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Budget Amendments
2012 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 30
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Show details for Adjustments and Modifications to FeesAdjustments and Modifications to Fees
Show details for AdministrationAdministration
Show details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
Show details for Capital ProjectsCapital Projects
Show details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
Hide details for Commerce And TradeCommerce And Trade
1051sLangly AFB Encroachment Mitigation$3,000,000$3,000,000
1052sSBIR/STTR Fund Balances$0$0
1053sEconomic Development Funds for Mass Transit$-10,000,000$-10,000,000
1054gAdd first year reference implementing Chapters 874 and 816$0$0
1071sSmall Business Financing Authority$195,804$195,804
1072sFlory Small Business Center$600,000$0
1073sVirginia-Israel Advisory Board$47,896$47,896
1081sForeclosure Assistance Counseling$300,000$600,000
1082sPermanent Supportive and Rapid Re-Housing$1,500,000$1,500,000
1091sPlanning District Commissions$500,000$500,000
1092sPlanning District Commissions$500,000$500,000
1101sEnterprise Zone Balances for Revitalization Projects$0$0
1161gCorrect embedded number in language to properly reflect budget action$0$0
1201gClarify existing authority to administer a surcharge on contracts$0$0
1291sCoalfield Regional Tourism Authority$22,500$45,000
1292sSpecial Olympics$50,000$50,000
1293sHeart of Appalachian Tourism Authority$22,500$45,000
1294sSouthwest Regional Recreation Authority$250,000$250,000
1295sDaniel Boone Visitor Center$50,000$100,000
1295gCorrect language providing funding for grants$0$0
Show details for Education: Elementary & SecondaryEducation: Elementary & Secondary
Show details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
Show details for Education: OtherEducation: Other
Show details for Executive OfficesExecutive Offices
Show details for FinanceFinance
Show details for General Fund DepositsGeneral Fund Deposits
Show details for Health And Human ResourcesHealth And Human Resources
Show details for Independent AgenciesIndependent Agencies
Show details for Judicial DepartmentJudicial Department
Show details for Legislative DepartmentLegislative Department
Show details for Natural ResourcesNatural Resources
Show details for Nonstate AgenciesNonstate Agencies
Show details for Office of EducationOffice of Education
Show details for Positions and EmploymentPositions and Employment
Show details for Public SafetyPublic Safety
Show details for ResourcesResources
Show details for RevenuesRevenues
Show details for Special Conditions and Restrictions on ExpendituresSpecial Conditions and Restrictions on Expenditures
Show details for TechnologyTechnology
Show details for TransfersTransfers
Show details for TransportationTransportation
Show details for Veterans Affairs And Homeland SecurityVeterans Affairs And Homeland Security
Show details for Working Capital Funds and Lines of CreditWorking Capital Funds and Lines of Credit