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Budget Amendments
2012 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 30
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Hide details for Adjustments and Modifications to FeesAdjustments and Modifications to Fees
3-6.021sAllocate Motor Vehicle Registration Fee for Poison Control Centers
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
681sComp Board Reorganization$-420,135,056$-420,779,860
682sComp Bd: Sheriffs' Certification$0$0
683sComp Bd: Staff Western Tidewater and Piedmont Regional Jails$2,829,203$3,060,397
683gRemove unneeded jail operating funding$-879,896$-886,142
684sComp Bd: Staffing Western Tidewater Regional Jail$1,300,000$1,300,000
685sComp Bd: Career Development programs$0$0
691sComp Board Reorganization$-49,888,871$-49,888,871
701sComp Board Reorganization$-5,242,052$-5,242,052
711sComp Board Reorganization$-17,027,027$-17,027,027
712sComp Bd: Career Development Programs$0$0
721sComp Board Reorganization$-63,932,679$-63,932,679
722sComp Bd: Full-time Commonwealth's Attorney$102,297$87,313
723sComp Bd: Career Prosecutor Program$0$0
731sComp Board Reorganization$-49,483,802$-49,483,802
732sComp Bd: Technology Trust fund$3,978,426$3,978,426
733sComp Bd: Clerks Salary Differential$100,000$100,000
741sComp Board: Treasurers Restoration$5,696,857$5,696,857
742sComp Board Reorganization$-16,158,524$-16,158,524
743sComp Bd: Career Development Programs$0$0
751sComp Board Reorganization$-2,218,009$-2,218,396
752sComp Bd: Staff Western Tidewater and Piedmont Regional Jails$0$0
753sComp Bd: Staffing Western Tidewater Regional Jail$0$0
754sComp Bd: Career Development Programs$0$0
791sDGS: Energy Star$0$0
881sSBE: Full-time Registrars$141,000$172,000
C-.011sDGS: Emancipation Monument$2,500,000$2,500,000
Hide details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
911sCoyote Control Mathcing Funds$40,000$40,000
941sHydrilla Containment on Lake Gaston$200,000$200,000
1001sRestore Funding for Charitable Gaming Licensing/Enforcement$289,206$350,324
1021sReforestation of Timberlands$958,362$958,362
1022sDOF Accounts Receivable System$120,000$0
1023gProvide funding for the purchase of safety equipment$0$250,000
1024gReflect funding level for the Reforestation of Timberland Program$0$0
Hide details for Capital ProjectsCapital Projects
4-4.012gAmend appropriation act language
Hide details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
4661gProvide for the reduction of income tax refund checks$0$0
4681sCA: Local Employee Retirement Contributions$0$0
4682sCA: Locally Funded Salary Supplements$0$0
4683sCA: 3% Salary Increase$220,666,284$220,666,284
4684sCA: State Police Differential$185,000$185,000
4685sCA: Constitutional Officers' Salary Increase$13,827,156$27,654,312
4686sCA: Constitutional Officers' Salary Increase$13,827,156$27,654,312
4691sLouisa Schools Earthquake Damages$1,161,460$1,023,090
4691gModify language authorizing the Federal Action Contingency Trust Fund$0$0
4721sCA: Local Reversion$0$0
472.11sComp Board Reorganization$38,427,603$38,427,603
C-371sMaintenance Reserve: VMFA - Conservation$0$0
C-371sMaintenance Reserve: JYF - Conservation$0$0
C-372sMaintenance Reserve: GMU$1,199,822$1,199,822
C-374gIncrease maintenance reserve funding for George Mason University$0$700,000
C-375gRestore authority to use maintenance reserve for conservation of art$0$0
C-381sEquipment: VCU - Massey Vivarium$1,250,000$0
C-382gAdd capital project for equipment at Virginia Commonwealth University$0$1,250,000
C-391sCap Plan: UVa - Gilmer Hall & Chemistry Building$250,000$0
C-392sCap Plan: VaTech - Renovate Academic buildings$2,350,000$0
C-393sCap Plan: VaTech - Classroom Building$3,250,000$0
C-394sCap Plan: VCU - Library$1,350,000$0
C-395sCap Plan: VMFA - Robinson House$307,000$0
C-396sCap Plan: NSU - Renovate Brown Hall$3,500,000$0
C-397sCap Plan: VMI - Corps Physical Training Facilities$2,816,222$0
C-397sJYF-Yorktown Outside Areas, Signage, and Amenities Planning$250,000$0
C-398sCap Plan: VCCS - Loudoun Renyolds Building, NVCC$2,250,000$0
