Transition: Human Resources and Procurement Policies and Procedures
    RD22016 Executive Summary of the Virginia Commission on Youth
    HD3Driver's License Suspension; Use as Collection Method for Unpaid Court Fines and Costs
    RD3Virginia Board of Workforce Development 2016 Annual Report
    HD4Report of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council - December 2016
    RD4Quarterly Report on Existing and Completed Transfers of Staff among State Agencies – Unappropriated Transfers, Fourth Quarter, Calendar Year 2016
    HD5Companion Animal Licensing Procedures Study Group Report [HJR 160, 2016]
    RD5Annual Report to the Virginia General Assembly of the Virginia Military Institute Board of Visitors for 2016
    HD6Report of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council Pursuant to HJR 96 (2014) – December 2016
    RD6State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Certification of Institutions
    HD7State Council of Higher Education for Virginia: Annual Report for The Virginia Plan for Higher Education
    RD7Report of the Bureau of Insurance on High-Deductible Health Plans - 2016
    RD82016 Annual Report on the Number of Petitions for Writs of Actual Innocence
    RD9George Mason University Board of Visitors Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activities 2016
    RD10Virginia Military Advisory Council 2016 Annual Report
    RD11Christopher Newport University 2017 Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activity
    RD12Governor's Interim Appointments – December 1, 2016 through January 6, 2017
    RD13Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth 2016-2017
    RD14Virginia’s Adoption Home Study Process
    RD15University of Mary Washington 2016 Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activity and Work of the Board of Visitors
    RD16Annual Executive Summary of the Board of Visitors of Virginia Commonwealth University pursuant to § 23.1-1303(B)(11) of the Code of Virginia
    RD17University of Virginia Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activity 2016
    RD18Annual Report of the Quarterly Report of Demographic, Offense and Health Information of Offenders Incarcerated in VADOC Facilities - CY2016
    RD192016 Executive Summary of the Interim Activity and Work of the Virginia Council on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
    RD20Voluntary Contributions: Amounts Collected for 2013-2015
    RD21Virginia Housing Commission 2016 Annual Report
    RD22The Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program 2016 Annual Executive Summary
    RD23Direct Aid to Public Education Reporting Requirement: Planned Uses of At-Risk Funds by School Divisions in Fiscal Year 2017
    RD24Annual Executive Summary of the Interim Activity and Work of the Board of Visitors of Old Dominion University
    RD25Executive Summary for the Board of Visitors of The College of William and Mary In Virginia - 2016
    RD26Actual Fiscal Year 2016 Required Local Effort and Required Local Match; Certification of Budgeted Fiscal Year 2017 Required Local Effort and Required Local Match
    RD27Virginia State Crime Commission 2016 Interim Executive Summary of Activities
    RD282016-2017 Teacher Salary Survey Results
    RD29Addendum to the Report on Alternative School Breakfast Service Models – January 12, 2017
    RD30James Madison University Annual Executive Summary – January, 2017
    RD31Annual Report on the Vacancies Scheduled to Arise During 2017 on Boards, Commissions, Councils or Other Collegial Bodies Appointed by the Governor
    RD32Program and Funding Review of Virginia Airports
    RD33Virginia Retirement System Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2016
    RD342016 Annual Report of the Major Employment and Investment Project Approval Commission
    RD35State Spending on the K-12 Standards of Quality: 2016 Update
    RD36Notification of Arrearage – January 2017
    RD37Virginia Commonwealth University Monthly Summary Report (December 2016)
    RD38Legal Services Corporation of Virginia Report to the Commonwealth and the General Assembly on the Work of Virginia’s Legal Aid Programs FY 2015-2016
    RD39Long-Range Plan for Onsite Sewage
    RD402016 Health Information Needs Workgroup
    RD41Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation Annual Report for 2016
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