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    Senate Document No. 13
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    Document Title
    Final Report of the Southwest Virginia Economic Development Commission

    Joint Subcommittee

    Enabling Authority
    SJR 111 (Regular Session, 2004)

    Executive Summary
    The General Assembly created "The Southwest Virginia Economic Development Commission" in 2004 by the enactment of Senate Joint Resolution Number 111. This report is delivered to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Virginia General Assembly as required by Senate Joint Resolution No. 111.

    The thirteen members of the Commission consist of six legislative members and seven nonlegislative members. The two members representing the Senate of Virginia are Senator Phillip P. Puckett (Co-Chairman) and William C. Wampler. The four members representing the Virginia House of Delegates are Terry G. Kilgore (Co-Chairman), Allen W. Dudley, H. Morgan Griffith and Joseph P. Johnson, Jr. The other members of Commission represent local government (Mr. Harold Slemp), local economic development (Mr. John Kilgore, Jr.), business and industry (Mr. Rayburn A. Thompson), banking (Mr. Kendall Clay), major utility providers (Richard Settle), four-year institutions of higher education (Simeon Ewing), and community colleges (Dr. F. David Wilkin).

    The enabling legislation directed the Commission to "review methods to attract business and industry to the Southwest region 'of the state through (i) actions that may be taken by state government, (ii) joint efforts with neighboring states and local governments, and (iii) programs provided by or through institutions of higher education and the business community located in the region."

    The enabling legislation tracks very closely the legislation enacted creating the first Southwest Virginia Economic Development Commission, which was created in 1985 and concluded its work in 1987. The original commission's report, "Forward Southwest Virginia" served as a model economic development strategy and was, for that reason, adopted by other regions of the Commonwealth.

    [Also see Senate Document No. 11 (2005).]