C-399sCap Plan: VCCS - Renovate Academic VII, Annandale, NVCC$2,750,000$0
C-3910sCap Plan: NSU, Science Building,$4,700,000$0
C-3911sCap Plan: SMV - Construct Exhibit Center$250,000$0
C-3912sCap Plan: SMV - Exhibit Center$0$0
C-3913sCap Plan: Construct Learning Resource Center, SVCC$500,000$0
C-3914sCap Plan: UVa - Renovate Rotunda$2,250,000$0
C-3914gProvide pre-planning funding for Yorktown outdoor exhibits$250,000$0
C-3915sCap Plan: Renovate Fairfax Hall, Lord Fairfax CC$250,000$0
C-3915gClarify purpose of funding$0$0
C-3916sCap Plan: LU - Student Success Center$0$0
C-3916gChange capital project for Longwood pre-planning funding$0$0
C-3917gChange name of capital project$0$0
C-401gAdd capital projects to the 9(c) bond table and correct totals$0$0
Hide details for Commerce And TradeCommerce And Trade
1051sLangly AFB Encroachment Mitigation$3,000,000$3,000,000
1052sSBIR/STTR Fund Balances$0$0
1053sEconomic Development Funds for Mass Transit$-10,000,000$-10,000,000
1054gAdd first year reference implementing Chapters 874 and 816$0$0
1071sSmall Business Financing Authority$195,804$195,804
1072sFlory Small Business Center$600,000$0
1073sVirginia-Israel Advisory Board$47,896$47,896
1081sForeclosure Assistance Counseling$300,000$600,000
1082sPermanent Supportive and Rapid Re-Housing$1,500,000$1,500,000
1091sPlanning District Commissions$500,000$500,000
1092sPlanning District Commissions$500,000$500,000
1101sEnterprise Zone Balances for Revitalization Projects$0$0
1161gCorrect embedded number in language to properly reflect budget action$0$0
1201gClarify existing authority to administer a surcharge on contracts$0$0
1291sCoalfield Regional Tourism Authority$22,500$45,000
1292sSpecial Olympics$50,000$50,000
1293sHeart of Appalachian Tourism Authority$22,500$45,000
1294sSouthwest Regional Recreation Authority$250,000$250,000
1295sDaniel Boone Visitor Center$50,000$100,000
1295gCorrect language providing funding for grants$0$0
Hide details for Education: Elementary & SecondaryEducation: Elementary & Secondary
1311sRestore VA Career VIEW Funding$296,000$296,000
1312gProvide funding for information technology certification exams$1,500,000$1,500,000
1331sPostpone Science & History SOLs Until 5th Grade$-920,244$-776,483
1351sRestore Educational Technology Funds$2,100,000$1,050,000
1361sEngineering Endorsement$0$0
1371sRemove Funding for New Charter School Technical Advisory Workgroup$-100,812$-100,812
1381sRestore Project Discovery Grant$688,500$688,500
1382sRestore Project Discovery Grant$688,500$688,500
1383sCTE Resource Center$150,000$150,000
1384sCTE Resource Center$150,000$150,000
1384gExpand Youth Development Academies$475,279$475,279
1385sVA STAR IT Repair Certification$425,000$425,000
1386sRemove New Funding for Charter Schools$-100,000$-100,000
1391sRestore Inflation Update for Non-Personal Support Costs$54,428,805$54,616,505
1392sRestore Inflation Update for Non-Personal Support Costs$54,428,805$54,616,505
1393sRestore Inflation Update for Non-Personal Support Costs$54,428,805$54,616,505
1394sRestore Inflation Update for Non-Personal Support Costs$54,428,805$54,616,505
1395sRestore Inflation Update for Non-Personal Support Costs$54,428,805$54,616,505
1396sRestore Funding Related to the Federal Revenue Deduct$54,000,038$54,060,366
1397sRestore Funding Related to the Federal Revenue Deduct$54,000,038$54,060,366
1398sRestore Funding Related to the Federal Revenue Deduct$54,000,038$54,060,366
1399sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13910sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13911sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13912sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13913sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13914sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13915sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13916sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13917sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment$32,180,630$32,835,810
13918sRestore Funding for PreK$17,466,985$18,352,996
