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Budget Amendments
2012 Special Session I

Amendments to House Bill 1301
Committee Approved

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Show details for Adjustments And Modifications To FeesAdjustments And Modifications To Fees
Show details for Adjustments and Modifications to Tax CollectionsAdjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
681hRemove Unneeded Jail Operating Funding$-879,896$-886,142
682hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Sheriffs$-1,426,476$-1,426,476
683hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Sheriffs$-639,878$-703,866
691hEliminate Higher Per Diem Payment for SURE$0$0
701hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Finance Directors$-18,426$-18,426
711hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Commissioners of the Revenue$-59,190$-59,190
712hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commissioners of the Revenue$-71,083$-78,191
721hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Commonwealth Attorney$-220,313$-220,313
722hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Commonwealth Attorney$-150,612$-165,673
731hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Clerks$-104,865$-104,865
741hAdjust Reimbursement for VRS Rates - Treasurers$-56,107$-56,107
742hUnallocated Savings Career Development Program - Treasurers$-112,346$-123,581
751hAdjust Lang. - Comp Board Reimbursement for Retirement Contribution$0$0
841hMedication Therapy Management Pilot Program$0$0
842hEmployee Health Insurance Fund Language$0$0
843hHealth Insurance Premiums Report$0$0
871hFunding Pursuant to HB 57$20,000$0
Show details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
Show details for Capital ProjectsCapital Projects
Show details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
Show details for Commerce And TradeCommerce And Trade
Show details for Education: Elementary & SecondaryEducation: Elementary & Secondary
Show details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
Show details for Education: OtherEducation: Other
Show details for Executive OfficesExecutive Offices
Show details for FinanceFinance
Show details for General ConditionsGeneral Conditions
Show details for General Fund DepositsGeneral Fund Deposits
Show details for General ProvisionsGeneral Provisions
Show details for Health And Human ResourcesHealth And Human Resources
Show details for Higher Education FundingHigher Education Funding
Show details for Higher Education RestructuringHigher Education Restructuring
Show details for Judicial DepartmentJudicial Department
Show details for Legislative DepartmentLegislative Department
Show details for Natural ResourcesNatural Resources
Show details for Positions and EmploymentPositions and Employment
Show details for Public SafetyPublic Safety
Show details for Reporting RequirementsReporting Requirements
Show details for RevenuesRevenues
Show details for TechnologyTechnology
Show details for TransfersTransfers
Show details for TransportationTransportation
Show details for Veterans Affairs And Homeland SecurityVeterans Affairs And Homeland Security
Show details for Working Capital Funds and Lines of CreditWorking Capital Funds and Lines of Credit