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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    Report Document No. 172

    Document Title
    Medical Care Provided in State Prisons – Study of the Costs

    Joint Commission on Health Care

    Enabling Authority

    Executive Summary
    By letter to the JCHC Chair, Delegate Kaye Kory requested that the JCHC “study or evaluate the costs to the state for prisoner medical care provided by the Commonwealth while offenders are incarcerated, especially costs for pharmaceutical products.”(*1)

    Action by the Joint Commission on Health Care. After considering the study findings and public comments, Joint Commission members voted to request by letter that the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) review the policy options presented to the JCHC, evaluate and analyze whether they are feasible for the department to do, and provide the JCHC with a report detailing their evaluation and analysis by the October 2017 JCHC meeting.
    (*1) Kory, Delegate Kaye. "Study or Evaluate the Costs to the Commonwealth of Medical Care for Prisoners, Especially the Costs of Pharmaceutical Products." Letter to Delegate John O'Bannon. May 16, 2016. Richmond, Virginia.