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Budget Amendments
2012 Session

Amendments to House Bill 30
Floor Approved

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Hide details for Administration Of Health InsuranceAdministration Of Health Insurance
841hMedication Therapy Management Pilot Program$0$0
842hEmployee Health Insurance Fund Language$0$0
843hHealth Insurance Premiums Report$0$0
Hide details for Attorney General And Department Of LawAttorney General And Department Of Law
591hLegal Services for Soil and Water Conservation Districts$0$0
611hAdjust Cap for OAG's Revolving Trust Fund$0$0
Hide details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
4661hProvide for the reduction of income tax refund checks$0$0
4681hLang. - State Employees Receiving Salary Supplements from Localities$0$0
4682hLocal Option to Adjust 5% Employee Contribution Policy$0$0
4683hDelete Contigent Bonus Language$0$0
4684hVRS Rates for Teacher Retirement System$0$0
4685hInclude Local Plans in VRS Rate of ROR Language$0$0
4686hEliminate savings associated with freeze on new hires$10,533,020$10,533,020
4687hState Employee Health Ins. - Consistency Between Pharmacy Providers$0$0
468.101hRevenue Reserve - 2% Salary Incr. in the 2nd Year$0$42,234,404
4691hModify language authorizing the Federal Action Contingency Trust Fund$0$-20,000,000
4692hReduce unspecified VITA funding for certain agencies$-2,000,000$-2,000,000
4693hReduce Miscellaneous Contingency Reserve Account$-750,000$-750,000
4711hCapture savings associated with implementing administrative efficiencies$-13,033,020$-13,033,020
4721hReduce Savings from Local Aid Reversion$22,500,000$22,500,000
Hide details for Central Capital OutlayCentral Capital Outlay
C-371hJYF Maintenance Language$0$0
C-372hVMFA Maintenance Reserve for Art Work Conservation$0$0
C-373hAdjust Maintenance Reserve$-58,884,014$-37,514,775
C-381hODU Jeff Labs$0$0
C-38.101hHAC GF Pool$27,500,000$0
C-391hEliminate Proposed Planning$-14,750,000$0
C-39.051hHAC Planning$31,172,374$0
C-39.201hNGF Bonds for Chapter 1 projects$100,000,000$0
Hide details for Chesapeake Bay CommissionChesapeake Bay Commission
81hSeparate Chesapeake Bay Commission from DLS$-232,268$-232,268
30.11hChesapeake Bay Commission$232,268$232,268
Hide details for Christopher Newport UniversityChristopher Newport University
1491hCNU HAC Package$59,057$325,569
1501hCNU Adjust Financial Aid$-121,469$-121,469
Hide details for Circuit CourtsCircuit Courts
421hCourt Ordered Repair or Replacement of Court Facilities$0$0
422hCriminal Fund Savings - Interpreter Services$-900,000$-1,069,228
Hide details for Commission On Prevention Of Human TraffickingCommission On Prevention Of Human Trafficking
281hCommission on Human Trafficking$-9,360$-9,360
Hide details for Compensation BoardCompensation Board
681hRemove Unneeded Jail Operating Funding$-879,896$-886,142
682hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Sheriffs$-1,426,476$-1,426,476
683hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Sheriffs$-639,878$-703,866
691hEliminate Higher Per Diem Payment for SURE$0$0
701hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Finance Directors$-18,426$-18,426
711hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Commissioners of the Revenue$-59,190$-59,190
712hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commissioners of the Revenue$-71,083$-78,191
721hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Commonwealth Attorney$-220,313$-220,313
722hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commonwealth Attorney$-150,612$-165,673
731hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Clerks$-104,865$-104,865
741hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Treasurers$-56,107$-56,107
742hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Treasurers$-112,346$-123,581
751hAdjust Lang. - Comp Board Reimbursement for Retirement Contribution$0$0
Hide details for Comprehensive Services For At-Risk Youth And FamiliesComprehensive Services For At-Risk Youth And Families
2831hAdjust CSA Caseload Growth$-7,261,772$-10,452,447
Hide details for Department For The AgingDepartment For The Aging
2841hRestore Funds for Home and Community-based Aging Services$131,853$131,853
2842hProvide Funding for Area Agencies on Aging$500,000$500,000
2843hAllow department to operate Long-Term Care Ombudsman program$0$0
2844hImplementation of Dementia State Plan$0$0
Hide details for Department For The Blind And Vision ImpairedDepartment For The Blind And Vision Impaired
3501hTransfer Radio Reading Services to DOE$-120,163$-120,163
3551hHB 1291 Executive Reorganization-Merge DBVI into DRS$-109,725$-109,725
