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    Report Document No. 219
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    Document Title
    Virginia Military Family Relief Fund (VaMFRF) 2012 Annual Report

    Adjutant General

    Enabling Authority
    44-102.2 (B.)

    Executive Summary
    This fund has been available since fiscal year 2006, to assist all of the Commonwealth's citizen soldiers serving in each of the reserve components. Grant requests are submitted to Virginia National Guard Family Assistance Centers and processed through the Virginia National Guard State Family Program Director.

    There were 22 approved applications that were each awarded $2,500.00 or less. Recipients were qualified as follows: 19 Iraq and 3 Afghanistan. The total amount of assistance provided is $30,939.82 to the Virginia National Guard. Tax donations were $52,964.69.

    Updated information, guidance, application, and flyer were approved on August 22, 2012, and distributed to all Virginia National Guard and Reserve Points of Contact within Virginia. On August 8, 2012, an audit was completed by the U.S. Property and Fiscal Officer for Virginia with no findings and commending the fund custodian on her outstanding efforts maintaining the fund.

    Approximately 1,800 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen returned from mobilizations this year. As a result, we anticipate a decrease in the number of grants submitted due to the reduction in deployments projected in the near future.