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    Report Document No. 38
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    Document Title
    Monitoring of Offenders Required to Comply With the Sex Offender Registry Requirements - January 2010

    Secretary of Public Safety

    Enabling Authority
    Appropriation Act - Item 420 H. 2. (Regular Session, 2009)

    Executive Summary
    As of December 1, 2009, there were 16,238 sex offenders listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry. They are divided into three groups which consist of the following: (1) 3,171 registrants under Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Services, (2) 6,053 sex offenders whose verification will be conducted by the Department of State Police, and (3) the remaining 7,014 registrants who are incarcerated in jails or prisons across the state.

    The Virginia Department of State Police (VSP) has developed and maintained a web-based system for recording and monitoring residence and employment address verifications. This database is utilized by Virginia State Police troopers and Department of Corrections (DOC) Probation and Parole officers tasked with completing the verification process. Our agency conducts training in the use of this system. There are 43 Probation and Parole officers and 40 Virginia State Police Sex Offender Investigative Unit troopers trained in this system to date. This training will continue until all Probation and Parole officers are familiar with this program.

    In the past twelve months, from December 1, 2008, to November 30, 2009, VSP conducted 16,078 verifications of home and work addresses. The offender compliance rate for verification is 94 percent. All of these verifications were completed utilizing the troopers assigned to the Sex Offender Investigative Unit.