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    Document Title
    Annual Report on the Charitable Gaming Activities of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for 2009

    Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

    Enabling Authority

    Executive Summary
    The Office of Charitable Gaming (OCG) in the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) monitors and regulates all charitable gaming activities within the Commonwealth of Virginia to enhance efficiency, eliminate fraud, and maximize contributions to charity.

    The OCG’s legal authority to register, license, audit, inspect, teach, investigate, and enforce charitable gaming organizations, businesses, and activities is provided in Title 18.2, Chapter 8, of the Code of Virginia.

    The OCG is committed to providing timely and professional services to consumers, businesses and regulated entities alike. To facilitate those services, OCG is divided into four functional areas – Audit, Enforcement, Licensing and Registration, and Inspection and Training.

    This report highlights key performance indicators in the charitable gaming activities of VDACS, including the number of registrations and permits granted, the number of financial reports processed, the number of charitable gaming organizations audited and the amount of unreported gross gaming sales discovered, the number of enforcement investigations opened due to suspected charitable gaming criminal activity, the number of on-site routine gaming operation inspections conducted, and the number of management training sessions conducted to ensure compliance with gaming laws and regulations.