13919sUse PreK Non-Participation Savings to Reinvest$27,278,869$27,571,314
13920sRestore Funding for PreK$40,304,001$41,257,145
13921sPublic Education Funding Restoration$426,300,000$432,200,000
13922sVirtual Virginia Online Courses$1,000,000$1,000,000
13923sFull-Time Virtual Schools$0$0
13924sFull-Time Virtual Schools$0$0
13925sEnrollment Loss$6,803,991$6,448,269
13925gUpdate free lunch eligibility data for K-3 Primary Class Size Reduction$23,529,519$23,570,806
13926sEnrollment Loss$13,000,000$7,000,000
13926gExpand Early Intervention Reading Initiative$4,116,378$4,121,676
13927sFund Reading Specialists$36,300,000$36,300,000
13928sFund Reading Specialists$36,300,000$36,300,000
13929sLiteracy Coaches$34,500,000$34,500,000
13930sLiteracy Coaches$34,500,000$34,500,000
13931sSTEAM Academy Planning$200,000$0
13932sGovernor's School Planning$200,000$0
13933sCareer and Technical Education$2,000,000$4,000,000
13934sTeachers for Visually Impaired Students$5,100,000$5,100,000
13935sFull-Day Kindergarten$10,300,000$10,300,000
13936sGovernor's Schools$73,439$73,424
13937sComposite Index Hold Harmless-Lexington$119,329$119,329
13938sComposite Index-Real Property Value$0$0
1411sSchool for the Deaf and Blind-VITA$350,000$0
Hide details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
1441sSCHEV - Increase TAG Undergraduate Award$2,300,000$0
1442sSCHEV - Fund Two-Year Transfer Grant Legislation$1,300,000$1,600,000
1461sSCHEV - VWIL$76,975$153,950
1491sCNU - Fund O&M for New Buildings$481,600$1,047,700
1611sVIMS - Fund Sea Level Rise Study$50,000$0
1612sVIMS - Restore Funding for Coastal Resources Management$450,000$450,000
1613sVIMS - Fund Seal Level Rise Study$50,000$0
1641gAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institution$0$0
1681sJMU - O&M for Biosciences Building$1,707,715$1,707,715
1682gAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institution$0$0
1721sLU - Increase NGF Appropriation$645,596$645,596
1722sLU - Increase NGF Positions$0$0
1731gCorrect language for student financial aid$0$0
1741gCorrect language for student financial aid$0$0
1921sUMW- Provide Operating Support for Dahlgren$750,000$750,000
1952sUVA - Fund New STEM Faculty Start-Up Packages$616,000$2,394,000
1953sUVA - Fund Virginia Logistics Center$250,000$250,000
1954gProvide funding to support the Virginia Logistics Research Center$325,000$325,000
1955gAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institutions$0$0
1971sUVA - Fund Cancer and Medical Translational Research$3,500,000$3,500,000
1972gModify language to support other areas of research$0$0
1991sUVA Medical Center - Clarify Duplicative Medical Services Provided$0$0
2121sVCCS - Fund Thomas Nelson CC Cost for STEM Pilot Program$50,000$50,000
2122gCorrects funding transferred to Workforce Development programs$37,129,340$37,129,340
2152gRedirect workforce development funding$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
2181sVMI - Base Adequacy Guidelines Adjustment$0$0
2182gOffset revenue loss associated with Governor's legislative proposal$298,580$298,580
2231gAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institution$0$0
2251sVT - Fund Brain and Health Sciences Research$3,500,000$3,500,000
2261sVT - Fund Enrollment Growth in Unique Military Activities$326,454$652,908
2281sVT-Ext. - Fund Critical Staffing Initiative$750,000$1,500,000
2291sVSU - Hire Additional Staff$0$0
2292gProvide positions to support the Virginia Logistics Research Center$0$0
2451sEVMS - Fund Medical Modeling and Simulation$250,000$250,000
2491sRHEA - Increase Degree Completion in the Roanoke Region$300,000$300,000
2501sSVHEC - Fund Operation of Higher Education Centers$562,000$562,000
2541gCorrect debt service amounts for the purchase of equipment$0$0
C-3.101sWM: New Dormitory$1,000,000$0
C-3.102sWM: Renovate Brafferton$4,500,000$0
C-8.101sGMU: Repair Hilton Performing Arts Center$500,000$500,000
C-8.102sGMU: Fairfax Facilities Phase I$9,700,000$0
C-8.103sGMU: Baseball Stadium$4,027,000$0
C-8.104sGMU: Robinson, King, and Krug Halls$5,500,000$0