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Chief Patron: Brink
Item 343 #1h
Co-Patron(s): Anderson, Bulova, Filler-Corn, Hope, Ingram, Kory, Lingamfelter, Lopez, Loupassi, Plum, Rust, Scott, Edward, Scott, James, Surovell, Watts

Health And Human Resources
FY 12-13
FY 13-14
Department Of Social Services

Page 259, line 36, strike "$22,517,789" and insert "$24,945,067".
Page 259, line 36, strike "$22,517,789" and insert "$24,945,067".
Page 260, line 15, strike the first "570,000" and insert "2,997,278".
Page 260, line 15, strike the second "570,000" and insert "2,997,278".

(This amendment provides $2.4 million from the general fund each year to restore funding for Healthy Families Virginia. This amendment restores funding that has been reduced by 56 percent over the last biennium. Funding restores the program to fiscal year 2009 funding levels in order to prevent additional sites from closing. Since 2010, five programs have closed and eight programs have merged due to budget reductions. Healthy Families Virginia is a public-private partnership and the largest home visiting program in the Commonwealth; the program contracts with the Department of Social Services to provide at-risk families from pregnancy to age five with prevention services.)

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