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Budget Amendments
2012 Special Session I

Amendments to House Bill 1301
Committee Approved

ItemDescriptionYR1 - $ ChangeYR2 - $ Change
Show details for Adjustments And Modifications To FeesAdjustments And Modifications To Fees
Show details for Adjustments and Modifications to Tax CollectionsAdjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
Show details for AdministrationAdministration
Show details for Agriculture And ForestryAgriculture And Forestry
Show details for Capital ProjectsCapital Projects
Show details for Central AppropriationsCentral Appropriations
Show details for Commerce And TradeCommerce And Trade
Show details for Education: Elementary & SecondaryEducation: Elementary & Secondary
Show details for Education: Higher EducationEducation: Higher Education
Show details for Education: OtherEducation: Other
Show details for Executive OfficesExecutive Offices
Show details for FinanceFinance
Show details for General ConditionsGeneral Conditions
Show details for General Fund DepositsGeneral Fund Deposits
Show details for General ProvisionsGeneral Provisions
Hide details for Health And Human ResourcesHealth And Human Resources
2831hAdjust CSA Caseload Growth$-7,261,772$-10,452,447
2841hRestore Funds for Home and Community-based Aging Services$131,853$131,853
2842hProvide Funding for Area Agencies on Aging$500,000$500,000
2843hAllow department to operate Long-Term Care Ombudsman program$0$0
2844hImplementation of Dementia State Plan$0$0
2901hAllocate Portion of $4.25 for Life Funds for EMS Technician Testing$0$0
2921hRestore Language Transferring Portion of Vital Statistics Fee$0$0
2931hLyme Disease Surveillance$-50,000$-50,000
2961hReduce Fees for Restaurant Annual Permit Renewal Fees$0$0
2962hRestore Funding and Develop Plan for Local Dental Services$1,664,306$0
2971hRestore Funding for Virginia Health Care Foundation$0$2,040,286
2972hRestore Funding for Free Clinics$0$1,598,200
2973hRestore Funding for Community Health Centers$0$1,204,375
2974hRestore Funding for CHIP of Virginia$0$727,628
2975hRestore Funds to Health Safety Net Providers$0$510,800
2976hRestore Funding for VHI Patient Level Database$0$118,711
2977hFunding for Proton Beam Therapy$1,500,000$0
2981hReduce Fees for Community Waterworks Connections$0$0
3071hCapture savings from federal bonus payment for Medicaid Ennrollment of Children$0$0
3072hAdjust Medicaid Forecast for New Enrollees$0$-88,688,472
3073hHB 183 Extend Medicaid/FAMIS to Pregnant Legal Immigrants & Children$973,545$1,693,039
3074hMedicaid Funding for the State Teaching Hospitals$29,765,641$34,303,592
3075hCorrect Estimates for Hospital Inflation Savings$-7,322,668$-1,953,856
3076hIncrease Medicaid Hospital Inpatient Payments$28,670,963$39,838,792
3077hIncrease Medicaid Payments for Nursing Facilities$23,058,430$35,041,246
3078hIncrease Medicaid Rates for Congregate Care Waiver Services$4,057,442$4,287,880
3079hAdd 200 Intellectual Disability Waivers$5,103,450$13,609,200
30710hAdd 50 Developmentally Disabled Waiver Slots$743,900$1,487,800
30711hExempt Certain Behavioral Health Drugs from Medicaid PDL$4,200,000$0
30712hAllow Adults with ID on EDCD Waiver to Receive Facility Respite Care$0$0
30713hAdd Provider Organizations to Medicaid Work Group on Intensive In-home Service Rates Based on Quality Indicators$0$0
30714hCare Coordination for Behavioral Health Services$0$0
30715hRevise Home and Community Based Services Audit Methodology$0$0
30716hEnhance Qualifications for Consumer Directed Service Facilitators$0$0
30717hCare Coordination of High Need Medicaid Recipients$0$0
30718hMedicaid Provider Appeals Procedure$0$0
30719hMedicaid Fraud Control Efforts$0$0
3081hEnhanced Federal Match Rate for Medicaid SCHIP Program$0$0
3101hMedicaid Provider Exclusion and Removal$0$0
3102hPlan for Medicaid Administrative Hearings to Combat Recipient Fraud$0$0
3151hProvide Funds for Children's Mobile Crisis Services$500,000$500,000
3152hAllocate Behaviorlal Health & Developmental Services Trust Fund$0$0
3301hRestore Funding Community Rehabilitation Services$401,222$401,222
3302hRestore Funding Community-based Employment Support Services$269,063$269,063
3303hEliminate Earmarked Funds for Didlake$-200,000$-200,000
3361hStagger Issuance of SNAP Benefits for New Enrollees$-200,000$0
3411hChild Protection Accountability Project$0$0
3431hRestore Funding for Community Action Agencies$500,000$500,000
3432hReduce Funding for Virginia Early Childhood Foundation$0$-1,500,000
3433hEliminate Funding for Northern Virginia Family Services$-200,000$-200,000
3434hEliminate Funding for Oxbow Center$-88,000$-88,000
3501hTransfer Radio Reading Services to DOE$-120,163$-120,163
3551hHB 1291 Executive Reorganization-Merge DBVI into DRS$-109,725$-109,725
Show details for Higher Education FundingHigher Education Funding
Show details for Higher Education RestructuringHigher Education Restructuring
Show details for Judicial DepartmentJudicial Department
Show details for Legislative DepartmentLegislative Department
Show details for Natural ResourcesNatural Resources
Show details for Positions and EmploymentPositions and Employment
Show details for Public SafetyPublic Safety
Show details for Reporting RequirementsReporting Requirements
Show details for RevenuesRevenues
Show details for TechnologyTechnology
Show details for TransfersTransfers
Show details for TransportationTransportation
Show details for Veterans Affairs And Homeland SecurityVeterans Affairs And Homeland Security
Show details for Working Capital Funds and Lines of CreditWorking Capital Funds and Lines of Credit