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    Report Document No. 46
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    Document Title
    Council on Virginia's Future Executive Summary 2007

    Council on Virginia's Future

    Enabling Authority

    Executive Summary
    This document provides a brief introduction to the Council, its 2007 accomplishments, and the enhancements planned in 2008 for its three main focus areas: assessment, service performance, and productivity improvement. It also includes a brief description of the Council’s activities related to roadmap and special issues development.

    The Council on Virginia’s Future – which is comprised of state, business, and community leaders from across the state – was established by the 2003 Session of the General Assembly to advise Virginia’s leaders on the development and implementation of a roadmap for Virginia’s future. The Council is committed to improving the quality of life and the effectiveness of state government in Virginia.

    The Council works to create these improvements by:

    • Providing a long-term focus on high-priority issues;
    • Creating an environment for improved policy and budget decision-making;
    • Increasing government accountability and transparency;
    • Improving government performance; and
    • Engaging citizens in dialogue about Virginia’s future.

    The entire Executive Summary may be viewed in the attached document.