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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    House Document No. 10

    Document Title
    Impact of an Aging Population on State Agencies

    Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

    Enabling Authority
    HJR 103 (Regular Session, 2004)

    Executive Summary
    House Joint Resolution 103 from the 2004 Session directs the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to study the impact of Virginia's aging population on the demand for and cost of state agency services, policies, and program management. The number of older Virginians, those persons age 60 and above, has been increasing as a proportion of the State’s overall population. HJR 103 notes that the number of older Virginians is projected to increase at even faster rates over the next 30 years, and that the older population may require an even greater amount of State agency services.

    This document is the final report for the JLARC review of the impact of an aging population on State agencies. This report provides information on the ability of State agencies to meet current service demands, and also provides information on factors which may affect future service demands. An ancillary report on the impact of an aging State workforce is also available, and additional background information is contained in the interim report which was presented in 2004. Finally, a supplementary appendix which contains the responses of State agencies to a survey regarding services for older Virginians is available on the JLARC website at http://jlarc.state.va.us/Reports/AgingSupAppdx.pdf .

    [See House Document No. 35 (2004) for Interim report.] [Also, see House Document 31 (2006) "Impact of an Aging State Workforce"]