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    Virginia Military Advisory Council 2010 Annual Report

    Virginia Military Advisory Council

    Enabling Authority
    2.2-2666.1 (E.)

    Executive Summary
    The Virginia Military Advisory Council (VMAC) is created as an advisory council to maintain a cooperative and constructive relationship between the Commonwealth and the leadership of the Armed Forces of the United States and the military commanders of such Armed Forces stationed in the Commonwealth, and to encourage regular communication on continued military facility viability, the exploration of privatization opportunities and issues affecting preparedness, public safety and security.

    The VMAC is composed of 27 members representing military, legislators and private partners. The Chairman is selected by the Council among its membership. The Council has also established four subcommittees to focus and devote resources to major issues pertaining to that subcommittee. As a result of changes in the Administration and normal rotation of installation commanders, ten new members were additions to VMAC in 20I0. The subcommittees include Quality of Life, Oceana/Fentress Advisory Council, Military - Civil Mutual Aid, which replaces Homeland Security and Preparedness, and Citizen Soldier Support.

    Major General James E. Chambers, Commanding General, United States Army Combined Arms Support Command at Fort Lee served as the VMAC Chairman until he was reassigned in June 2010. At the September 2010 meeting Major General Karl Horst, Commander of the U.S. Anny Military District of Washington and Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region, was unanimously elected as the Chairman.