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    Document Summary
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    Report Document No. 12

    Document Title
    Annual Executive Summary of Interim Activities – Longwood University

    Longwood University

    Enabling Authority

    Executive Summary

    During 2014, the Board met four times: March 27-29, September 11-13 and December 4-6 on Longwood’s campus, and June 23-24 for its annual retreat at Primland in Patrick County. Additionally, the executive committee met four times, February 14th (at the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville) and June 3, August 27, and November 19 (at the offices of Williams Mullen law firm in Richmond). Board agendas and meeting minutes are posted on the Board of Visitors web page at http://www.longwood.edu/president/4565.htm pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

    23-2.01 (public access to information):

    • Board meeting schedules through 2016 are announced on the BOV web page, meeting agendas are posted in advance and minutes are posted following meetings. http://www.longwood.edu/assets/president/BoV_Meeting_Dates_2013-16_RedDot.pdf

    • Meetings are brought into closed session only after a determination of their eligibility based on review of agenda items in relation to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act by the University Counsel. Electronic communications meetings are conducted in accordance with 2.2-3708. Discussions on any topic not specifically exempted are held in open meeting, and action taken in closed meeting is approved in open meeting in accordance with all applicable laws.

    • Minutes are recorded at every open meeting and posted on the Board web site pursuant to all relevant code sections. http://www.longwood.edu/president/5117.htm

    23-2.02 (adoption of bylaws):

    • The Board last updated bylaws its bylaws in June, 2013 in order to comply with Virginia Code 23-2.02. The revised bylaws are posted on the Board of Visitors web page at http://www.longwood.edu/president/4702.htm

    23-2.03 (annual meeting with the president):

    The Board conducted an evaluation of the president at its June meeting, upon completion of his first year in office. The president's employment contract requires a yearly annual performance review by the Board.

    23-2.04 (duties of the executive committee):

    Board bylaws require the executive committee to meet between regular meetings of the full Board, or as called by the rector. The executive committee met four times during 2014 and has played an active role in organizing the working processes of the Board, including the organization of working groups within the Board focused on the strategic priorities of the universities as identified in the University Strategic Plan ratified in September, 2014.