Hide details for Department Of AccountsDepartment Of Accounts
2591hTransfer Commonwealth Health Research Fund to DOA - Transfer Payments$-1,227,144$-1,227,144
2601hConnect and clarify funding references$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Accounts Transfer PaymentsDepartment Of Accounts Transfer Payments
2681hLOD - Non-participating Localities Provide Benefits Directly$0$0
2682hLOD - Non-participating Localities do not Contribute to Administrative Cost$0$0
269.101hCommonwealth Health Research Fund - Move to DOA Transfer payments$1,227,144$1,227,144
Hide details for Department Of Agriculture And Consumer ServicesDepartment Of Agriculture And Consumer Services
911hCoyote Control Matching Funds$40,000$40,000
921hWine Marketing and Advertising$0$0
922hSpecialty Crops Funding$25,000$25,000
971hWeights and Measures Fee$-1,000,000$-1,000,000
981hEliminate Food Inspection Fee Increase$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Business AssistanceDepartment Of Business Assistance
1071hVirginia-Israel Advisory Board$0$0
1072hVSBFA Fees for PPTA Projects$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Conservation And RecreationDepartment Of Conservation And Recreation
3601hRestore Funding for Soil and Water Conservation Districts$1,000,000$1,000,000
3602hFriends of the Chesapeake License Revenue Use$307,662$0
3603hRehabilitation of High Hazard Dam$258,290$0
3604hRappahannock River Basin-U.S. ACE Planning$15,000$0
3605hProvide Required Deposit to WQIF Reserve -- DCR$0$0
3606hSouth River Dam #10A Rehabilitation$0$0
3611hRestoration of State Park Funding$0$0
Hide details for Department Of CorrectionsDepartment Of Corrections
3851hElimination of SURE Program$-924,288$-924,288
3881hUse of Woodrum Impacts for agency operations$-12,331,667$0
3891hHB 752--Alter Woodrum language for strangulation bill$0$0
3892hHB 624--Provide Woodrum appropriation for Sex Offender Registry legislation$50,000$0
3893hIncrease funding for sexual violent predator unit$76,231$115,394
3894hHB 1140--Woodrum Impact for Adding Carisoprodol to Drug Control Act$50,000$0
3895hHB 546--Provide Woodrum appropriation for predicate gang crimes$3,358$0
3896hHB 508--Provide Woodrum appropriation for synthetic marijuana penalties$50,000$0
3897hHB 964--Eliminate Woodrum Impact for use of phone to recruit gang members and insert Grooming$0$0
3898hHB 973--Eliminate Woodrum Impact for exploitation of elderly and substitute sex crimes legislation$0$0
3899hHB 963--Woodrum Impact for solicitation of child pornography$50,000$0
38910hAlter total Woodrum impact in HB 30$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Education, Central Office OperationsDepartment Of Education, Central Office Operations
1331hInformation Technology Certification Exams$1,500,000$1,500,000
1341hSchool Efficiency Reviews$0$0
1371hSTEAM Feasibility Study$200,000$0
Hide details for Department Of Emergency ManagementDepartment Of Emergency Management
3981hAnticipation Loans for Disaster Relief$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Environmental QualityDepartment Of Environmental Quality
3641hChesapeake Bay Educational Field Studies$80,000$0
3651hProvide authority for Title V regulations$0$0
3661hProvide Required Deposit to WQIF Reserve -- DEQ$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Forensic ScienceDepartment Of Forensic Science
4051hRestore positions related to savings from operational efficiencies$0$0
Hide details for Department Of ForestryDepartment Of Forestry
1021hDOF Accounts Receivable System$120,000$0
1022hFunding for Equipment MELP$0$250,000
1023hReforestation of Timberland Program$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Game And Inland FisheriesDepartment Of Game And Inland Fisheries
3701hDGIF Consolidation$0$0
C-33.501hDGIF Dam Program$5,500,000$5,500,000
Hide details for Department Of HealthDepartment Of Health
2901hAllocate Portion of $4.25 for Life Funds for EMS Technician Testing$0$0
2921hRestore Language Transferring Portion of Vital Statistics Fee$0$0
2931hLyme Disease Surveillance$-50,000$-50,000
2961hReduce Fees for Restaurant Annual Permit Renewal Fees$0$0
2962hRestore Funding and Develop Plan for Local Dental Services$1,664,306$0
2971hRestore Funding for Virginia Health Care Foundation$0$2,040,286
2972hRestore Funding for Free Clinics$0$1,598,200
2973hRestore Funding for Community Health Centers$0$1,204,375
2974hRestore Funding for CHIP of Virginia$0$727,628
2975hRestore Funds to Health Safety Net Providers$0$510,800
2976hRestore Funding for VHI Patient Level Database$0$118,711
2977hFunding for Proton Beam Therapy$1,500,000$0
