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Budget Amendments
2012 Session

Amendments to Senate Bill 30
Committee Approved

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Hide details for Adjustments And Modifications To FeesAdjustments And Modifications To Fees
3-6.041sTransfer of Funds From Local Ordinances
Hide details for Adjustments and Modifications to Tax CollectionsAdjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
3-5.031sSales Tax Transfer SB 597
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
681sComp Bd: Sheriffs' Certification$0$0
682sRemove unneeded jail operating funding$-879,896$-886,142
791sDGS: FICAS System$250,000$250,000
C-.011sDGS Sell 9th Street Office Building$0$0
Hide details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
911sCoyote Control Mathcing Funds$40,000$40,000
921sBeekeeper Grant Fund$175,000$175,000
1001sRestore Funding for Charitable Gaming Licensing/Enforcement$289,206$350,324
1021sReforestation of Timberlands$500,000$500,000
1022sProvide funding for the purchase of safety equipment$0$250,000
Hide details for AppropriationsAppropriations
4-1.011sVirginia Health Benefit Exchange
Hide details for Capital ProjectsCapital Projects
4-4.011sAmend appropriation act language
Hide details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
4681sCA: Locally Funded Salary Supplements$0$0
4682sCA: State Police Differential$185,000$185,000
4683sCA: 3% State Employee Bonus$0$0
4684sCA: 2% Salary Increase$0$58,781,108
4685sCA: Savings from Judicial Retirement (SB 95)$-1,242,000$-1,242,000
4686sCA: Eliminate Turnover & Vacancy$10,533,020$10,533,020
4691sModify language authorizing the Federal Action Contingency Trust Fund$0$0
4692sContingency for Economic Development Project$0$0
4693sLouisa Schools Earthquake Damages$1,000,000$0
4711sRestore Potomac River Fisheries Commission$148,750$148,750
4712sCA: Convert Turnover & Vacancy Savings to Reversions$-13,033,020$-13,033,020
4713sCA: Restore Education Commission of the States$91,800$91,800
472.101sCA: Non-recurring Reserve Fund$61,750,000$0
C-36.901sCA: Construction, Renovation, and Repairs$63,774,108$76,622,719
C-371sMaintenance Reserve: VMFA - Conservation$0$0
C-372sMaintenance Reserve: GMU$1,199,822$1,199,822
C-373sMaintenance Reserve: JYF - Conservation$0$0
C-374sMaintenance Reserve: Correct Project Placement$-60,884,014$-39,514,775
C-374sMaintenance Reserve: Correct Project Placement$-60,884,014$-39,514,775
C-37.101sCA: Review Energy Efficiency Projects$0$0
C-381sEquipment: VCU - Massey Vivarium$1,250,000$0
C-382sEquipment: Acquire Research Vessel$-8,050,000$0
C-391sCA: Project Planning$37,919,272$0
Hide details for Commerce And TradeCommerce And Trade
1051sMachinery and Tools Investment Grant Fund$3,000,000$3,000,000
1052sLife Sciences Initiative$-5,000,000$-5,000,000
1053sGovernor's Opportunity Fund$-6,000,000$0
1054sLangly AFB Encroachment Mitigation$0$0
1055sAdvanced Manufaturing Intiative from FACT Fund$-2,000,000$-2,000,000
1056sVirginia Beach BRAC from FACT Fund$-7,500,000$0
1057sCRCF 2nd Year Contingent from FACT Fund$0$-10,000,000
1071sSmall Business Investment Grant Fund$1,500,000$1,500,000
1072sMicroenterprise Investment Grant Fund$150,000$150,000
1081sForeclosure Assistance Counseling$300,000$600,000
1082sPermanent Supportive and Rapid Re-Housing$0$1,500,000
1091sHeartwood Artisan Center$-250,000$0
1161sCorrect embedded number in language to properly reflect budget action$0$0
1201sClarify existing authority to administer a surcharge on contracts$0$0
1231sReduce New Funding for International Marketing$-500,000$0
1232sReduce Increase for Regional Economic Development$-250,000$0
1241sFederal Interest Payment$2,550,000$0
1291sCoalfield Regional Tourism Authority$22,500$45,000
1292sDaniel Boone Visitor Center$50,000$100,000
1293sSpecial Olympics$50,000$50,000
1294sCorrect language providing funding for grants$0$0
1295sReduce Increase for Tourism Marketing$-500,000$-500,000
Hide details for Education: Elementary & SecondaryEducation: Elementary & Secondary
1331sPostpone Science & History SOLs Until 5th Grade$-920,244$-776,483
1351sRestore Educational Technology Funds$500,000$500,000
1381sRestore Project Discovery Grant$619,650$619,650
1382sCommunities in Schools Grant$-500,000$-500,000
1383sK-12 - College Readiness Center Pilot$175,000$325,000
1384sCTE Resource Center$75,000$150,000
1385sVA STAR IT Repair Certification$425,000$425,000
1386sFunding for Charter Schools$0$-100,000
1387sNew Teacher Preparation Pilot Initiative$-300,000$-400,000
1391sMove Performance Pay Pilot to FY 2013$1,050,000$0
1392sUpdate free lunch eligibility data for K-3 Primary Class Size Reduction$23,530,099$23,565,389
1393sContinue School Opening Waivers$0$0
1394sSales Tax$2,619,349$3,021,103
1395sLiterary Fund Revenue$0$0
1396sAdditional Assistance with Teacher Retirement Costs$45,000,000$0
1397sRestore Support Cost of Competing Adjustment (COCA)$30,126,229$12,144,748
1398sVirginia Preschool Initiative$9,085,337$9,133,622
1399sExpand Early Intervention Reading Initiative$4,110,932$4,126,691
13910sVirtual Virginia Online Courses$1,000,000$1,000,000
13911sSurvey of Online Learning$0$0
13912sCareer and Technical Education Equipment$2,000,000$0
13913sGED Test Costs$0$-75,000
13914sGovernor's Schools$100,000$100,000
13915sGovernor's School-Hampton Roads$100,000$0
13916sGovernor's Schools Cap$0$73,402
13917sRestore New Teacher Mentors$500,000$500,000
1411sSchool for the Deaf and Blind$300,000$0
Hide details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
1441sSCHEV - Fund Two-Year Transfer Grant Legislation$1,300,000$1,300,000
1442sSCHEV - Commonwealth Toll Assistance Program$250,000$750,000
1461sSCHEV - VWIL$76,975$153,950
1462sSCHEV - Teacher Education Pilot Program$50,000$300,000
1463sSCHEV - Phase In New Funding for the Virtual Library of Virginia$-2,800,000$0
1464sSCHEV - Provide Funding Related to Additional Responsibilities$200,000$200,000
1491sCNU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1492sCNU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$539,846
1493sCNU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-318,534$-318,534
1501sCNU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$3,704
1502sCNU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$109,322$109,322
