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    Report Document No. 10
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    Document Title
    Annual Report on the Chesapeake Bay Protection Plans

    Secretary of Natural Resources

    Enabling Authority

    Executive Summary
    In accordance with commitments made in the Chesapeake 2000 Agreement, Virginia has developed tributary strategies for each of the five river basins within its portion of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The strategies articulate the extent of management actions necessary to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers. The management actions are specific to point sources (wastewater treatment and industrial facilities) and nonpoint source (land based sources affected by runoff including agricultural and developed lands). For complete information on the Chesapeake 2000 Agreement, visit the Chesapeake Bay Program’s website at http://www.chesapeakebay.net.

    The strategies are built around “input decks” which define the number and extent of practices in a form that can be evaluated by the Chesapeake Bay Program computer model that serves as a tool to estimate the nutrient and sediment reductions from various combinations of management practices.

    Copies of all of Virginia’s Tributary Strategy documents and related information are available at the Secretary of Natural Resource website: http://www.naturalresources.virginia.gov.

    This report summarizes actions related to the development and implementation of the strategies in calendar year 2005.