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Budget Amendments
2014 Special Session I

Amendments to House Bill 5002
Committee Proposed

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
02hFront Page After Committee Action$0$0
11hReporting on HB 2313 Fund Usage$0$0
21hAPA Athletics$0$0
61hHB 1211 - Va. Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council$70,000$70,000
62hDLS - Exp. to Support Uniform Law Commission Meeting$0$0
111hFunding for Uniform Law Commission$25,000$25,000
141hTransfer Funding from Code Commission to Uniform Law Commission$-18,000$-18,000
142hCode Commission - Prohibit Re-Numbering of Code$0$0
301hEfficiency and Effectiveness of K12 School Spending$0$0
302hJLARC - Funding to Support Consultant Costs$300,000$0
303hJLARC Workforce Study$0$0
311hRestore Funding for Dues to Leg. Organizations$58,157$58,157
371hFunding to Reinstate Judicial Performance Evaluation Project$240,000$0
372hSingle Petition Filings$0$0
373hFund 2 Additional In-House Foreign Lang. Interpreters$150,130$150,130
391hCircuit Court-Transfer Funds to CA to Fill Judicial Vacancies$-5,318,506$-6,117,131
392hCriminal Fund - Savings from In-House Interpreters$-185,000$-190,000
393hCaps on Reimbursement for Court Appointed Counsel$-253,960$-253,960
394hLang. Pursuant to Special Prosecutors$-40,000$-40,000
401hGen District Court -Transfer Funds to CA to Fill Judicial Vacancies$-2,742,248$-2,861,476
411hJ & DR District Court -Transfer Funds to CA to Fill Judicial Vacancies$-856,953$-1,140,119
501hDelete Old Lang. Pursuant to Judicial Vacancies$0$0
502hCapture Balances from the Indigent Defense Comm.$0$0
561hReport Expenditures for Special Outside Counsel$0$0
621hEliminate Funding for Staff - Restoration of Voting Rights$-60,070$-60,070
622hSB 378 - Electronic Applications for Notaries$75,000$7,500
623hTransfer Staff to Leg. Ethics Commission$-70,000$-70,000
661hAdjust Jail Funding Amounts Due to New Opening Dates$0$0
662hJail Overcrowding Positions$-1,120,230$-1,224,428
663hSheriffs - Transfer Compensation Funding to Revenue Reserve$-5,041,875$-5,041,875
691hTechnical Correction of Lang for Comm. of Revenue$0$0
692hComm. of Rev. - Transfer Career Development Funding to Revenue Reserve$-189,828$-189,828
701hModify Lang. Related to Collection of Overdue Payments$0$0
702hComm. Attny. - Transfer Career Development Funding to Revenue Reserve$-109,425$-109,425
711hCircuit Court Clerks - Electronic Transmission of Information$0$0
712hCircuit Court Clerk - Transfer Sal. Adj. to Revenue Reserve$-430,789$-430,789
721hTreasurers - Transfer Career Development Funding to Revenue Reserve$-80,685$-80,685
731hInclude language inadvertently omitted$0$0
761hLang. - Integration of eVA and Cardinal$0$0
811hStrike New Funding for Online Exit Interview and Analytical Software$-225,000$-175,000
841hTechnical Correction Salary Tables Registrars and Electoral Boards$0$0
881hCorrect Reference to Appropriate Special Fund$0$0
901hHydrilla Control$300,000$300,000
99.11hMove Racing Commission 1$1,500,000$1,500,000
99.21hMove Racing Commission 2$1,626,889$1,616,161
1001hWorkforce Dev. as Part of Comp. Eco Dev Policy$0$0
1011hAudit Authority for Research Consortium$0$0
1012hVA Israel Adv. Board$50,000$50,000
1013hBiofuels Production Fund$1,500,000$1,500,000
1014hCommonwealth Research Commercialization Fund$-1,800,000$-1,800,000
1015hEliminate GF for MPOF to Reflect Enhanced Credits$-2,350,000$-600,000
1016hLife Sciences Balances$-2,500,000$0
1017hAerospace Incentives Recalculation$0$-5,500,000
1018hMEI Site Planning Fund$0$-2,000,000
1032hHousing Trust Fund$-4,000,000$-4,000,000
1041hLocal Match for Derelict Structures$0$0
