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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    Senate Document No. 5

    Document Title
    Report on the Progress in Meeting the Request of Senate Joint Resolution 297 (2011)

    Department of Rail and Public Transportation

    Enabling Authority
    SJR 297 (Regular Session, 2011)

    Executive Summary
    Attached for your review is a report on progress to study the issues relating to transit in the Commonwealth, particularly the Commonwealth’s funding processes. As directed in the 2011 Acts of Assembly [SJ 297], the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation was instructed to address the issues of performance, prioritization, stability, and allocation. The Department has conducted this study in cooperation with transit stakeholders, transit systems, local governments, and metropolitan planning organizations, as well as other interested parties. The emphasis of the research was to bring an understanding of trends related to transit program design and formula distribution mechanisms in use by other states to the questions raised in Virginia and to test a variety of alternative formula mechanisms for the Virginia public transit program. As much progress has been made in this effort, this interim report is provided by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation to provide an overview of work conducted and to set forth next steps to complete this important study effort and report its findings to the General Assembly by September 2012.


    Thelma Drake