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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    House Document No. 8

    Document Title
    Transition of the Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy to a Private Nonprofit Entity

    disAbility Law Center of Virginia

    Enabling Authority
    Chapter 847 Enactment Clause 4. (Regular Session, 2012)

    Executive Summary
    Converting the Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy to a private nonprofit organization is consistent with a national trend for the 57 organizations in each state and territory. Such conversion will support the organization’s independent role to advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Conversion also represents an opportunity to reduce the size of state government by privatizing a governmental function which can be more effectively accomplished by the private nonprofit sector. The Virginia Office for Protection & Advocacy is entirely federally funded; its operation as a private nonprofit will not jeopardize federal funds, so long as the transition is accomplished in a manner consistent with federal regulations. Additionally, under federal law, the Governor retains the ability to designate another organization to serve as the protection and advocacy program if, at any time in the future, there is good cause for redesignation.