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Budget Amendments
2012 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 30
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
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31sMove VASAP to DCJS$-1,452,820$-1,452,820
39.11sComp Board Reorganization$49,483,802$49,083,802
401sComp Board Reorganization$418,009$418,009
681sComp Board Reorganization$-420,135,056$-420,779,860
691sComp Board Reorganization$-49,888,871$-49,888,871
701sComp Board Reorganization$-5,242,052$-5,242,052
711sComp Board Reorganization$-17,027,027$-17,027,027
721sComp Board Reorganization$-63,932,679$-63,932,679
731sComp Board Reorganization$-49,483,802$-49,483,802
742sComp Board Reorganization$-16,158,524$-16,158,524
751sComp Board Reorganization$-2,218,009$-2,218,396
2371sLibrary of Virginia Electronic Records$219,000$401,000
2421sCommission for the Arts$500,000$500,000
2681sDOA: Line of Duty Act$0$0
2971sRestore Funding for Virginia Health Information$0$118,711
3071sMedicaid Provider Appeal Procedures$0$0
30716sRestore Indigent Health Care Funds at VCU Health System$4,136,196$5,395,691
30721sIncrease Medicaid Emergency Room Physician$637,682$637,682
30733sRestore Funds to Maintain Medicaid Hospital & Nursing Home Services$67,581,711$68,783,811
3601sChesapeake Bay Restoration Fund$307,662$0
3644sRestore Chesapeake Bay Foundation Education Funds$80,000$80,000
392.11sTransfer VASAP to DCJS$0$0
395.11sComp Board Reorganization$420,135,056$420,779,860
395.21sComp Board Reorganization$49,888,871$49,888,871
395.31sComp Board Reorganization$63,932,679$63,932,679
3961sComp Board Reorganization$1,818,009$1,818,396
4411sRichmond-Chesterfield Express Service #81$0$0
4413sRichmond-Chesterfield Express Service #82$0$0
472.11sComp Board Reorganization$38,427,603$38,427,603
C-371sMaintenance Reserve: VMFA - Conservation$0$0
C-381sEquipment: VCU - Massey Vivarium$1,250,000$0
C-394sCap Plan: VCU - Library$1,350,000$0
C-395sCap Plan: VMFA - Robinson House$307,000$0
C-3911sCap Plan: SMV - Construct Exhibit Center$250,000$0
C-3912sCap Plan: SMV - Exhibit Center$0$0
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