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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    House Document No. 2

    Document Title
    1993 Update: Catalog of State and Federal Mandates on Local Governments

    Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

    Enabling Authority
    Chapter 723 (Regular Session, 1993)

    Executive Summary
    State and federal mandates significantly affect local government operations. These requirements influence the organization, staffing levels, administrative procedures, and budgets of all local governments. While mandates are generally considered to be a legitimate means for implementing essential policies and maintaining standard levels of services, they are often viewed as burdensome by local officials.

    The impact of State and federal mandates has been a continuing concern to State and local officials. Accordingly, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) has prepared several studies focusing on mandates and related issues over the past decade. In particular, the1992 "Catalog of State and Federal Mandates on Local Governments" inventoried requirements imposed on local governments. Its purpose was to provide legislators and State agency officials with information on the number and extent of the mandates on local governments. In order to assess the ongoing impact of mandates, JLARC staff have updated and revised this catalog.

    Mandates on Local Governments are Extensive and Increase Yearly

    JLARC staff found that State and federal mandates on local governments are extensive, affecting most areas of local government activity. As of April 1993, 391 State and federal mandates on local governments had been identified. This is an increase of 29 new mandates since JLARC staff surveyed State agencies in July 1991. Most of the mandates are in the areas of health and human services, education, and public works.

    There are many mandates imposed jointly by the State and federal governments. However, the majority of current mandates are imposed directly by the State. Most of the mandates are required regardless of whether a locality receives any funding for the mandated program. However, some State aid is typically provided for most major mandates.

    The General Assembly has attempted to ease the burden of mandates on local governments. During the1993Session, the General Assembly acted on several recommendations from the 1992JLARC study.

    Future Editions of the Mandates Catalog

    The 1993General Assembly directed the Commission on Local Government (COLG) to prepare and annually update a catalog of State and federal mandates on local governments. The first COLG catalog will be published prior to the 1995 Session.