1042hBirthplace of Country Music and Accelerator$-750,000$-250,000
1043hSW Cultural Heritage$-350,000$0
1081hLocal Fiscal Impact Review$35,000$0
1151hWind Energy$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
1201hRemove New 2013 Initiative Funding$0$-481,500
1211hSB 18 Benefits$1,900,000$1,800,000
1241hMove Racing Commission Item 1$-1,500,000$-1,500,000
1251hMove Racing Commission$-1,626,889$-1,616,161
1261hAdjust Matching Requirement for the Virginia Association of Broadcasters$0$0
1262hUpdate Tourism Set Aside Language$425,000$-25,000
1271hGovernor's School Review$0$0
1272hProgramme for International Student Assessment (PISA)$0$0
1273hCapture College Lab School Balances$-600,000$0
1281hVirginia Center for Excellence$-315,923$-330,137
1291hDOE - Positive Behavioral Intervention Program$-125,000$-125,000
1301hSOL Test Consolidations$-3,000,000$-3,000,000
1341hEducation Commission of the States$91,800$91,800
1351hGreat Aspirations Scholarship Program$-187,500$-187,500
1352hPositive Behavioral Intervention Initiative$-256,960$-256,960
1353hAchievable Dream$129,000$-425,000
1361hExpand Device Eligibility for VPSA Educ Technology$0$0
1362hCareer and Technical Education Governor School$0$0
1363hStrategic Compensation Grants$0$-1,500,000
1364hPlugged In Virginia$-235,125$-235,125
1365hUse Literary Funds for VRS Payments$-2,500,000$-10,000,000
1366hTechnical - K-3 Class Size Program Updated for VRS Rates$2,308,553$2,240,317
1367hCOCA - Support Positions$5,389,054$5,389,054
1368hTechnical - Reflect Transportation Updates$278,570$285,029
1369hTechnical - Corrected True Property Values in LCI Calculation$81,436$49,789
13610hReading Specialist Initiative Report$0$0
13611hMath / Reading Instructional Specialist Initiative Report$0$0
13612hLottery Proceeds Revenue Forecast Update$3,443$-4,238
13613hModify K-3 Class Size Reduction Funding Formula$-5,174,935$-5,176,036
13614hJuvenile Detention Centers$-250,000$-250,000
13615hPay Increase for Teachers and Support$0$40,400,000
13616hAdditional Sales Tax Revenues$2,145,015$2,407,995
1381hReduce Opportunity Educational Institution$-450,000$-450,000
1421hSCHEV TAG Grant$1,000,000$1,000,000
1441hSCHEV Evaluation$350,000$350,000
1442hSCHEV Eliminate New Program$-341,525$-161,890
1471hCNU Redirect Operating$-1,175,367$-1,197,260
1472hCNU HAC Access and Affordability$1,939,699$2,440,698
1481hCNU Redirect Fin Aid$-100,000$-100,000
1511hCWM Redirect Operating$-1,375,158$-1,464,268
1512hCWM HAC Access and Affordability$785,737$1,275,251
1521hCWM Redirect Fin Aid$-100,000$-100,000
1551hRBC Mission$250,000$250,000
1552hRBC Redirect Operating$-652,586$-670,487
1553hRBC HAC Access and Affordability$594,631$722,530
1561hRBC Redirect Fin Aid$-100,000$-100,000
1591hVIMS Bonus and O & M$90,195$98,898
1621hGMU Cyber Security Degree$153,000$153,000
1622hGMU Nursing Military Pathway$162,521$162,521
1623hGMU Redirect Operating$-5,211,955$-5,211,955
1624hGMU HAC Access and Affordability$6,463,752$8,660,013
1631hGMU Redirect Fin Aid$-3,150,000$-3,150,000
1661hJMU Redirect Operating$-3,774,414$-4,187,154
1662hJMU HAC Access and Affordability$4,179,365$5,073,781
1671hJMU Redirect Fin Aid$-100,000$-100,000
1701hLongwood Quality Enhancement Plan$196,000$262,259
1702hLongwood Redirect Operating$-826,826$-922,509
1703hLongwood HAC Access and Affordability$1,594,968$1,772,390
1704hLongwood Moton Partnership$75,000$75,000
1711hLongwood Redirect Fin Aid$-365,000$-365,000
1741hNSU Campus Safety$282,600$282,600
1742hNSU Financial Staffing$430,918$443,509
1743hNSU Redirect Operating$-2,371,229$-2,379,665
1744hNSU HAC Access and Affordability$2,160,526$2,395,698
