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Budget Amendments
2012 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 30
Senate Member Requests

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
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11sLegislative Assistants' Salary Correction$0$0
12sLegislative Assistants Salary Study$0$0
321sRestore Council of State Governments$146,035$146,035
431sRestore 25th General District Court Judge$233,062$233,062
1021sReforestation of Timberlands$958,362$958,362
1022sDOF Accounts Receivable System$120,000$0
1411sSchool for the Deaf and Blind-VITA$350,000$0
1442sSCHEV - Fund Two-Year Transfer Grant Legislation$1,300,000$1,600,000
1461sSCHEV - VWIL$76,975$153,950
1681sJMU - O&M for Biosciences Building$1,707,715$1,707,715
1952sUVA - Fund New STEM Faculty Start-Up Packages$616,000$2,394,000
1953sUVA - Fund Virginia Logistics Center$250,000$250,000
1971sUVA - Fund Cancer and Medical Translational Research$3,500,000$3,500,000
1991sUVA Medical Center - Clarify Duplicative Medical Services Provided$0$0
2341sFrontier Culture Museum Staffing$300,000$300,000
2342sFrontier Culture Museum-VITA$75,000$75,000
2801sTreasury Bd: Central Virginia Regional Jail$0$0
2834sRestore Funding for Wraparound Services in CSA$6,101,216$6,101,216
2835sWrap-around Services for Children with Special Education Needs$5,401,216$5,401,216
2838sCSA Training$50,000$50,000
2842sRestore Funding for Aging Together Partnership$33,957$67,915
2901sAllocate Virginia Rescue Squad Assistance Fund to Sustain Volunteer Rescue Squads$80,000$80,000
2902sRestore $4 for Life Funds to the Virginia Rescue Squad Assistance Fund$0$0
2903sRestore EMS Funds$500,000$500,000
2904sAllocate Portion of $4.25 for Life Funds for Volunteer Rescue Squad Workgroup$0$0
2951sProvide Funding for Virginia Cessation Quitline$500,000$500,000
2952sRestore Funding for Local Dental Services$1,664,306$1,664,306
2974sRestore Funding for CHIP of Virginia$530,318$1,257,946
2979sRestore Funding for Virginia Association of Free Clinics$0$1,598,200
29711sRestore GF for Virginia Health Care Foundation$0$2,040,286
29712sRestore funding for Va Community Healthcare Association$0$1,204,375
29715sReplace Funding Source for Poison Control Centers$-500,000$-500,000
3073sEliminate 90% Occupancy Std. for Nursing Home Indirect & Plant Costs$5,847,548$5,847,548
3074sExempt Certain Behavioral Health Drugs from Medicaid PDL$4,200,000$2,500,000
3078sFunding for Medicaid Adult Day Health Care Rates$678,540$697,520
30714sEmployment First$0$0
30722sIncrease Medicaid Ground Ambulance Rates$3,676,966$3,676,966
30723sEstablish Medicaid Rates for Intensive In-home Services Based on Quality Indicators$0$0
30724sRestrictions on Provision of Behavioral Health Services by Entities Performing Assessments$0$0
30735sAdd Funding for 200 Intellectual Disability (ID) Slots Each Year$13,609,200$27,218,400
30736sPhase-in Funding for 270 DD Waiver Slots$4,017,060$8,034,120
3103sRestore Funds FAMIS Outreach Contract$457,783$457,783
3141sEmployment First$0$0
3153sProvide Funding for Medical Detoxification Beds$3,072,645$3,072,645
3156sChild Psychiatry Demonstration Projects$1,400,000$1,400,000
3157sChildren's MH Crisis Response Demonstration Projects$16,325,000$16,325,000
3302sCenters for Independent Living$394,619$394,619
3303sRestore Funding for Employment Supports$1,540,882$1,809,885
3401sIncrease Auxiliary Grant Rate by 5 percent$3,080,189$3,080,189
3451sAdministrative Funding to Stagger Issuance of SNAP Benefits$0$0
3603sFunding for Agricultural Best Managment Practices$5,000,000$25,000,000
3604sSWCD Technical Assistance$100,000$500,000
3605sRappahannock River Basin Programmatic Document$15,000$0
3606sRappahannock River Gauging Network$22,500$0
3607sSWCD Owned Dams$254,000$254,000
3608sSoil and Water Conservation Districts$2,046,840$2,046,840
3609sDam Safety$1,000,000$0
3612sPreservation of Open Space Lands$2,000,000$2,000,000
3613sRestore Funding for State Parks$800,000$800,000
3661sTranfer WQIF to Nonpoint Source$-30,000,000$0
3662sNutrient Offset Fund$0$0
4171sState Police Med-Flight$-350,000$-350,000
4681sCA: Local Employee Retirement Contributions$0$0
489.101sEstablish Virginia Health Benefits Exchange Authority$0$0
C-33.702sDBHDS: Western State Purchase and Exchange Agreement$0$0
C-391sCap Plan: UVa - Gilmer Hall & Chemistry Building$250,000$0
C-3914sCap Plan: UVa - Renovate Rotunda$2,250,000$0
3-6.021sAllocate Motor Vehicle Registration Fee for Poison Control Centers
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