2981hReduce Fees for Community Waterworks Connections$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Historic ResourcesDepartment Of Historic Resources
3721hTransfer general fund dollars to the correct service area$110,384$110,384
3731hTransfer general fund dollars to the proper service area$-110,384$-110,384
C-33.502hDHR Battlefield Preservation$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Housing And Community DevelopmentDepartment Of Housing And Community Development
1091hDerelict Structures$-3,000,000$-2,000,000
1092hHeartwood Artisan Center$-250,000$0
1101hUse of EZ Program Balances$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Labor And IndustryDepartment Of Labor And Industry
1161hCorrect Embedded Number in Language to Properly Reflect Budget Action$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Medical Assistance ServicesDepartment Of Medical Assistance Services
3071hCapture savings from federal bonus payment for Medicaid Ennrollment of Children$0$0
3072hAdjust Medicaid Forecast for New Enrollees$0$-88,688,472
3073hHB 183 Extend Medicaid/FAMIS to Pregnant Legal Immigrants & Children$973,545$1,693,039
3074hMedicaid Funding for the State Teaching Hospitals$29,765,641$34,303,592
3075hCorrect Estimates for Hospital Inflation Savings$-7,322,668$-1,953,856
3076hIncrease Medicaid Hospital Inpatient Payments$28,670,963$39,838,792
3077hIncrease Medicaid Payments for Nursing Facilities$23,058,430$35,041,246
3078hIncrease Medicaid Rates for Congregate Care Waiver Services$4,057,442$4,287,880
3079hAdd 200 Intellectual Disability Waivers$5,103,450$13,609,200
30710hAdd 50 Developmentally Disabled Waiver Slots$743,900$1,487,800
30711hExempt Certain Behavioral Health Drugs from Medicaid PDL$4,200,000$0
30712hAllow Adults with ID on EDCD Waiver to Receive Facility Respite Care$0$0
30713hAdd Provider Organizations to Medicaid Work Group on Intensive In-home Service Rates Based on Quality Indicators$0$0
30714hCare Coordination for Behavioral Health Services$0$0
30715hRevise Home and Community Based Services Audit Methodology$0$0
30716hEnhance Qualifications for Consumer Directed Service Facilitators$0$0
30717hCare Coordination of High Need Medicaid Recipients$0$0
30718hMedicaid Provider Appeals Procedure$0$0
30719hMedicaid Fraud Control Efforts$0$0
3081hEnhanced Federal Match Rate for Medicaid SCHIP Program$0$0
3101hMedicaid Provider Exclusion and Removal$0$0
3102hPlan for Medicaid Administrative Hearings to Combat Recipient Fraud$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Military AffairsDepartment Of Military Affairs
4121hReflect appropriation transfer for Commonwealth Challenge Program$1,335,213$1,335,213
Hide details for Department Of Mines, Minerals And EnergyDepartment Of Mines, Minerals And Energy
1201hClarify DMME Surcharge Authority$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Motor VehiclesDepartment Of Motor Vehicles
4351hPilot Project Driving Simulators$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Planning And BudgetDepartment Of Planning And Budget
2711hEliminate Funding for School Efficiency Review Program$-147,206$-147,206
Hide details for Department Of Rail And Public TransportationDepartment Of Rail And Public Transportation
4411hTransit New Starts$0$0
Hide details for Department Of Rehabilitative ServicesDepartment Of Rehabilitative Services
3301hRestore Funding Community Rehabilitation Services$401,222$401,222
3302hRestore Funding Community-based Employment Support Services$269,063$269,063
3303hEliminate Earmarked Funds for Didlake$-200,000$-200,000
Hide details for Department Of Social ServicesDepartment Of Social Services
3361hStagger Issuance of SNAP Benefits for New Enrollees$-200,000$0
3411hChild Protection Accountability Project$0$0
3431hRestore Funding for Community Action Agencies$500,000$500,000
3432hReduce Funding for Virginia Early Childhood Foundation$0$-1,500,000
3433hEliminate Funding for Northern Virginia Family Services$-200,000$-200,000
3434hEliminate Funding for Oxbow Center$-88,000$-88,000
Hide details for Department Of State PoliceDepartment Of State Police
4161hAdditional Support for Firearms Background Checks$200,000$200,000
4162hAdditional Position for State Police$0$0
Hide details for Department Of TaxationDepartment Of Taxation
2731hCorrect embedded item reference$0$0
2741hEliminate positions in mapping unit$0$0
Hide details for Department Of The TreasuryDepartment Of The Treasury
2771hUse Debit Cards to Disburse Student Loan Refunds$0$0
Hide details for Department Of TransportationDepartment Of Transportation
4451hPlanning for Long-Distance Tolling$0$0