1751hNSU Redirect Fin Aid$-195,000$-195,000
1781hODU Redirect Operating$-10,737,288$-10,866,288
1782hODU Eliminate New Program$-875,000$-875,000
1783hODU HAC Access and Affordability$11,493,606$12,268,096
1791hODU Redirect Fin Aid$-1,600,000$-1,600,000
1801hODU Research$500,000$500,000
1821hRadford Redirect Operating$-2,751,483$-2,777,978
1822hRadford HAC Access and Affordability$2,923,891$3,632,210
1831hRadford Redirect Fin Aid$-199,000$-199,000
1861hUMW Nursing$150,000$200,000
1862hUMW Redirect Operating$-1,410,582$-1,432,022
1863hUMW HAC Access and Affordability$1,629,892$1,952,218
1871hUMW Redirect Fin Aid$-600,000$-600,000
1901hTransfer appropriation to correct fund code$0$0
1931hUVA Foundation for the Humanities$75,000$75,000
1932hAuthorize Operation of Off-Campus Instructional Site$0$0
1933hUVA Redirect Operating$-3,318,580$-3,494,580
1934hUVA HAC Access and Affordability$2,527,418$3,447,029
1941hUVA Redirect Fin Aid$-100,000$-100,000
1951hUVA Economic Development$1,000,000$1,000,000
1952hUVA Technical Title Change$0$0
1971hTransfer UVA Hospital Funds to DMAS for Supplemental Payments$0$0
2001hUVA-Wise STEM Program$310,383$310,383
2002hUVA-Wise Redirect Operating$-409,824$-409,824
2003hUVA-Wise HAC Access and Affordability$397,432$713,965
2011hUVA-Wise Redirect Fin Aid$-350,000$-350,000
2041hVCU Business Accelerator$250,000$250,000
2042hVCU Mental Health$30,000$15,000
2043hVCU Redirect Operating$-4,777,198$-4,777,198
2044hVCU HAC Access and Affordability$5,095,542$6,600,490
2045hVCU Theater Partnership$100,000$0
2051hVCU Redirect Fin Aid$-634,000$-634,000
2061hVCU Biotech Park$-250,000$-250,000
2062hVCU Cancer Research$1,000,000$1,000,000
2101hVCCS Redirect Operating$-9,186,248$-9,315,248
2102hVCCS Eliminate Initiative$-500,000$-500,000
2103hVCCS HAC Access and Affordability$16,803,096$19,694,016
2111hVCCS Redirect Fin Aid$-5,820,873$-5,820,873
2131hVCCS Shenandoah Manufacturing Services, Blue Ridge$100,000$100,000
2132hVCCS Eliminate Workforce Initiatives$-905,000$-625,000
2141hVCCS Parking Issue$0$0
2161hVMI Redirect Operating$-388,201$-388,201
2162hVMI HAC Access and Affordability$508,579$636,635
2171hVMI Redirect Fin Aid$-100,000$-100,000
2191hVMI UMA$100,000$100,000
2211hVT ICAT$300,000$300,000
2212hVT Transportation Inst$250,000$250,000
2213hVT Redirect Operating$-4,078,730$-4,207,730
2214hVT HAC Access and Affordability$5,076,852$6,544,958
2221hVT Redirect Fin Aid$-100,000$-100,000
2231hVT Brain Disorder Research$1,000,000$1,000,000
2261hVPI Ext Bonus$392,479$392,811
2271hVSU Small Farm Program$105,000$105,000
2272hVSU Redirect Operating$-1,332,669$-1,272,669
2273hVSU HAC Access and Affordability$1,611,443$1,976,895
2281hVSU Redirect Fin Aid$-1,061,127$-1,061,127
2311hVSU Extension Food Desert Taskforce$0$0
2312hVSU Extension Bonus$16,897$19,906
2321hFCM Additional Part-time Staff$160,650$160,650
2322hFCM Land Transfer$0$0
2341hJYF Operating Support$185,000$185,000
2361hLOV Petersburg Library$200,000$0
2371hLOV Digital Resources$500,000$0
2421hVMFA Convert Part-time$271,803$271,803
2431hEVMS Academic Info System$5,000,000$0
2432hSupplemental Payments to Physicians Affiliated with EVMS$0$0
2451hNCI Operating Support$290,000$290,000
2491hSWVHEC O & M New Building$180,000$180,000
250.501hAdvanced Manufacturing$0$0
2511hHEETF Research$0$0
2521hFully Fund Sec. of Finance Office$157,592$156,939
2621hEliminate FY 2016 Rainy Day Deposit$0$-59,885,846
2681hReduce Funding for School Efficiency Reviews$-125,000$-125,000
2701hClarify NGF Appropriation for E-911 Wireless Tax$0$0
2702hClarify NGF Appropriation for Insurance Premiums License Tax$0$0
2703hDept of Tax - Reporting of Cigarette Tax Stamp Issues$0$0