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    Report Document No. 9
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    Virginia Resources Authority 2007 Annual Report

    Virginia Resources Authority

    Enabling Authority

    Executive Summary
    The information required to be reported per 10.1-603.23 is incorporated in VRA's 2007 Annual Report. VRA's Annual Report refers to this Fund as the "Virginia Dam Safety and Flood Prevention Fund" (VDSFPF). The financial information on the Fund is listed under "Dam Safety Accounts" on pages 42-45 of the Financial Statements section (pages 63-66 of the report). Other references to the Fund are on pages 2 of the front section and 2, 17 and 18 of the Financial Statements section (pages 2, 23, 38 and 39 of the report).

    There have been no loans or grants from this Fund as it was established by the 2006 General Assembly and the Department of Conservation and Recreation was finalizing regulations for the program throughout the summer and fall of 2007. The first applications are scheduled to be received in Spring 2008.