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    Document Summary
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    Report Document No. 63
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    Document Title
    Virginia's Drug Treatment Courts 2014 Annual Report

    Supreme Court of Virginia

    Enabling Authority
    18.2-254.1 (N.)

    Executive Summary
    In fiscal year 2014, there were 37 drug treatment court docket programs approved to operate in Virginia: twenty three (23) adult, eight (8) juvenile, four ( 4) family, and two (2) regional DUI Drug Treatment Court Dockets. Three (3) of these drug treatment court docket programs are currently non-operational. The Newport News Family Drug Court has been suspended, while the Montgomery Family Drug Court and Danville Adult Drug Court are approved for operations but have not yet formally commenced their programs.

    "Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection O. of 18.2-254.1, Code of Virginia, any locality is authorized to establish a drug treatment court supported by existing state resources and by federal or local resources that may be available. This authorization is subject to the requirements and conditions regarding the establishment and operation of a local drug treatment court advisory committee as provided by 18.2-254.1 and the requirements and conditions established by the state Drug Treatment Court Advisory Committee. Any drug court treatment program established after July 1, 2012, shall limit participation in the program to offenders who have been determined, through the use of a nationally recognized, validated assessment tool, to be addicted to or dependent on drugs. However, no such drug court treatment program shall limit its participation to first-time substance abuse offenders only; nor shall it exclude probation violators from participation." (*1)

    One new drug treatment court docket program, the Pulaski County Adult Drug program began in November 2014- statistics from this program will not be included in this report.

    The goals of Virginia drug treatment court programs are to:

    1. Reduce drug addiction and drug dependency among offenders
    2. Reduce recidivism
    3. Reduce drug-related court workloads
    4. Increase personal, familial and societal accountability among offenders
    5. Promote effective planning and use of resources among the criminal justice system and community agencies

    This report reviews the basic operations and outcomes of Virginia's drug treatment court dockets in fiscal year 2014. Information is provided in the report on program participants including demographics, program entry offenses, and program length. The report is based on 1) data from the drug court database established and maintained by the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES); and 2) arrest data from the Virginia State Police.

    (*1) Chapter 3-2014 Special Session Virginia Acts of Assembly- Item 37.H.l. (page 23)