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    Document Summary
    - Report Published -

    Senate Document No. 29

    Document Title
    Annual Report of the Workforce Virginia 2000 Advocacy Council

    Secretary of Education; Secretary of Commerce and Trade

    Enabling Authority
    Chapter 751 (Regular Session, 1993)

    Executive Summary
    The original report of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Workforce Virginia 2000, "Partnership for Excellence: The Virginia Plan for Strengthening the Commonwealth's 21st Century Workforce," contained nine recommendations. Building on a report of the Commission on the University of the 21st Century which outlined changes needed in our colleges and universities in order to prepare for the next century, the nine recommendations of "Partnerships for Excellence" focus on improving the entire system of education to better prepare our students for the world of work and for continuous, lifelong learning. Those nine recommendations have served as the focal point for reform in education, employment and training programs in the Commonwealth for the last three years.

    The ninth recommendation of the report called for establishment of the Workforce 2000 Advocacy Council to promote and implement the other eight recommendations. First appointed by Governor Wilder in 1991, and then continued until 1995 by HB 2214 and SB 989, the Workforce 2000 Advocacy Council has served the Commonwealth well. Significant progress has been made in implementing the recommendations, but much remains to be done.

    As a joint effort between the business and education communities, the Workforce Virginia 2000 initiative has created an awareness of issues and problems facing our economy and our education system, and has fostered communication, cooperation, and a growing momentum for change among Virginia's education, business and public policy leaders. For the first time a common goal and a common vision have been joined by these leaders: a vision of quality education for all students, of high achievement levels second to none in the world, and of continuous education and training opportunities for existing workers which engender productivity for our businesses and high wage opportunities for our citizens.

    The following pages provide a brief review of the original recommendations the Workforce 2000 Advocacy Council is striving to implement as well as the current status of the recommendations. The subsequent full report more fully outlines the progress seen by the Workforce 2000 Advocacy Council and provides greater detail on the work yet remaining.

    The Workforce 2000 Advocacy Council strongly endorses continued implementation of the nine recommendations of the original Advisory Committee. The recommendations continue to provide a blueprint for systemic change and improvement needed in order to prepare the Commonwealth's workforce for the 21st century.

    The recommendations have stood the test of time, are fully endorsed by the business and education community, and can realistically effect change in the next biennium and beyond. But in order to implement the recommendations for continued progress, all parties involved must continue in their endeavors to raise expectations, explore opportunities, work collaboratively and creatively, and strive to remove barriers to success. The stakes and investments are too great for Virginia to do otherwise.