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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    House Document No. 38

    Document Title
    Transportation Efficiency Improvement Fund - Report

    Department of Rail and Public Transportation

    Enabling Authority
    Appropriation Act - Item 556. (Regular Session, 1993)

    Executive Summary
    The Transportation Efficiency Improvement Fund (TEIF) Program is authorized by Item 556 C. of the 1993 Virginia Acts of Assembly, Budget Bill, Chapter 994. This item instructs the Commonwealth Transportation Board to begin the TEIF Program to encourage traffic demand management efforts in Clean Air Act non-attainment areas of the Commonwealth through innovative local approaches to reducing traffic congestion and single-occupant vehicle use. Authorized to $1 Million per year, the TEIF funds are apportioned from the Congestion Management/Air Quality account. Of this $1 Million per year, at least 50% must be distributed to eligible public recipients.

    Item 556 C. further instructs the Secretary of Transportation report to the Governor and the 1994 Session of the General Assembly the results of the TEIF program. This document fulfills that directive.

    The program began under the Virginia Department of Transportation. Now administered by the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, the TEIF Program provided $1 Million a year for two years matched with 20% non-federal funds for this purpose.