1531sCWM - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1532sCWM - Faculty Salary Increase$0$1,709,369
1533sCWM - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-391,194$-391,194
1541sCWM - Graduate Financial Aid$0$63,688
1542sCWM - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$47,304$47,304
1571sRBC - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1572sRBC - Faculty Salary Increase$0$76,321
1573sRBC - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-61,275$-61,275
1581sRBC - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$32,751$32,751
1611sVIMS - Fund Sea Level Rise Study$50,000$0
1612sVIMS - Faculty Salary Increase$0$228,420
1621sVIMS - Graduate Financial Aid$0$3,013
1641sAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institution$0$0
1642sGMU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1643sGMU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$3,557,524
1644sGMU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-1,263,965$-1,263,965
1651sGMU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$265,472
1652sGMU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$540,657$540,657
1681sAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institution$0$0
1682sJMU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1683sJMU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$2,157,531
1684sJMU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-1,034,880$-1,034,880
1691sJMU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$151,648
1692sJMU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$190,300$190,300
1721sLU - Increase NGF Appropriation$645,596$645,596
1722sLU - Increase NGF Positions$0$0
1723sLU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1724sLU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$463,177
1725sLU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-245,251$-245,251
1731sLU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$699
1732sLU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$117,306$117,306
1741sCorrect language for student financial aid$0$0
1761sNSU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1762sNSU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$467,564
1763sNSU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-210,694$-210,694
1764sNSU - Center of Excellence in Minority Health Disparities$0$155,000
1771sNSU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$65,345
1772sNSU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$266,679$266,679
1801sODU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1802sODU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$1,939,489
1803sODU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-999,161$-999,161
1811sODU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$216,206
1812sODU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$538,573$538,573
1821sODU - Redirect Partial Funding for Research$-18,000$-18,000
1841sRU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1842sRU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$997,973
1843sRU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-558,738$-558,738
1851sRU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$100,212
1852sRU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$155,304$155,304
1881sUMW - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1882sUMW - Faculty Salary Increase$0$536,303
1883sUMW - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-271,374$-271,374
1891sUMW - Graduate Financial Aid$0$6,199
1892sUMW - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$73,206$73,206
1921sUMW- Provide Operating Support for Dahlgren$425,000$500,000
1951sProvide funding to support the Virginia Logistics Research Center$325,000$325,000
1952sAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institutions$0$0
1953sUVA - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
1954sUVA - Faculty Salary Increase$0$4,996,764
1955sUVA - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-972,144$-972,144
1961sUVA - Graduate Financial Aid$0$333,033
1962sUVA - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$106,970$106,970
1971sModify language to support other areas of research$0$0
1972sUVA - Redirect Partial Funding for Research$-750,000$-750,000
2021sUVA-Wise - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
2022sUVA-Wise - Faculty Salary Increase$0$199,327
2023sUVA-Wise - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-72,482$-72,482
2031sUVA-Wise - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$51,219$51,219
2061sVCU - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
2062sVCU - Faculty Salary Increase$0$4,425,201
2063sVCU - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-1,281,502$-1,281,502
2064sVCU - Redirect Planning Funds for VA Treatment Center for Children$-250,000$0
2071sVCU - Graduate Financial Aid$0$264,043
2072sVCU - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$658,112$658,112
2121sCorrects funding transferred to Workforce Development programs$37,129,340$37,129,340
2122sVCCS - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
2123sVCCS - Faculty Salary Increase$0$7,661,336
2124sVCCS - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-3,198,024$-3,198,024
2131sVCCS - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$2,324,417$2,324,417
2151sVCCS - Redirect workforce development funding$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
2181sVMI - UMA Language Amendment$0$0
2182sVMI - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
2183sVMI - Faculty Salary Increase$0$279,830
2184sVMI - Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-62,578$-62,578
2191sVMI - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$16,815$16,815
2231sAdd 4VA language under participating higher education institution$0$0
2232sVT - Reallocation Percentages$0$0
2233sVT - Faculty Salary Increase$0$5,160,752
2234sVT- Partially Redirect Degree Incentive Funding$-1,628,743$-1,628,743
2241sVT - Graduate Financial Aid$0$268,136
2242sVT - Increase Undergraduate Financial Aid$305,349$305,349
2251sVT - Redirect Partial Funding for Research$-750,000$-750,000
2281sVT-Ext. - Fund Critical Staffing Initiative$500,000$500,000
2282sVT-Ext. - Faculty Salary Increase$0$795,518